~ FICOTCP-FF-FT-OMBFIBSTOFBFC ~ Freedom Is Composed Of Two Complementary Parts – Freedom From – Freedom To – One Must Be Free In Both Senses To Obtain Full Benefit From Choice

~ TOOHOUCSAAURC ~ The Opinions Others Have Of Us Can Serve As A Useful Reality Check

~ WAKFOPACC-NFTI‘P’SW ~ We Are Known For Our Previous And Current Choices, Not For The Imaginary “Perfect” Self Within

~ WVSTMBP ~ We’re Very Susceptible To Manipulation By Presentation

~ RHCDTLLFLIOMTDG ~ Research Has Consistently Demonstrated That Losses Loom Far Larger In Our Minds Than Do Gains

~ NODWTTCOEB-WWTDITTTPTW ~ Not Only Do We Try To Confirm Our Existing Beliefs – We’re Quick To Dismiss Information That Threatens To Prove Them Wrong

~ MIL-MCLTLSOFOH ~ More Is Less – More Choice Leads To Less Satisfaction Or Fulfilment Or Happiness

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