~ FICOTCP-FF/FT-OMBFIBSTOFBF-C ~ Freedom Is Composed Of Two Complementary Parts – Freedom From / Freedom To – One Must Be Free In Both Senses To Obtain Full Benefit From – Choice

~ WCATFTACWMMBCASAWWA-B-SCSMLTO ~ We Can’t Avoid The Fact That Any Choice We Make May Be Considered A Statement About Who We Are – But – Some Choices Speak More Loudly Than Others

~ NSHFT-TAO-WDBHWSOAHOSU-IWDELWTTOUAA-ICCAARA ~ Numerous Studies Have Found That – There Are Often – Wide Discrepancies Between How We See Ourselves And How Others See Us – If We Do Eventually Learn What They Thought Of Us All Along – It Can Come As A Rude Awakening

~ TOOHOUCSAAURC ~ The Opinions Others Have Of Us Can Serve As A Useful Reality Check

~ IWLTWNAGAWTWW-WCDTCOBSTIAMWHWWTBP ~ If We Learn That We’re Not As Great As We Thought We Were – We Can Decide To Change Our Behavior So That It Aligns More With How We Want To Be Perceived

~ OCAIIWTCOO-A-WAKFO-PACC-NFT-I-‘P’-SW ~ Our Choices Are Always Interconnected With The Choices Of Others – And – We Are Known For Our – Previous And Current Choices – Not For The – Imaginary – “Perfect” – Self Within

~ C-TWWFIFOOFO-CMABDIHWSARTC ~ Clearly – The Way We Frame Information For Ourselves Or For Others – Can Make A Big Difference In How We See And Respond To Choice

~ ETW-ENI-O-R-EOI-WIBIP-WVSTMBP ~ Every Time We – Encounter New Information – Or – Re-Examine Old Information – We’re Influenced By Its Presentation – We’re Very Susceptible To Manipulation By Presentation

~ R-HCDT-LLFLIOMTDG ~ Research – Has Consistently Demonstrated That – Losses Loom Far Larger In Our Minds Than Do Gains

~ NODWTT-COEB-WWTDITTTPTW ~ Not Only Do We Try To – Confirm Our Existing Beliefs – We’re Quick To Dismiss Information That Threatens To Prove Them Wrong

~ MIL-M-C-LT-L-SOFOH ~ More Is Less – More – Choice – Leads To – Less – Satisfaction Or Fulfilment Or Happiness

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