~ PSAOTDAATFIAIP ~ Political Stories Are Often Too Difficult And Awkward To Fit Into An Infotainment Package

~ TSTBAWCITSCTMRFAEOTVOPAEE-IMOTNIMUOWTPADOS ~ There Seems To Be A Widespread Consensus In The Scholarly Community That Media Reporting Fixates Almost Exclusively On The Views Of Political And Economic Elites – Indeed Much Of The News Is Made Up Of What The Powerful Are Doing Or Saying

~ SOATSJANPOTVETTRO ~ Some Observers Argue That Senior Journalists Are Now Part Of The Very Elite That They Report On

~ TPCPFTFTWWAWIWAR-UOHDIMAP ~ Television’s Power Comes Precisely From The Fact That When We Are Watching It We Are Relaxed – Unaware Of How Deeply Its Messages Are Penetrating

~ ITE-PTOMTDFITFOROTTFUISW ~ In The End – People Tune Out Messages That Don’t Fit Into Their Frames Of Reference Or That They Find Uncomfortable In Some Way

~ ‘DE’-TEOCBO-’POSGARLBIOHNAPWNM’ ~ “Disembodied Politics” – The Emptiness Of Communities Based On – “Pixels On Screens Generated At Remote Locations By Individuals One Has Never And Probably Will Never Meet”

~ IIEFCTHATAFROVISITRHAV ~ It Is Essential For Citizens To Have Access To A Full Range Of Views If Society Is To Remain Healthy And Vibrant

~ PWATTMHLPASLIADW ~ People Who Argue That The Media Have Little Power Are Simply Living In A Dream World

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