~ TTUTSAPDTNOTSWWWMTL ~ The Techniques Used To Solve A Problem Determine The Nature Of The Solutions With Which We Must Then Live

~ AKORMTPBOMAOR-WCSOTMPAEI ~ A Kind Of Rough Mirroring Takes Place Between Our Mind And Our Reality – We Cannot Stand Outside This Mirroring Process And Examine It

~ ATWMUT-‘LO’-AORBAPOTEIQ ~ Any Technique We Might Use To – “Look Objectively” – At Our Reality Becomes A Part Of The Event In Question

~ OMDOSAEBAMAOSAITM ~ Our Mind Directs Our Sensory Apparatus Every Bit As Much As Our Sensory Apparatus Informs The Mind

~ ACOWVCCTWV ~ A Change Of World View Can Change The World Viewed

~ EDNJHTU ~ Events Do Not Just Happen To Us

~ TMLTL ~ The Mythos Leads The Logos

~ OMSOFMTWA-BOSPAAAC ~ Our Minds Screen Out Far More Than We Accept – But Our Screening Processes Are Arbitrary And Changeable

~ AMDBCIAMROP ~ A Mind Divided By Choices Is A Mind Robbed Of Power

~ TIDTSFAEP ~ Thought Is Designed To Simplify From An Endless Possibility

~ WATSOVACATSOIAWTPOORO ~ We Are The Source Of Value And Choice And The Source Of Ideas Around Which The Procedure Of Our Reality Orients

~ APIAREAMBEO ~ All Parties In A Reality Event Are Modified By Each Other

~ WANTTROAWBTTROOT ~ We Adjust Not To The Reality Of A World But To The Reality Of Other Thinkers

~ CHPTTROONSADHWPTW ~ Culture Has Penetrated To The Roots Of Our Nervous System And Determines How We Perceive The World

~ WCAOIETTMOC ~ We Cannot Act Or Interact Except Through The Medium Of Culture

~ WTTSOWCBIIOEFORATTRANF ~ We Tend To See Only What Can Be Incorporated Into Our Established Frame Of Reference And Tend To Reject Anything Not Fitting

~ VOAPCBO ~ Verification Of Any Prejudice Can Be Obtained

~ AITTRIIAWICUIBOI ~ An Idea Tends To Realize Itself In Any Way It Can Unless Inhibited By Opposing Ideas

~ WAOIWOB-ABOIWOA ~ We Act Ourselves Into Ways Of Believing – And Believe Ourselves Into Ways Of Acting

~ TFTITUITC ~ The Farthest Thing In The Universe Influences The Closest

~ WAIMTOT ~ We Are Infinitely More Than Our Things

~ IIATWNATWMH ~ It Is Adventure That We Need And That We Must Have

~ WANIWAPSOAPS-WAAMATIIWWMBSPAAACAA ~ We Are Not Involved With A Preset Script On A Preset Stage – We Are A Magnificent And Terrible Improvisation In Which We Must Be Spontaneous Playwrights And Actors And Critics And Audiences

~ APWCIA-BIOCWSTWAIIFU ~ Any Path We Choose Is Arbitrary – But In Our Choice We Shape The World As It Is For Us


~ TCS ~ The Celebrity Shoplifter

~ ST-ACP-ASE ~ Shoplifting Today – A Cultural Phenomenon – A Silent Epidemic

~ WFST-IIADTSOAOSOA ~ Whatever Form Shoplifting Takes – It Is As Difficult To Stamp Out As Oil Spills Or Alcoholism

~ JAECAOWPS-TCAOHTSI ~ Just As Experts Can’t Agree On Why People Shoplift – They Can’t Agree On How To Stop It

~ AMSTS ~ Americans Must Shoplift To Survive

~ ATFPBWBOT ~ Among The First Printed Books Were Biographies Of Thieves

~ ‘FFD’ ~ “Five-Finger Discount”

~ RH2.0 ~ Robin Hoods 2.0

~ ‘ES’ ~ “Ethical Shoplifting”

~ BSITOTOSAWEBHBW ~ Book Shoplifting Is The Only Type Of Shoplifting About Which Entire Books Have Been Written

~ DDNMPS-O10%O-‘TO’-A-DA ~ Drugs Do Not Make People Shoplift – Only 10 Percent Of – “Theft Offenders” – Are – Drug Addicts

~ RSBFI-APOWGLS ~ Rich Shoplifters Became Fashion Icons – And Poor Ones Were Given Life Sentences

~ SCLTTSHM ~ Shoplifting Came Late To The Self-Help Movement

~ LPA ~ Loss Prevention Agent

~ APA ~ Assets Protection Agent

~ VSCHCSLTTRIH ~ Video Surveillance Cameras Have Curbed Shoplifting Less Than The Retail Industry Hoped

~ ‘AH’ ~ “Aggressive Hospitality”

~ ‘SIAHHIBIIAV-AEOSOOC-AW’ ~ “Shoplifting Is A Hush-Hush Issue Because It Is A Violation – An Evidence Of Something Out Of Control – A Weakness”

~ USPTPSSA-YSITSTOS-PITDS ~ Using Shame Punishment To Police Shoplifting Seems Archaic – Yet Shame Is The Secret Terror Of Shoplifters – Publicity Is Their Death Penalty

~ TINSRFSR-IOW-WGACAE-WSAEIAS-AWRLRHAA-TCWCTG ~ There Is No Single Reason For Shoplifting’s Rise – In Our World – Where Greed And Consumerism Are Encouraged – Where Social And Economic Inequality Are Swelling – And Where Rogues Like Robin Hood Are Admired – The Crime Will Continue To Grow


~ RFP ~ Read For Power

~ PYD ~ Pursue Your Dream

~ FNH ~ Form New Habits

~ TWTDCTATD ~ The Willingness To Do Creates The Ability To Do

~ WWAFOL-WGTKT ~ When We Argue For Our Limitations – We Get To Keep Them

~ ROR ~ Reasons Or Results

~ FIIPOADTMNBO ~ Fear Is Interest Paid On A Debt That May Not Be Owed

~ TMPOSIJSU ~ The Major Part Of Success Is Just Showing Up

~ EHTCYG ~ Eliminate Habits That Counter Your Goal

~ GINE-BIITL ~ Gravity Is Not Easy – But It Is The Law

~ CMTYG ~ Continue Moving Towards Your Goal

~ BPTBS ~ Be Prepared To Be Scared

~ LF-‘WIN’-AN-‘WITB’~ Look For – “What Is Next” – And Not – “Who Is To Blame”

~ VIMASTTSV ~ Visualization Is More A Sensual Thing Than Specifically Visual

~ PYPIDNW ~ Proclaim Your Passion In Deeds Not Words

~ DTW ~ Do The Work

~ THYW-TLYG ~ The Harder You Work – The Luckier You Get

~ PF-TG ~ Purpose First – Then Goals

~ AETL ~ After Ecstasy The Laundry

~ TTTCINANAN ~ The Time To Commit Is Now And Now And Now

~ SDNLTBRTTHGUOTD ~ Some Do Not Like To Be Reminded That They Have Given Up On Their Dreams

~ PYD ~ Protect Your Dreams

~ LYDP ~ Love Your Dreams Passionately

~ TAYDATT ~ Think About Your Dream All The Time

~ BYD ~ Be Your Dream

~ AIPT(‘IA’) ~ Affirmations In Present Tense (“I Am”)

~ FC(IFI)FD ~ Freedom Comes (Is Found In) From Discipline

~ FSTASUE ~ Fall Seven Times And Stand Up Eight

~ IINOTBTIMI-BWWLAO ~ It Is Not Obtaining The Goal That Is Most Important – But What We Learn About Ourselves

~ TFODITGAOT ~ The Fear Of Death Is The Greatest Ally Of Tyranny

~ FITETDYBIANS ~ Fear Is The Energy To Do Your Best In A New Situation

~ AITK ~ Awareness Is The Key

~ OWWRWIHBWWHSF ~ Often What We Really Want Is Hidden Beneath What We Have Settled For

~ LYICYM ~ Let Your Intentions Create Your Methods

~ YGIMITTOOYGBO ~ Your Goal Is More Important Then The Opinion Of Your Goal By Others

~ LFTCYWOCT ~ Look For The Circumstances You Want Or Create Them

~ DNCBMWD ~ Do Not Confuse Bad Management With Destiny

~ LFTLIWHTY-AIIFYG ~ Look For The Lesson In Whatever Happens To You – Assume It Is For Your Good

~ CTADMBDC(MTM) ~ Commitment To A Dream Must Be Done Continually (Moment To Moment)

~ OMCYPTK ~ Only Make Commitments You Plan To Keep

~ OWIAPC ~ Our Word Is A Precious Commodity

~ KACYM ~ Keep All Commitments You Make

~ SPDNLTSOPTD-AIRTOHFAFLTDTA ~ Some People Do Not Like To See Others Pursuing Their Dreams – As It Reminds Them Of How Far Away From Living Their Dreams They Are

~ WDOTROVALDOTCOD ~ Winners Dwell On The Rewards Of Victory And Losers Dwell On The Costs Of Defeat

~ TCOTNTARI ~ Take Charge Of The Negative Thought And Rescue It

~ YDMBMRTYD ~ Your Dream Must Become More Real Than Your Doubt

~ RIABOW ~ Risk Is A Part Of Winning

~ HIAPOC ~ Hurt Is A Part Of Caring

~ EA’W’TAIDOTYBG-BR! ~ Eliminate All “Wants” That Are In Direct Opposition To Your Big Goal – Be Ruthless!

~ AITTOOC ~ Action Is The Test Of Our Commitments

~ NLIYOI ~ Never Lose In Your Own Imagination

~ BWTFYD-YWWBT ~ Be Willing To Follow Your Dream – Your Willingness Will Be Tested

~ IYCDIN-TDI ~ If You Can Do It Now – Then Do It

~ MAMMAYCAQAYC ~ Make As Many Mistakes As You Can As Quickly As You Can

~ DIANPOG-LTBCWD ~ Discomfort Is A Necessary Part Of Growth – Learn To Be Comfortable With Discomfort

~ DTBITMWPYITBPPFTNM ~ Doing The Best In This Moment Will Put You In The Best Possible Position For The Next Moment

~ LTLIOBTT ~ Learn The Lesson Instead Of Blaming The Teacher

~ OMGALWAOIT ~ One May Go A Long Way After One Is Tired

~ FIFID ~ Freedom Is Found In Discipline

~ PITCDATS ~ Persistence Is The Common Denominator Among The Successful

~ E ~ Enthusiasm

~ DWYLATNRWF ~ Do What You Love And The Necessary Resources Will Follow

~ MINAGOIIBIIAEI ~ Money Is Not A Great Objective In Itself But It Is An Excellent Indicator

~ KAOCBTWO ~ Keeping All Our Commitments Builds Trust With Ourselves

~ HVIIRSATRA ~ How Beautiful It Is To Do Nothing And Then Rest Afterwards

~ MWCTYWYADTRT ~ Money Will Come To You When You Are Doing The Right Thing

~ MTF ~ Move Through Fear

~ DNSNUYKWYASNT ~ Do Not Say No Until You Know What You Are Saying No To

~ SSOTTBPTUAFAAI ~ Some Stumble On The Truth But Pick Themselves Up And Forget All About It

~ MYIS ~ Maintain You Inner Stillness

~ DTW ~ Do The Work

~ YCHSTPFY ~ You Cannot Hire Someone To Practice For You

~ DNRAKBPIO ~ Do Not Repay A Kindness But Pass It On


~ BAOTVMTCHII ~ Being Aware Of The Various Mistakes That Create Havoc Is Insufficient

~ SADASRITFSTACCIORAE ~ Straightforward And Deliberate And Systematic Rethinking Is The First Step Toward A Constructive Change In Our Feelings And Emotions

~ WHTCOBIWRWTCOL ~ We Have To Change Our Behaviors If We Really Wish To Change Our Lives

~ KOT-‘W’-INSIOREC ~ Knowledge Of The – “Why” – Is Not Sufficient In Order To Effect Change

~ CDNHTTALT ~ Change Does Not Have To Take A Long Time

~ QCCBDAP ~ Quick Change Can Be Deep And Permanent

~ CIWP ~ Change Is Always Possible

~ IIN-‘TL’-FC ~ It Is Never – “Too Late” – To Change

~ PCCFPSITHANRTPWTHOTH ~ Psychological Change Calls For Problem-Solving In The Here And Now Rather Than Preoccupation With The Hereafter Or The Heretofore

~ AGWTLSYITTO ~ A Good Way To Learn Something Yourself Is To Teach Others

~ TPMBI ~ The Problem Must Be Identified

~ TPTSCBDATPMBA ~ The Possibility That Something Can Be Done About The Problem Must Be Accepted

~ ADTCMBE ~ A Desire To Change Must Be Expressed

~ TCRE ~ To Change Requires Effort

~ OOTMWOLITM ~ One Of The Major Ways Of Learning Is Through Mistakes

~ PHTCTCITDTW ~ People Have The Capacity To Change In The Direction They Wish

~ ‘IM’-A-‘IHT’-AM-‘ICT’ ~ “I Must” – And – “I Have To” – Actually Mean – “I Choose To”

~ OCEDMCBADSRTBAEO ~ One Can Express Displeasure More Constructively By A Direct Statement Rather Than By An Emotional Outburst

~ GAISADOEADNLTG ~ Getting Angry Is Simply A Discharge Of Emotions And Does Not Lead To Growth

~ GAIGAAOFTCWOSAP ~ Getting Angry Is Generally An Acknowledgment Of Failure To Cope With Or Solve A Problem

~ NTDBAAA ~ Note The Difference Between Assertion And Aggression

~ TAMPWORTTSS ~ There Are Many Possible Ways Of Reacting To The Same Situation

~ CLTAAWASTB ~ Consider Long Term Advantages As Well As Short-Term Benefits

~ NGNRIB-IIBTGAR ~ Neither Giving Nor Receiving Is Better – It Is Best To Give And Receive

~ TCOADAHEOWYFATWSYUA ~ The Cultivation Of A Direct And Honest Expression Of What You Feel And Think Will Spare You Untold Anguish

~ TIABDB-F/T-OTOH-A-B/O/T/P-OTO ~ There Is A Big Difference Between – Fact/Truth – On The One Hand – And – Belief/Opinion/Taste/Preference – On The Other

~ COHFIOWAYI ~ Concentrate On Having Fun Instead Of Worrying About Your Image

~ OP(ITGAITW)MBR-BTMABW ~ Other People (Including The Greatest Authorities In The World) May Be Right – But They May Also Be Wrong

~ NOCHYWW ~ No One Can Hurt You With Words

~ NOHTPTUY ~ No One Has The Power To Upset You

~ TTCTIPOBA-TTINTD ~ To Think Crazy Thoughts Is Part Of Being Alive – The Thought Is Not The Deed