~ BAOTVMTCHII ~ Being Aware Of The Various Mistakes That Create Havoc Is Insufficient

~ SADASRITFSTACCIORAE ~ Straightforward And Deliberate And Systematic Rethinking Is The First Step Toward A Constructive Change In Our Feelings And Emotions

~ WHTCOBIWRWTCOL ~ We Have To Change Our Behaviors If We Really Wish To Change Our Lives

~ KOT-‘W’-INSIOREC ~ Knowledge Of The – “Why” – Is Not Sufficient In Order To Effect Change

~ CDNHTTALT ~ Change Does Not Have To Take A Long Time

~ QCCBDAP ~ Quick Change Can Be Deep And Permanent

~ CIWP ~ Change Is Always Possible

~ IIN-‘TL’-FC ~ It Is Never – “Too Late” – To Change

~ PCCFPSITHANRTPWTHOTH ~ Psychological Change Calls For Problem-Solving In The Here And Now Rather Than Preoccupation With The Hereafter Or The Heretofore

~ AGWTLSYITTO ~ A Good Way To Learn Something Yourself Is To Teach Others

~ TPMBI ~ The Problem Must Be Identified

~ TPTSCBDATPMBA ~ The Possibility That Something Can Be Done About The Problem Must Be Accepted

~ ADTCMBE ~ A Desire To Change Must Be Expressed

~ TCRE ~ To Change Requires Effort

~ OOTMWOLITM ~ One Of The Major Ways Of Learning Is Through Mistakes

~ PHTCTCITDTW ~ People Have The Capacity To Change In The Direction They Wish

~ ‘IM’-A-‘IHT’-AM-‘ICT’ ~ “I Must” – And – “I Have To” – Actually Mean – “I Choose To”

~ OCEDMCBADSRTBAEO ~ One Can Express Displeasure More Constructively By A Direct Statement Rather Than By An Emotional Outburst

~ GAISADOEADNLTG ~ Getting Angry Is Simply A Discharge Of Emotions And Does Not Lead To Growth

~ GAIGAAOFTCWOSAP ~ Getting Angry Is Generally An Acknowledgment Of Failure To Cope With Or Solve A Problem

~ NTDBAAA ~ Note The Difference Between Assertion And Aggression

~ TAMPWORTTSS ~ There Are Many Possible Ways Of Reacting To The Same Situation

~ CLTAAWASTB ~ Consider Long Term Advantages As Well As Short-Term Benefits

~ NGNRIB-IIBTGAR ~ Neither Giving Nor Receiving Is Better – It Is Best To Give And Receive

~ TCOADAHEOWYFATWSYUA ~ The Cultivation Of A Direct And Honest Expression Of What You Feel And Think Will Spare You Untold Anguish

~ TIABDB-F/T-OTOH-A-B/O/T/P-OTO ~ There Is A Big Difference Between – Fact/Truth – On The One Hand – And – Belief/Opinion/Taste/Preference – On The Other

~ COHFIOWAYI ~ Concentrate On Having Fun Instead Of Worrying About Your Image

~ OP(ITGAITW)MBR-BTMABW ~ Other People (Including The Greatest Authorities In The World) May Be Right – But They May Also Be Wrong

~ NOCHYWW ~ No One Can Hurt You With Words

~ NOHTPTUY ~ No One Has The Power To Upset You

~ TTCTIPOBA-TTINTD ~ To Think Crazy Thoughts Is Part Of Being Alive – The Thought Is Not The Deed

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