~ NMWHTISGTFO ~ No Matter What Happens There Is Something Good To Focus On

~ HINWHTU-B-WIATHTU-WCTFO ~ Happiness Is Not What Happens To Us – But What In All That Happens To Us – We Choose To Focus On

~ TSOHINIDWYLBILWYD ~ The Secret Of Happiness Is Not In Doing What You Like But In Liking What You Do

~ TBAA ~ The Blessings Already Are

~ ETHTYIAB ~ Everything That Happens To You Is A Blessing

~ AITP ~ Act In The Present

~ N ~ Now

~ BHN ~ Be Here Now

~ DGTARTYDGT ~ Do Good Things And Remember That You Do Good Things

~ G ~ Gratitude

~ LYDOLITNOSE ~ Live Your Dream Or Live In The Nightmare Of Someone Else

~ TPFGARMWTTGI ~ To Profit From Good Advice Requires More Wisdom Then To Give It

~ PYAGTRABAATWQ ~ Perhaps You Are Getting The Right Answers But Are Asking The Wrong Questions

~ LISTAT ~ Life Is Sexually Transmitted And Terminal

~ SW ~ So What

~ CYOBOL ~ Create Your Own Book Of Lists

~ TIAPAOGAA ~ Tithing Is A Physical Affirmation Of Gratitude And Abundance

~ DNSYLTN ~ Do Not Sacrifice Your Life To Normalcy

~ YDNNTVOJOETAWWFY ~ You Do Not Need To Validate Or Justify Or Explain To Anyone What Works For You

~ NMACIACII ~ Not Making A Choice Is A Choice In Itself

~ BUINSRFQ ~ Being Uncomfortable Is Not Sufficient Reason For Quitting

~ FYPUABPCA ~ Follow Your Plan Until A Better Plan Comes Along

~ WOFTOITE ~ Watch Out For The Opportunity In The Emergency

~ KYSSUTRHGD ~ Keep Your Seeding Secret Until The Roots Have Grown Deep

~ WTWFUBAPOUWUAFTIIAR ~ What Truly Works For Us Becomes A Part Of Us We Use And Forget That It Is A Rule

~ DAP ~ Develop A Philosophy

~ ATYE ~ Adapt To Your Environment

~ BAE ~ Beware Alluring Escapes

~ LSED ~ Learn Something Every Day

~ CFFR ~ Cut Free From Routine

~ DL ~ Deserve Loyalty

~ W/S/L/GE ~ Work/Serve/Learn/Grow/Enjoy

~ IYMCAC-TRI ~ If You Must Change A Commitment – Then Renegotiate It

~ WACD ~ Write All Commitments Down

~ WITTEOL ~ Work Is The True Elixir Of Life

~ APINC-IID ~ A Purpose Is Not Created – It Is Discovered

~ WWYSCTM? ~ What Will Your Success Cost To Maintain?

~ FYWTY ~ Find Your Way To Yourself

~ WPOUTWYWNDA? ~ Why Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Will Never Do Anyway?

~ CD&Q ~ Clearly Defined And Quantifiable

~ MPTTHAGWATHIAD ~ Many People Think They Have A Goal When All They Have Is A Direction

~ WIAA ~ Wealth Is An Attitude

~ WIAWOLAL ~ Wealth Is A Way Of Looking At Life

~ WIMAROKWYW ~ Wealth Is More A Result Of Knowing What You Want

~ MSAL ~ Money Speaks All Languages

~ WINOWYHBWYCLW ~ Wealth Is Not Only What You Have But What You Can Live Without

~ GINOTGOVBATOOAV ~ Gratitude Is Not Only The Greatest Of Virtues But Also The Origin Of All Virtues

~ WAPBOSNFT ~ We Are Punished By Our Sins Not For Them

~ AITSBNAT ~ Anxiety Is The Space Between Now And Then

~ BWYAWYA ~ Be Where You Are When You Are

~ CTCTR ~ Create The Container To Receive

~ WAUAATTBWMNTIT ~ We All Use Affirmations All The Time But We May Not Realize It Though

~ FYF ~ Face Your Fear

~ WBB ~ Wish But Build

~ PSBA ~ Put Success Before Amusement

~ NPFTBAH ~ Never Permit Failure To Become A Habit

~ SFOYGAETJ ~ Stay Focused On Your Goal And Enjoy The Journey

~ TOWOIT ~ The Only Way Out Is Through

~ BPYDALYD-TINMTFAE ~ Between Pursuing Your Dream And Living Your Dream – There Is Not Much Time For Anything Else

~ SSANP ~ Study Success And Not Poverty

~ TIAPAOBGAA ~ Tithing Is A Physical Affirmation Of Both Gratitude And Abundance

~ PALTBITTDNKHSTAUTAIHW ~ People Are Like Tea Bags In That They Do Not Know How Strong They Are Until They Are In Hot Water

~ SCAAANLMS ~ Sack Cloth And Ashes Are No Longer My Style

~ LTL(OCBKVS!) ~ Learn To Listen (Opportunity Could Be Knocking Very Softly!)

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