~ TSTNWKTBOTO ~ To Seek The New While Keeping The Best Of The Old

~ NTIAE ~ Negative Thinking Is Always Expensive

~ FYH ~ Follow Your Heart

~ FTFADIA ~ Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

~ TWTDCTATD ~ The Willingness To Do Creates The Ability To Do

~ SN ~ Start Now

~ AWTL ~ A Why To Live

~ IIBTAHISW ~ Interest In Big Things And Happiness In Small Ways

~ LYN-BCYN ~ Love Your Neighbor – But Choose Your Neighborhood

~ KAOYC-TEYSE ~ Keep All Of Your Commitments – To Enhance Your Self Esteem

~ MCYCKATAITY ~ Make Commitments You Can Keep And That Are Important To You

~ LTSN ~ Learn To Say No

~ YPILIWYAAD ~ Your Purpose In Life Is What You Are Already Doing

~ BGDIDS ~ Break Goals Down Into Doable Steps

~ P ~ Plan

~ BF ~ Be Flexible

~ T ~ Teach

~ IYANAIIGWYW-TYDNRWI ~ If You Are Not Actively Involved In Getting What You Want – Then You Do Not Really Want It

~ S ~ Service

~ IIWBFL-IIFN ~ If It Will Be Funny Later – It Is Funny Now

~ DTTMYH ~ Do Things That Make You Happy

~ YANAS-YAAP ~ You Are Not A Statistic ~ You Are A Person

~ SNTNFNT ~ Separate Noticing The Negative From Negative Thinking

~ WATSDOAPOPABTP ~ Write All The Shit Down On A Piece Of Paper And Burn The Paper

~ ITATTRAT ~ It Takes A Thorn To Remove A Thorn

~ NTIC ~ Negative Thinking Is Contagious

~ WAYPNTK ~ What Are You Pretending Not To Know

~ WCOPOAOOR ~ We Create Or Promote Or Allow Our Own Reality

~ AITFLOPG ~ Acceptance Is The First Law Of Personal Growth

~ ETP ~ Enjoy The Process

~ GIAV ~ God Is A Verb

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