~ CONN ~ Crowding Out Nonmarket Norms ~ Michael Sandel ~ What Money Can’t Buy

~ AM ~ Artistic Merit

~ FOTPIGOTTWOO ~ Freedom Of The Press Is Guaranteed Only To Those Who Own One ~ Abbot Liebling

~ APBN ~ As Predicted By Naysayers

~ NHCATW-BSHCATWM ~ Nothing Had Changed About The Wheat – But Something Had Changed About The Wheat Market ~ Frederick Kaufman

~ TEBIUTTL-TDHNPNROI ~ The Earth Belongs In Usufruct To The Living – The Dead Have Neither Powers Nor Rights Over It ~ Thomas Jefferson

~ CANP-AMINS ~ Corporations Are Not People – And Money Is Not Speech ~ Thom Hartman ~ The Crash Of 2016

~ TCIGFTRFTCTBTLSAFTEOL ~ The Country Is Governed For The Richest, For The Corporations, The Bankers, The Land Speculators, And For The Exploiters Of Labor ~ Helen Keller ~ 1911

~ YDTSUTB ~ You Don’t Throw Someone Under The Bus ~ Bobby Orr ~ My Story

~ AMAW-BSAU ~ All Models Are Wrong – But Some Are Useful ~ George Box

~ WWOW-QWNB ~ Where Wisdom Once Was – Quantification Will Now Be ~ Leon Wieseltier

~ SUCA ~ Stranded Unburnable Carbon Assets

~ IWLTHHTTID ~ I Was Lucky To Have Had The Teammates I Did ~ Bobby Orr ~ My Story

~ ITWCLCTM ~ Imprinting Things With Corporate Logos Changes Their Meaning ~ Michael Sandel ~ What Money Can’t Buy

~ NNCPIFITMOCW ~ No Nation Could Preserve Its Freedom In The Midst Of Continual Warfare ~ James Madison

~ TEMBSFFEOLAL ~ The Earth Must Be Set Free From Entanglements Of Lords And Landlords ~ Gerrard Winstanley

~ TRINSTAIA ~ There Really Is No Such Thing As Individual Accomplishment ~ Bobby Orr ~ My Story

~ YASBSOSTCDIYIPIAS-TPI-YJDST ~ You Are Surrounded By Simple, Obvious Solutions That Can Dramatically Increase Your Income, Power Influence And Success – The Problem Is – You Just Don’t See Them ~ Jay Abraham

~ WOBOB-WAVNFIM ~ When One Burns One’s Bridges – What A Very Nice Fire It Makes ~ Dylan Thomas

~ MLTM ~ Markets Leave Their Mark ~ Michael Sandel ~ What Money Can’t Buy

~ TSOYFIHIYDR ~ The Secret Of Your Future Is Hidden In Your Daily Routine ~ Mike Murdock

~ WWDIG-WSNS-WWDIS-WSRHAF ~ When We Deal In Generalities – We Shall Never Succeed – When We Deal In Specifics – We Shall Rarely Have A Failure ~ Thomas Monson

~ KOTWWSAETW ~ Kind Of Think We Will See An Event This Weekend ~ Chris Tidman ~ The Predictions

~ CITMOF-NTAOI ~ Courage Is The Mastery Of Fear – Not The Absence Of It ~ Mark Twain

~ NIOWTDAAWTS ~ Nothing Is Often Wise To Do And Always Wise To Say ~ Will Durant

~ GBB ~ Great Big Book ~ Chris Tidman ~ Mister Tidman Forms A Theory

~ TWYCUALTRGB ~ Take What You Can Use And Let The Rest Go By ~ Ken Kesey

~ SITEIWGTFTT ~ Silence Is The Element In Which Great Things Fashion Themselves Together ~ Thomas Carlise

~ LTLIOBTT ~ Learn The Lesson Instead Of Blaming The Teacher ~ John Roger + Peter Mcwilliams ~ Do It

~ DFAA ~ Disorders For Any Occasion ~ Chris Tidman ~ Mister Tidman Forms A Theory

~ FAST-RMTPOPR-FNCBF ~ For A Successful Technology – Reality Must Take Precedence Over Public Relations – For Nature Cannot Be Fooled ~ Richard Feynman

~ PSATWDNPBTR-IAVFATLAB ~ People Secretly Applaud Those Who Do Not Play By The Rules – It’s A Vital Fantasy Among The Law-Abiding Bourgeois ~ Stephen Mihm ~ A Nation Of Counterfeiters

~ TUS-DIFDC-IFITHOAMO-PTMPRCIH ~ The United States – Despite Its Formally Democratic Character – Is Firmly In The Hands Of A Moneyed Oligarchy – Probably The Most Powerful Ruling Class In History ~ Robert McChesney

~ PATIHAGSAVVBTCOTW ~ Power Always Thinks It Has A Great Soul And Vast Views Beyond The Comprehension Of The Weak ~ John Adams

~ FIRE ~ Finance, Insurance, Real Estate

~ WGIWS? ~ What Good Is Wall Street? ~ John Cassidy

~ PITSCOSBBB ~ Politics Is The Shadow Cast On Society By Big Business ~ John Dewey

~ TSNNPIOCTCI ~ The State Need Not Permit Its Own Creation To Consume It ~ Byron White

~ TSBNSCTTAPOMTRA ~ There Shall Be No Serious Challenge To The Absolute Power Of Money To Rule Absolutely ~ David Harvey

~ GFRHTUS-ATW-AAMCFFDATGD-DIT1980LTSOFCITSTD ~ Good Financial Regulation Helped The United States – And The World – Avoid A Major Crisis For Four Decades After The Great Depression – Deregulation In The 1980s Led To Scores Of Financial Crisis In The Succeeding Three Decades ~ The Price Of Inequality ~ Joseph Stiglitz

~ IINTTEHBBFTL30YOS-BRTIIWAIHBDTW ~ It Is Not That The Economy Has Been Broken For The Last 30 Years Or So – But Rather That It Is Working As It Has Been Designed To Work ~ Laurence Mishel

~ HMOTWMSAR?-HMOTDAT? ~ How Many Of The War Millionaires Shouldered A Rifle? – How Many Of Them Dug A Trench? ~ Smedley Butler

~ TATTHLHTSOMFTROU ~ Those At The Top Have Learned How To Suck Out Money From The Rest Of Us ~ Joseph Stiglitz

~ BSA ~ Big Shiny Award ~ Chris Tidman ~ Mister Tidman Forms A Theory

~ WAATR? ~ Where Are All The Robots? ~ Shigeo Hirose

~ WIDBTIAWOHTHAFM-BIABTTMAGOOTPOTFMIN ~ Well I Do Believe That In A Way One Has To Have A Free Market – But I Also Believe That To Make A Godhead Out Of The Principle Of The Free Market Is Nonsense ~ Karl Popper ~ The Future Is Open

~ IIEIKWTWSOTTICAHADFIOSAWUP ~ It Is Entirely In Keeping With The Whole Spirit Of Totalitarianism That It Condemns Any Human Activity Done For Its Own Sake And Without Ulterior Purpose ~ Friedrich Hayek ~ The Road To Serfdom

~ TMDPBMRATGO ~ The Most Distinguished Persons Become More Revolutionary As They Grow Older ~ George Bernard Shaw

~ TSON ~ The Secret Of Nature ~ Konrad Sprengel

~ IWLTIBS ~ I Was Led To It By Steps ~ Albert Einstein

~ IYIS-ESYP-IIDS-YS ~ If Your Idea Succeeds – Everybody Says You’re Persistent – If It Doesn’t Succeed – You’re Stubborn ~ Judah Folkman

~ YKSIWW ~ You Know Something Is Wrong When

~ APOADAPC ~ A Product Of Artifice, Design And Political Coercion ~ John Gray

~ ASOSD ~ A State Of Shocked Disbelief ~ Alan Greenspan

~ CTWHDNK-ASKN ~ Compared To What He Did Not Know – Adam Smith Knew Nothing ~ Chris Tidman ~ Platinum Platypus Platitudes

~ TSOAL ~ The Skyboxification Of American Life ~ Michael Sandel ~ What Money Can’t Buy

~ TIANIALATIAWTCWIH ~ There Is Absolutely No Inevitability As Long As There Is A Willingness To Contemplate What Is Happening ~ Marshall Mcluhan

~ PXDAIIAPX ~ Problem X Doesn’t Always Identify Itself As Problem X ~ Chip Heath + Dan Heath ~ Made To Stick

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