~ AL-ETSASFM ~ Active Listening – Encouraging The Speaker And Searching For Meaning

~ CC-COIWTPG ~ Creative Conflict – Confronting Others In Ways That Produce Growth

~ M-FITHPICHOA ~ Mediation – Facilitating Interaction To Help People In Conflict Hear One Another

~ N-PSTMSKIOAI ~ Negotiation – Problem Solving That Meets Some Key Interests Of All Involved

~ PI-ROFATOV ~ Political Imagination – Re-Imagine Our Futures According To Our Values

~ PD ~ Public Dialogue – Public Talk On Matters That Concern Us All

~ PJ-PDMTACTMCTAWTHI ~ Public Judgement – Public Decision Making That Allows Citizens To Make Choices They Are Willing To Help Implement

~ C-EJAGFWWLAWAWWA ~ Celebration – Expressing Joy And Gratitude For What We Learn As Well As What We Achieve

~ E&R-AAITLWLTA ~ Evaluation And Reflection – Assessing And Incorporating The Lessons We Learn Through Action

~ M-SGOILTAOPL ~ Mentoring – Supportively Guiding Others In Learning These Arts Of Public Life


~ TCOK-OWKSWFIHTIWIWLNTKI-AIBDFUTSOKWO-BWCRROLSOM ~ The Curse Of Knowledge – Once We Know Something We Find It Hard To Imagine What It Was Like Not To Know It – And It Becomes Difficult For Us To Share Our Knowledge With Others – Because We Can’t Readily Re-Create Our Listener’s State Of Mind

~ BTL-WTJLTMIEOTSSTFDITSS ~ Burying The Lead – When The Journalist Lets The Most Important Element Of The Story Slip Too Far Down In The Story Structure

~ ‘IYSTT-YDSA’ ~ “If You Say Three Things – You Don’t Say Anything”

~ U-EIU-CPU ~ Uncertainty – Even Irrelevant Uncertainty – Can Paralyse Us

~ ‘FTC’-A-EIITFOACI-CBEP ~ “Finding The Core” – And – Expressing It In The Form Of A Compact Idea – Can Be Enduringly Powerful

~ WCSIOMDBTTCTGPA ~ We Can’t Succeed If Our Messages Don’t Break Through The Clutter To Get People’s Attention

~ SGOA-IKOA ~ Surprise Gets Our Attention – Interest Keeps Our Attention

~ WWA-WKWR ~ When We’re Angry – We Know We’re Right

~ UIAMLTSBSMUPAAT-IETSOTLIG ~ Unexpected Ideas Are More Likely To Stick Because Surprise Makes Us Pay Attention And Think – It’s Easy To Step Over The Line Into Gimmickry

~ T-‘GT’-OC-AWGIWAMAMLTFOWWDK ~ The – “Gap Theory” – Of Curiosity – As We Gain Information We Are More And More Likely To Focus On What We Don’t Know

~ KGCI ~ Knowledge Gaps Create Interest

~ CIAICOSI-CLHP-EN-UNC ~ Concreteness Is An Indispensable Component Of Sticky Ideas – Concrete Language Helps People – Especially Novices – Understand New Concepts

~ AITLOTE ~ Abstraction Is The Luxury Of The Expert

~ TTTAAPWCFILTTSAHBBARITA ~ Trying To Teach An Abstract Principle Without Concrete Foundations Is Like Trying To Start A House By Building A Roof In The Air

~ FA-‘UL’-OTESF-I-TULWBC ~ Find A – “Universal Language” – One That Everyone Speaks Fluently – Inevitably – That Universal Language Will Be Concrete

~ WTTROPWWWTBL ~ We Trust The Recommendations Of People Whom We Want To Be Like

~ TPOD-ETTDSHM-TD-TDHABI ~ The Power Of Details – Even Though The Details Shouldn’t Have Mattered – They Did – The Details Had A Big Impact

~ S-SAABUTIAR-IMIFPTRTRTTN ~ Statistics – Should Almost Always Be Used To Illustrate A Relationship – It’s More Important For People To Remember The Relationship Than The Number

~ ECP-WLOASC-WEC-MAACFAGSOS ~ Ethically Challenged People – With Lots Of Analytical Smarts Can – With Enough Contortions – Make Almost Any Case From A Given Set Of Statistics

~ BCFAL-BBIE-FPTTA-THTC ~ Belief Counts For A Lot – But Belief Isn’t Enough – For People To Take Action – They Have To Care

~ TMBWTMPCITFAABSTDYCAASTDCA ~ The Most Basic Way To Make People Care Is To Form An Association Between Something They Don’t Yet Care About And Something They Do Care About

~ SI-‘WIIFY’-SBACAOES-BSIINTWS-P-MMTUEWTVOISI ~ Self-Interest – “What’s In It For You” – Should Be A Central Aspect Of Every Speech – But Self-Interest Is Not The Whole Story – Principals – May Matter To Us Even When They Violate Our Immediate Self-Interest

~ FOPSTAN-‘WIIFM?’-BR-‘WIIFMG?’~ Forming Opinions People Seem To Ask Not – “What’s In It For Me?” – But Rather – “What’s In It For My Group?”

~ PXDAIIAPX ~ Problem X Doesn’t Always Identify Itself As Problem X

~ FAITS-FITBUAL-IGTMTA-PA-UAR-A/B-C-BATAOI ~ For An Idea To Stick – For It To Be Useful And Lasting – It’s Go To Make The Audience – Pay Attention – Understand And Remember – Agree/Believe – Care – Be Able To Act On It


~ S ~ Simplicity

~ TSAIDTIC-WMBMOE-WMRP ~ To Strip An Idea Down To Its Core – We Must Be Masters Of Exclusion – We Must Relentlessly Prioritize

~ SBANTI-PATI ~ Sound Bites Are Not The Ideal – Proverbs Are The Ideal

~ WMCITABSAP ~ We Must Create Ideas That Are Both Simple And Profound

~ TGRITUMOS:AOSSSPTAICSALLTFI ~ The Golden Rule Is The Ultimate Model Of Simplicity: A One-Sentence Statement So Profound That An Individual Could Spend A Lifetime Learning To Follow It

~ U-GIAC ~ Unexpectedness – Generate Interest And Curiosity

~ C-WMEOIITOHA-ITOSI ~ Concreteness – We Must Explain Our Ideas In Terms Of Human Actions – In Terms Of Sensory Information

~ C-SIHTCTOC ~ Credibility – Sticky Ideas Have To Carry Their Own Credentials

~ WNWTHPTOIFT ~ We Need Ways To Help People Test Our Ideas For Themselves

~ E-HDWGPTCAOI?-WMTFS ~ Emotions – How Do We Get People To Care About Our Ideas? – We Make Them Feel Something

~ S ~ Stories


~ FOTP-YOPIITP-YCCTP-AIIAWOTTEYCIAFTIHY ~ Focus On The Present – Your Only Power Is In The Present – You Cannot Change The Past – And It Is A Waste Of Time To Extend Your Crisis Into A Future That Isn’t Here Yet

~ GYCAN-ECHAC ~ Give You Crisis A Name – Every Crisis Has A Community

~ HAG-EAMO-YNADTMYAFC-ATGTCAYGS ~ Have A Goal – Even A Minor One – You Need A Direction That Moves You Away From Crisis – Allow This Goal To Change As You Gain Strength

~ KWYHTBITC-WDYHTK-WADYHTT-TCYTS? ~ Know Who You Have To Be In This Crisis – What Do You Have To Know – What Actions Do You Have To Take – To Carry You To Safety?

~ UITTYITRD-EWYDNCKWTRDI ~ Use Intuition To Take You In The Right Direction – Even When You Do Not Consciously Know Where The Right Direction Is

~ UYSSTPTCAAYIS-WDYCBYGTSSYCUYDTOAI ~ Use Your Sleep State To Process The Crisis And Anchor You In Solutions – Write Down Your Challenges Before You Go To Sleep So You Can Use Your Downtime To Organize And Integrate

~ ITCTCSYTTC ~ Identify The Community That Can Support You Through This Crisis

~ FMTHY ~ Find Mentors To Help You

~ NMWYAFRN-KTTCIYLTSE-ATYCCTNC ~ No Matter What You Are Feeling Right Now – Know That This Chapter In Your Life Too Shall End – And That You Can Choose The Next Chapter

~ RAOTTYSNC-ARYTYCDIA ~ Remember All Of The Times That You Successfully Navigated Crisis – And Reassure Yourself That You Can Do It Again


~ TMOFTATSHOC ~ The Myth Of Free Trade And The Secret History Of Capitalism

~ BHTUT-ITESOTD-VASCUSMO-P-S-A-R-IOTDTE ~ But History Tells Us That – In The Early Stage Of Their Development – Virtually All Successful Countries Used Some Mixture Of – Protection – Subsides – And – Regulation – In Order To Develop Their Economies

~ U-ALOHITRCH-‘KATL’-BF-FM-FT-P-O-PC ~ Unfortunately – Another Lesson Of History Is That Rich Countries Have – “Kicked Away The Ladder” – By Forcing – Free-Market – Free-Trade – Policies – On – Poor Countries

~ AECDNWMCETTNPTTSUITP ~ Already Established Countries Do Not Want More Competitors Emerging Through The Nationalistic Policies They Themselves Successfully Used In The Past

~ TIOITFEDCBO-BFTINTBPTED ~ The Importance Of International Trade For Economic Development Cannot Be Overemphasized – But Free Trade Is Not The Best Path To Economic Development

~ THEDOWTCEAMOPAOT-CAIATICNAC ~ Trade Helps Economic Development Only When The Country Employs A Mixture Of Protection And Open Trade – Constantly Adjusting It According To Its Changing Needs And Capabilities

~ TISTIFEDTBLTFTE ~ Trade Is Simply Too Important For Economic Development To Be Left To Free Trade Economists


~ SN&TDOP ~ Social Networks And The Death Of Privacy

~ ‘WL’-DCOTPDTOATDS ~ “WebLining” – Denying Certain Opportunities To People Due To Observations About Their Digital Selves

~ TRTBTAAI-RTAMOAG-IFIADN-BTRITOIHWSNDAABA ~ The Right To Be Treated As An Individual – Rather Than A Member Of A Group – Is Fundamental In A Democratic Nation – But That Right Is Turned On Its Head With Social Networks’ Data Aggregation And Behavioural Advertising

~ TSCAUOOICLT-PR-FR-DR-A-SR-Y-DSLPLP ~ The Surreptitious Collection And Use Of Online Information Can Lead To – Psychological Risks – Financial Risks – Discrimination Risks – And – Social Risks – Yet – Digital Snooping Laws Provide Little Protection

~ TDABKALPBHHE ~ The Data Aggregation Business Keeps A Low Profile But Has High Earnings

~ FMW-TOOOII-OWCLOFPIYDATTT ~ For Many Websites – The Opt-Out Option Is Illusory – Often Websites Cannot Load Or Function Properly If You Don’t Accept Their Tracking Technologies

~ BFMMATSHBIITDODCAAMTHBIITTDAWT ~ But Far More Money And Technological Savvy Has Been Invested In The Development Of Data Collection And Aggregation Mechanism Than Has Been Invested Into Techniques To Do Away With Them

~ TLDLTPMF-PV-PAEH-A-TLOBR ~ The Law Does Little To Protect Me From – Privacy Violations – Psychological And Economic Harms – And – The Loss Of Basic Rights

~ SF-ITSNR-LAHBGTTROI ~ So Far – In The Social Network Realm – Little Attention Has Been Given To The Rights Of Individuals

~ CHA-SN-DA-A-TPUSNI-T-RROTROI ~ Courts Have Allowed – Social Networks – Data Aggregators – And – Third Parties Using Social Network Information – To – Run Roughshod Over The Rights Of Individuals

~ TMOTDNHTTTCO-CP-ROGP-A-POIR ~ This March Of Technology Does Not Have To Trample The Concepts Of – Consumer Protection – Restraints On Governmental Power – And – Protection Of Individual Rights

~ ‘ITFASNUBOR’ ~ “It’s Time For A Social Network Users’ Bill Of Rights”


~ TGPUPIOWWOAPTHSAATSTAMTF ~ The Gods Promised Us Paradise If Only We Would Obey And Pamper Their Hero Servants And Allow Their Strange Titans And Monsters To Flourish

~ WDATA-A-HPSTPO-T-LAB-CB-HFM-A-PET-WTABETTRO-TED-TOT-A-TTFI ~ We Did As They Asked – And – Have Placidly Swallowed The Prescriptions Of – The – Lavishly Awarded Bankers – Central Bankers – Hedge Fund Managers – And – Private Equity Tycoons – While Turning A Blind Eye To The Rampaging Of – The Exotic Derivatives – The Offshore Trust – And – The Toxic Financial Instruments

~ HTD-TWALBADATWTPWTHITOTLODCAWSI-BTHN ~ Had They Delivered – There Would At Least Be A Debate As To Whether The Price Was Too High In Terms Of The Loss Of Democratic Control And Widening Social Inequality – But They Have Not

~ CFIATPO-AB-YOSEAAWPOBOADBSATFOTG ~ Chronic Financial Instability And The Prospect Of – At Best – Years Of Sluggish Economic Activity As We Pay Off Borrowings Of A Debt-Burdened Society Are The Fruits Of Their Guidance