~ TCOK-OWKSWFIHTIWIWLNTKI-AIBDFUTSOKWO-BWCRROLSOM ~ The Curse Of Knowledge – Once We Know Something We Find It Hard To Imagine What It Was Like Not To Know It – And It Becomes Difficult For Us To Share Our Knowledge With Others – Because We Can’t Readily Re-Create Our Listener’s State Of Mind

~ BTL-WTJLTMIEOTSSTFDITSS ~ Burying The Lead – When The Journalist Lets The Most Important Element Of The Story Slip Too Far Down In The Story Structure

~ ‘IYSTT-YDSA’ ~ “If You Say Three Things – You Don’t Say Anything”

~ U-EIU-CPU ~ Uncertainty – Even Irrelevant Uncertainty – Can Paralyse Us

~ ‘FTC’-A-EIITFOACI-CBEP ~ “Finding The Core” – And – Expressing It In The Form Of A Compact Idea – Can Be Enduringly Powerful

~ WCSIOMDBTTCTGPA ~ We Can’t Succeed If Our Messages Don’t Break Through The Clutter To Get People’s Attention

~ SGOA-IKOA ~ Surprise Gets Our Attention – Interest Keeps Our Attention

~ WWA-WKWR ~ When We’re Angry – We Know We’re Right

~ UIAMLTSBSMUPAAT-IETSOTLIG ~ Unexpected Ideas Are More Likely To Stick Because Surprise Makes Us Pay Attention And Think – It’s Easy To Step Over The Line Into Gimmickry

~ T-‘GT’-OC-AWGIWAMAMLTFOWWDK ~ The – “Gap Theory” – Of Curiosity – As We Gain Information We Are More And More Likely To Focus On What We Don’t Know

~ KGCI ~ Knowledge Gaps Create Interest

~ CIAICOSI-CLHP-EN-UNC ~ Concreteness Is An Indispensable Component Of Sticky Ideas – Concrete Language Helps People – Especially Novices – Understand New Concepts

~ AITLOTE ~ Abstraction Is The Luxury Of The Expert

~ TTTAAPWCFILTTSAHBBARITA ~ Trying To Teach An Abstract Principle Without Concrete Foundations Is Like Trying To Start A House By Building A Roof In The Air

~ FA-‘UL’-OTESF-I-TULWBC ~ Find A – “Universal Language” – One That Everyone Speaks Fluently – Inevitably – That Universal Language Will Be Concrete

~ WTTROPWWWTBL ~ We Trust The Recommendations Of People Whom We Want To Be Like

~ TPOD-ETTDSHM-TD-TDHABI ~ The Power Of Details – Even Though The Details Shouldn’t Have Mattered – They Did – The Details Had A Big Impact

~ S-SAABUTIAR-IMIFPTRTRTTN ~ Statistics – Should Almost Always Be Used To Illustrate A Relationship – It’s More Important For People To Remember The Relationship Than The Number

~ ECP-WLOASC-WEC-MAACFAGSOS ~ Ethically Challenged People – With Lots Of Analytical Smarts Can – With Enough Contortions – Make Almost Any Case From A Given Set Of Statistics

~ BCFAL-BBIE-FPTTA-THTC ~ Belief Counts For A Lot – But Belief Isn’t Enough – For People To Take Action – They Have To Care

~ TMBWTMPCITFAABSTDYCAASTDCA ~ The Most Basic Way To Make People Care Is To Form An Association Between Something They Don’t Yet Care About And Something They Do Care About

~ SI-‘WIIFY’-SBACAOES-BSIINTWS-P-MMTUEWTVOISI ~ Self-Interest – “What’s In It For You” – Should Be A Central Aspect Of Every Speech – But Self-Interest Is Not The Whole Story – Principals – May Matter To Us Even When They Violate Our Immediate Self-Interest

~ FOPSTAN-‘WIIFM?’-BR-‘WIIFMG?’~ Forming Opinions People Seem To Ask Not – “What’s In It For Me?” – But Rather – “What’s In It For My Group?”

~ PXDAIIAPX ~ Problem X Doesn’t Always Identify Itself As Problem X

~ FAITS-FITBUAL-IGTMTA-PA-UAR-A/B-C-BATAOI ~ For An Idea To Stick – For It To Be Useful And Lasting – It’s Go To Make The Audience – Pay Attention – Understand And Remember – Agree/Believe – Care – Be Able To Act On It

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