~ AL-ETSASFM ~ Active Listening – Encouraging The Speaker And Searching For Meaning

~ CC-COIWTPG ~ Creative Conflict – Confronting Others In Ways That Produce Growth

~ M-FITHPICHOA ~ Mediation – Facilitating Interaction To Help People In Conflict Hear One Another

~ N-PSTMSKIOAI ~ Negotiation – Problem Solving That Meets Some Key Interests Of All Involved

~ PI-ROFATOV ~ Political Imagination – Re-Imagine Our Futures According To Our Values

~ PD ~ Public Dialogue – Public Talk On Matters That Concern Us All

~ PJ-PDMTACTMCTAWTHI ~ Public Judgement – Public Decision Making That Allows Citizens To Make Choices They Are Willing To Help Implement

~ C-EJAGFWWLAWAWWA ~ Celebration – Expressing Joy And Gratitude For What We Learn As Well As What We Achieve

~ E&R-AAITLWLTA ~ Evaluation And Reflection – Assessing And Incorporating The Lessons We Learn Through Action

~ M-SGOILTAOPL ~ Mentoring – Supportively Guiding Others In Learning These Arts Of Public Life

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