~ TGPUPIOWWOAPTHSAATSTAMTF ~ The Gods Promised Us Paradise If Only We Would Obey And Pamper Their Hero Servants And Allow Their Strange Titans And Monsters To Flourish

~ WDATA-A-HPSTPO-T-LAB-CB-HFM-A-PET-WTABETTRO-TED-TOT-A-TTFI ~ We Did As They Asked – And – Have Placidly Swallowed The Prescriptions Of – The – Lavishly Awarded Bankers – Central Bankers – Hedge Fund Managers – And – Private Equity Tycoons – While Turning A Blind Eye To The Rampaging Of – The Exotic Derivatives – The Offshore Trust – And – The Toxic Financial Instruments

~ HTD-TWALBADATWTPWTHITOTLODCAWSI-BTHN ~ Had They Delivered – There Would At Least Be A Debate As To Whether The Price Was Too High In Terms Of The Loss Of Democratic Control And Widening Social Inequality – But They Have Not

~ CFIATPO-AB-YOSEAAWPOBOADBSATFOTG ~ Chronic Financial Instability And The Prospect Of – At Best – Years Of Sluggish Economic Activity As We Pay Off Borrowings Of A Debt-Burdened Society Are The Fruits Of Their Guidance

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