~ FOTP-YOPIITP-YCCTP-AIIAWOTTEYCIAFTIHY ~ Focus On The Present – Your Only Power Is In The Present – You Cannot Change The Past – And It Is A Waste Of Time To Extend Your Crisis Into A Future That Isn’t Here Yet

~ GYCAN-ECHAC ~ Give You Crisis A Name – Every Crisis Has A Community

~ HAG-EAMO-YNADTMYAFC-ATGTCAYGS ~ Have A Goal – Even A Minor One – You Need A Direction That Moves You Away From Crisis – Allow This Goal To Change As You Gain Strength

~ KWYHTBITC-WDYHTK-WADYHTT-TCYTS? ~ Know Who You Have To Be In This Crisis – What Do You Have To Know – What Actions Do You Have To Take – To Carry You To Safety?

~ UITTYITRD-EWYDNCKWTRDI ~ Use Intuition To Take You In The Right Direction – Even When You Do Not Consciously Know Where The Right Direction Is

~ UYSSTPTCAAYIS-WDYCBYGTSSYCUYDTOAI ~ Use Your Sleep State To Process The Crisis And Anchor You In Solutions – Write Down Your Challenges Before You Go To Sleep So You Can Use Your Downtime To Organize And Integrate

~ ITCTCSYTTC ~ Identify The Community That Can Support You Through This Crisis

~ FMTHY ~ Find Mentors To Help You

~ NMWYAFRN-KTTCIYLTSE-ATYCCTNC ~ No Matter What You Are Feeling Right Now – Know That This Chapter In Your Life Too Shall End – And That You Can Choose The Next Chapter

~ RAOTTYSNC-ARYTYCDIA ~ Remember All Of The Times That You Successfully Navigated Crisis – And Reassure Yourself That You Can Do It Again

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