~ SN&TDOP ~ Social Networks And The Death Of Privacy

~ ‘WL’-DCOTPDTOATDS ~ “WebLining” – Denying Certain Opportunities To People Due To Observations About Their Digital Selves

~ TRTBTAAI-RTAMOAG-IFIADN-BTRITOIHWSNDAABA ~ The Right To Be Treated As An Individual – Rather Than A Member Of A Group – Is Fundamental In A Democratic Nation – But That Right Is Turned On Its Head With Social Networks’ Data Aggregation And Behavioural Advertising

~ TSCAUOOICLTPRFRDRASR-YDSLPLP ~ The Surreptitious Collection And Use Of Online Information Can Lead To Psychological Risks, Financial Risk, Discrimination Risks, And Social Risks – Yet Digital Snooping Laws Provide Little Protection

~ TDABKALPBHHE ~ The Data Aggregation Business Keeps A Low Profile But Has High Earnings

~ FMW-TOOOII-OWCLOFPIYDATTT ~ For Many Websites – The Opt-Out Option Is Illusory – Often Websites Cannot Load Or Function Properly If You Don’t Accept Their Tracking Technologies

~ BFMMATSHBIITDODCAAMTHBIITTDAWT ~ But Far More Money And Technological Savvy Has Been Invested In The Development Of Data Collection And Aggregation Mechanism Than Has Been Invested Into Techniques To Do Away With Them

~ TLDLTPMFPVPAEHATLOBR ~ The Law Does Little To Protect Me From Privacy Violations, Psychological And Economic Harms, And The Loss Of Basic Rights

~ SF-ITSNR-LAHBGTTROI ~ So Far – In The Social Network Realm – Little Attention Has Been Given To The Rights Of Individuals

~ CHASNDAATPUSNITRROTROI ~ Courts Have Allowed Social Networks, Data Aggregators, And Third Parties Using Social Network Information To Run Roughshod Over The Rights Of Individuals

~ TMOTDNHTTTCOCPROGPAPOIR ~ This March Of Technology Does Not Have To Trample The Concepts Of Consumer Protection, Restraints On Governmental Power, And Protection Of Individual Rights

~ ‘ITFASNUBOR’ ~ “It’s Time For A Social Network Users’ Bill Of Rights”

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