~ MILM-INWATUISAEYTTG ~ Money Is Like Manure – It’s Not Worth A Thing Unless It’s Spread Around Encouraging Young Things To Grow ~ Thornton Wilder

~ BLATWSOT ~ Bad Laws Are The Worst Sort Of Tyranny ~ Edmund Burke

~ TOTM ~ Tyranny Of The Majority ~ Alexis de Tocqueville

~ TPEBAFLF-IDOIDAPOIE-FTOTSFM ~ The Power Exercised By A Few Large Firms – Is Different Only In Degree And Precision Of Its Exercise – From That Of The Single-Firm Monopoly ~John Galbraith

~ DPIAAIORIWTDFITOF ~ Depression Presents Itself As An Illness Of Responsibility In Which The Dominant Feeling Is That Of Failure ~ Alain Ehrenberg ~ Weariness Of The Self

~ LFWIDTTL ~ Liberty For Wolves Is Death To The Lambs ~ Isaiah Berlin

~ AOWTMW ~ At Odds With The Modern World ~ Philip Longman

~ TPTIIPFSAOTBAES ~ The Pressures That It Is Possible For Such An Organization To Bring Are Extremely Severe ~ Conrad Black

~ PB ~ Peak Bullshit

~ TSIMW ~ That Show I Might Watch

~ RIAOOTB-TSOTP ~ Reason Is And Ought Only To Be – The Slave Of The Passions ~ David Hume

~UTWOEP-T-SD&O-IO-F&R-ILTSVU&UB ~ Understanding The World Or Explaining Phenomena – Through – Superstition, Dogma, And Orthodoxy – Instead Of – Facts And Reason – Invariably Leads To Some Very Ugly And Uncivilized Behavior ~ Allan Gregg

~ TWIIOBM ~ The World Is It’s Own Best Model ~ Rodney Brooks

~ IYA-YMWF ~ Involve You Ass – Your Mind Will Follow

~ TIE ~ Timing Is Everything

~ BTARISDAOANS-SOLTVWBTBTFAE ~ Beliefs That Are Rooted In Superstitions, Dogma And Orthodoxy Are Not Sustainable – Sooner Or Later Their Veracity Will Be Tested By The Facts And Evidence ~ Allan Gregg

~ IF-TCPTYWWSBTAVAAMOE-TSI-AYF?-TMNISMEIGODTOMT ~ In fact, they could prove that you were wrong simply by taking a vote at a meeting of experts – that settled it – and your facts? – they meant nothing if sufficiently many experts ignored them, or distorted them, or misinterpreted them ~ Karl Popper

~ HTIMB-IIIN-FFAFD-IWBHAADD-NALT ~ However Tue It May Be – If It Is Not – Fully, Frequently, And Fearlessly Discussed – It Will Be Held As A Dead Dogma – Not A Living Truth ~ John Stuart Mill ~ On Liberty ~ 1859

~ SITINOTTAIA-AAIW-ITLOA ~ Such Is The Irresistible Nature Of Truth That All It Asks – And All It Wants – Is The Liberty Of Appearing ~ Thomas Paine ~ The Rights Of Man ~ 1791

~ TCOEIO ~ The Convergence Of Evidence Is Overwhelming

~ SNIAKOFT-BTLOIYHTMYTYH ~ Self-Knowledge Is A Kind Of Funny Thing – Because The Less Of It You Have – The More You Think You Have ~ Bruce Springsteen

~ PHR ~ Post Hoc Rationalization

~ WWITYLTD-BSTYTYWNGAI? ~ What Was It That You Loved To Do – Before Someone Told You That You Were No Good At It?

~ BBB ~ Bullshit Baffles Brains ~ Harold Ballard ~ Leafs AbomiNation ~ Dave Feschuk + Michael Grange

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