~ C-ITOTCACCEOESJAMACD ~ Cooperation – It Turns Out That Cooperating And Co-Creating Explain Our Evolutionary Success Just As Much As Competition Does

~ E-CIMPBE-AITSTBACDCO-‘SW’-IU ~ Empathy – Cooperation Is Made Possible By Empathy – And It Too Seems To Be A Capacity Deeply Carved – Or – “Soft-Wired” – Into Us

~ E-COSHMITA7BIWWE-CP-S-A-W? ~ Efficacy – Could Our Species Have Made It To Almost 7 Billion If We Were Essentially – Couch Potatoes – Shoppers – And – Whiners? – I Don’t Think So

~ M-WHBACOM-SWTGODVBEOOW ~ Meaning – We Human Beings Are Creatures Of Meaning – Seeking Ways To Give Our Days Value Beyond Ensuring Our Own Survival

~ I&C-OATCILOE-WCLAOE-WCIDE-A-WCTTIEIT ~ Imagination And Creativity – Our Ability To Change In Light Of Experience – We Can Learn About Our Environment – We Can Imagine Different Environments – And – We Can Turn Those Imagined Environments Into Reality

~ UCCOPSQD ~ Under Certain Conditions Our Pro-Social Qualities Dissolve

~ ALTCHBSOOLHTETWIU-MBTDSMTEOOPRPC-EPI-S-S ~ At Least Three Conditions Have Been Shown Over Our Long History To Elicit The Worst In Us – Mainly Because They Deny So Many The Expression Of Our Proven Richly Positive Capacities – Extreme Power Inequalities – Secrecy – Scapegoating

~ OSWEAEICODSTFANF-M-E-A-C-AASISWPITHAOSOFSM ~ Our Soft-Wired Empathy And Enjoyment In Cooperation – Our Deep Sensibility To Fairness And Need For – Meaning – Efficacy – And – Creativity – All Are Stifled In Societies Where Power Is Tightly Held And Opportunities Shut Off For So Many

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