~ TMOIE ~ The Myth Of Innocent Empires

~ EAEPFTIIOTIN-BECTTPOTCC ~ Empires Are Enormously Profitable For The Investor Interests Of The Imperial Nation – But Enormously Costly To The People Of The Colonized Country

~ EIWPASHNOIP ~ Empires Impoverish Whole Populations And Slaughter Huge Numbers Of Innocent People

~ KTWSFGCARAMME-AMMICASOICA ~ Keeping The World Safe For Global Capital Accumulation Requires A Massive Military Establishment – A Massive Military Itself Constitutes A Source Of Immense Capital Accumulation

~ TENDTUSC-ATHTBTPBISTD-ILAOOTGSEOWAMB ~ The Enormous National Debt The United States Carries – And The Heavy Tax Burden The Public Bears In Servicing That Debt – Is Largely An Outgrowth Of The Gargantuan Sums Expended On Wars And Military Budgets

~ OPACLRTUTTWIARHP-TSEE-LBTOIIPTICWSM ~ Our Political And Corporate Leaders Repeatedly Tell Us That The World Is A Relentlessly Hostile Place – They See Enemies Everywhere – Largely Because Their Own Imperial Interests Put Them In Conflict With So Many

~ WTTSO ~ When The Truth Slips Out

~ USOMTCAIFD ~ US Opinion Makers Treat Capitalism As Inseparable From Democracy

~ IPHNTH-WDTHSM? ~ If Policymakers Have Nothing To Hide – Why Do They Hide So Much?

~ TNOPLIPIGAAFRTTWP ~ The Number Of People Living In Poverty Is Growing At A Faster Rate Than The World’s Population

~ BDPFTLARTOTSS-CCLMOWDPFISTTTFPW(WTCGW) ~ By Displacing People From Their Lands And Robbing Them Of Their Self-Sufficiency – Corporations Create Labor Markets Overcrowded With Desperate Populations Forced Into Shanty Towns To Toil For Poverty Wages (When They Can Get Work)

~ FTEPRAEORATNOTW ~ Free Trade Elevates Property Rights Above Every Other Right Among The Nations Of The World

~ TWTMNC ~ The War To Monopolize Nature Continues

~ ‘FT’-IDTLTWE(AE)DTTTMOBATC ~ “Free Trade” – Is Designed To Leave The World’s Economic (And Ecological) Destiny To The Tender Mercy Of Bankers And Transnational Corporations

~ UTFTA-AAAPSCBROOEBTC-‘LMO’-FPC ~ Under The Free Trade Agreements – Any And All Public Services Can Be Ruled Out Of Existence Because They Cause – “Lost Market Opportunities” – For Private Capital

~ TFAFTIAFFTRTPED ~ The Fight Against Free Trade Is A Fight For The Right To Political-Economic Democracy

~ TRNTBCATMOBC ~ The Right Not To Be Completely At The Mercy Of Big Capital

~ FTMPFTFAPFTM ~ Free Trade Means Privatization For The Few And Privation For The Many

~ AFMD ~ Another Free Market Disaster

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