~ UA ~ Unwarranted Assumption

~ TMTT-TGTE-TSTD-TGTI ~ The Mediocre Teacher Tells – The Good Teacher Explains – The Superior Teacher Demonstrates – The Great Teacher Inspires ~ William Arthur Ward

~ A!-ROTD-TLVP ~ Alas! – Regardless Of Their Doom – The Little Victims Play ~ Thomas Gray

~ COTDP-COTANAT-BMJADBCOO ~ Committees Of Twenty Deliberate Plenty – Committees Of Ten Act Now And Then – But Most Jobs Are Done By Committees Of One

~ TINALA-BRFIIALT ~ Teaching Is Not A Lost Art – But Regard For It Is A Lost Tradition ~ Jacques Barzun

~ NAORAYHWYDNWTBT ~ Never Affirm Or Repeat About Your Health What You Do Not Wish To Be True ~ Ralph Waldo Trine

~ TTWCEOSWBMPTTVYST ~ The Time Will Come When Our Silence Will Be More Powerful That The Voices You Strangle Today ~ August Spies ~ 11-11-1887

~ ASOSMITBAGOW ~ A Society Of Sheep Must In Time Beget A Government Of Wolves ~ Bertrand de Jouvenal

~ TSOTCOTPIICFTP ~ The Secret Of The Care Of The Patient Is In Caring For The Patient ~ Francis Peabody

~ TAOCIFOOI ~ The Accomplice Of Corruption Is Frequently Our Own Indifference – Bess Myerson

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