~ IIITIOCETSTHOONTPAMVOTGADAUO ~ It Is In The Interests Of Commercial Enterprises To Skew The Hierarchy Of Our Needs To Promote A Material Vision Of The Good And Downplay An Unsaleable One

~ IHSIMTCAPWAHTUR ~ I Have Seen In My Time Craftsmen And Ploughmen Wiser And Happier Than University Rectors

~ TRS Triturated Rat Shit

~ R-CBDB-AF-ABL-O-AIT ~ Reason – Can Be Dethroned By – A Fart – A Big Lunch – Or – An Ingrowing Toenail

~ WSNFEBOD-OBOFTGABFT ~ We Should Not Feel Embarrassed By Our Difficulties – Only By Our Failure To Grow Anything Beautiful From Them


~ DTLW ~ Discovering The Leader Within

~ TIOAFCIOWFTETSLOCIT ~ The Incongruity Of Asking For Change In Others While Failing To Exhibit The Same Level Of Commitment In Themselves

~ WMRTLTWHBTO ~ We Must Recognize The Lies That We Have Been Telling Ourselves

~ OAPGSFALP ~ Organizational And Personal Growth Seldom Follows A Linear Plan

~ BTBAYWOI ~ Build The Bridge As You Walk On It

~ EIAFOD ~ Excellence Is A Form Of Deviance


~ TD-DSAOAEGAAME ~ Thin Democracy – Democracy Seen As Only An Elected Government And A Market Economy

~ OPPA-TC-P-A-I-TBAFTTD ~ Our Planet’s Problems Are – Too Complex – Pervasive – And – Interconnected – To Be Addressed From The Top Down

~ SDOTIOPMA-AT-WCACOAM-A-WDGMSBTF ~ Solutions Depend On The Insights Of People Most Affected – All Thwarted – When Citizens Are Cut Out And Manipulated – And – When Decisions Get Made Secretly By The Few

~ DIALA-AWPIA-AL-CC-N-M-M-A-ORS-WRTJOE ~ Democracy Is A Learned Art – As We Practice Its Arts – Active Listening – Creative Conflict – Negotiation – Mediation – Mentoring – And – Other Relational Skills – We Reap The Joy Of Effectiveness

~ MAEFOU-TAN-‘F’O’U’~ Markets Are Either Fair Or Unfair – They Are Never – “Free” Or “Unfettered”

~ T-MR-ATAP-AWTSTIOGC ~ Today – Market Rules – And There Are Plenty – Are Written To Serve The Interests Of Global Corporations


~ O-GRW-EICALTMFM-NBGHSKBBIRCATTCOTPAH-TRTPTTMGW ~ Often – Government Regulation Works – Especially In Complex Areas Like The Modern Financial Market – Not Because The Government Has Superior Knowledge But Because It Restricts Choices And Thus The Complexity Of The Problems At Hand – Thereby Reducing The Possibility That Things May Go Wrong

~ TADWTOC-FMC-IOOOT-A-NAVGOAT-TLTDHST-CTTCOIP-ISDTE-IIAI-A-LTMF(ASM)FC ~ There Are Different Ways To Organize Capitalism – Free-Market Capitalism – Is Only One Of Them – And – Not A Very Good One At That – The Last Three Decades Have Shown That – Contrary To The Claims Of Its Proponents – It Slows Down The Economy – Increases Inequality And Insecurity – And – Leads To More Frequent (And Sometimes Massive) Financial Crashes

~ E-AIHBPITLTD-HBPHFMP ~ Economics – As It Has Been Practised In The Last Three Decades – Has Been Positively Harmful For Most People

~ BGTPOMSIBIA-WHCAWWMEAIACOORTS ~ By Glorifying The Pursuit Of Material Self-Interest By Individuals And Corporations – We Have Created A World Where Material Enrichment Absolves Individual And Corporations Of Other Responsibilities To Society


~ EITUIAFOE ~ Everything In The Universe Is A Form Of Energy

~ TSOEII ~ The Supply Of Energy Is Infinite

~ ETHTUAMMWVFTCOOP ~ Everything That Happens To Us Appears More Meaningful When Viewed From The Context Of Our Purpose

~ JAF ~ Joy Attracts Fulfillment

~ WMDWWL ~ We Must Do What We Love

~ WWLTDNIWWHANTTD ~ What We Love To Do Naturally Is What We Have A Natural Talent To Do

~ TINSTAAA ~ There Is No Such Thing As An Accident

~ WMTRFEIOL ~ We Must Take Responsibility For Everything In Our Lives

~ WWHIWWW ~ What We Have Is What We Want

~ WATWIIAWTESWE ~ We Attract That Which Is In Alignment With The Energy Signals We Emit

~ TUTUSADAWACATTCEWWDNPA ~ The Universe Teaches Us Slowly And Deliberately And With Absolute Consistency And The Teaching Continues Even When We Do Not Pay Attention

~ TUIACT ~ The Universe Is A Consummate Teacher

~ DEAALIASWHBI ~ Dramatic Events Are Advanced Lessons In A Series Which Has Been Ignored

~ AIONS ~ Abundance Is Our Natural State

~ WYTAE ~ Whatever You Think About Expands

~ TUIP ~ The Universe Is Perfect

~ AIDWEITAFI ~ An Illusion Disintegrates When Energy Is Taken Away From It

~ TABTWMNEBAOARFKAMOTIWWEAR ~ Thoughts And Beliefs That We May Not Even Be Aware Of Are Responsible For Keeping Alive Many Of The Illusions Which We Experience As Reality

~ EACITHMITE ~ Establish A Clear Intention To Have More Income Than Expenses

~ NATAYH ~ Notice All The Abundance You Have

~ ETCODFYL ~ Eliminate The Concept Of Debt From Your Life

~ YMMTHWYAAT ~ You Must Maintain Total Honesty With Yourself At All Times

~ GARATSOTSC ~ Giving And Receiving Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin

~ TUHTD ~ The Universe Handles The Details

~ PANTTAA ~ People Are Not Their Thoughts And Actions

~ BTACFOA ~ But There Are Consequences For Our Actions

~ WWJBTWWJI ~ Whatever We Judge Becomes The Way We Judge It

~ TAOEIJ ~ The Absence Of Emotion Is Joyfulness

~ NAPAFFOE ~ Non Attachment Provides A Free Flow Of Energy

~ ETWEIWWAF ~ Everything That We Experience Is What We Ask For

~ AHIORFRUTBIHWO ~ Achieving Harmony In Our Relationships First Requires Us To Be In Harmony With Ourselves

~ JAIAMOI ~ Judging Anything Is A Misperception Of It

~ FOIAFO ~ Forgiving Others Is Actually Forgiving Ourselves

~ WWSAALTPWRSOOI ~ When We See Another As Less Than Perfect We Really See Our Own Imperfection

~ AIAOTPOTUITICTPUWTEWRTBAOOIAOAO ~ An Important Aspect Of The Perfection Of The Universe Is That It Continues To Provide Us With The Experiences We Require To Become Aware Of Our Illusions About Ourselves And Others

~ OTPMRE ~ Only The Present Moment Really Exists

~ BTITP ~ Be Totally In The Present

~ WWACEIUAINHBAWNHA ~ Whatever We Are Currently Experiencing Is Unique As It Never Happened Before And Will Never Happen Again

~ TIAIPOTRG ~ Trust Is An Inherent Part Of The Real Game

~ WWCJOWAAPWO ~ When We Cease Judging Others We Are At Peace With Ourselves

~ GAMWDWABAS ~ Going After Material Wealth Directly Will Always Be A Struggle

~ OWOVWWDAIAVWWD ~ Others Will Only View What We Do As Important And Valuable When We Do

~ SOIOFP ~ Supporting Others Is Our First Priority

~ TRYOWYADWYMRIWSE ~ To Relieve Yourself Of What You Are Dissatisfied With You Must Replace It With Something Else

~ ACADITCINIOTC ~ A Clear And Definite Intention To Change Is Needed In Order To Change

~ YCOGTOWYHAYTR ~ You Can Only Give To Others What You Have Allowed Yourself To Receive

~ NWWFYACDI ~ Notice What Works For You And Continue Doing It

~ IIOWWATRTWATC ~ It Is Only When We Are Totally Relaxed That We Are Truly Creative

~ BAOWTP ~ Become At One With The Present Moment

~ AAIYANLYLAYILITB ~ Act As If You Are Now Living Your Life As You Ideally Like It To Be

~ TWYSTOIRTWYSY ~ The Way You See The Other Is Really The Way You See Yourself

~ GOAMEAINFOTUYF ~ Give Only As Much Explanation As Is Necessary For Others To Understand You Fully

~ TMITAGDIDARIP ~ The Most Important Thing Any Group Does Is Define And Redefine Its Purpose

~ YAJBBY ~ You Achieve Joy By Being Joyful

~ SFC ~ Start From Completion

~ TOTTEOUHTCOAAGMIHWF ~ The One Thing That Each Of Us Has Total Control Over At Any Given Moment Is How We Feel


~ YDTSUTB ~ You Don’t Throw Someone Under The Bus

~ FPAYGDIPSTYHPHAD ~ Firing Pucks At Your Garage Door Is Probably Something That Young Hockey Players Have Always Done

~ WPADIWC ~ We Played All Day If We Could

~ LTHBWALITMIPOC ~ Learning To Handle Both Winning And Losing Is The Most Important Part Of Competition

~ TINFEFAHPTSOOI ~ There Is No Finer Experience For A Hockey Player Than Skating On Outdoor Ice

~ TISATFOAWSIYHTCNBTDICF ~ There Is Something About The Feel Of A Wooden Stick In Your Hands That Can Never Be Totally Duplicated In Carbon Fiber

~ SHBAAWBTMIGAHPS ~ Skating Has Been And Always Will Be The Main Ingredient For Any Hockey Player’s Success

~ ARTTWACTYWBABYD-SATW-TWUHTSSIOTHYRYG ~ Always Remember That Those Who Are Closest To You Will Be Affected By Your Dreams – Somewhere Along The Way – They Will Undoubtedly Have To Sacrifice Something In Order To Help You Realize Your Goals

~ U-MPOUACATTTLTLTTCS-AINW ~ Unfortunately – Many Parents Of Up-And-Coming Athletes Today Try To Live Their Lives Through The Child’s Success – And It Never Works

~ PIAKWFAA-ROTS ~ Passion Is A Key Word For Any Athlete – Regardless Of The Sport

~ TFITTCFANITAOHW ~ The Fact Is That Talent Counts For Almost Nothing In The Absence Of Hard Work

~ IAKWIWTB-IHASGAWVDTATG ~ I Always Knew Where I Wanted To Be – I Had A Specific Goal And Was Very Dedicated To Achieving That Goal

~ IWLTHHTTID ~ I Was Lucky To Have Had The Teammates I Did

~ IYWTCTPAL-TYHTETBH ~ If You Want To Carry The Play A Lot – Then You Have To Expect To Be Hit

~ IHALRMWAMTMOTLDWBTCO-AIHNRTDTI-U-MLOAWCMDITYA ~ I Had A Lawyer Representing Me Who Assured Me That Many Of Those Little Details Would Be Taken Care Of – And I Had No Reason To Doubt That Information – Unfortunately – My Lack Of Attention Would Cost Me Dearly In The Years Ahead

~ TLGIASIATHTW-RTLTSCBAMOAIAWTWI ~ The Last Game In A Series Is Always The Hardest To Win – Refusing To Lose The Series Can Be As Much Of An Inspiration As Wanting To Win It

~ NWWEDJTTFOWTSC-SMTCTITM ~ No Words Will Ever Do Justice To The Feeling Of Winning The Stanley Cup – So Many Things Come Together In That Moment

~ TRINSTAIA ~ There Really Is No Such Thing As Individual Accomplishment

~ ILTFOTPOTBWATAA ~ I Liked The Feel Of The Puck On The Blade Without Any Tape At All

~ OTITSWMR ~ One Thing I Took Seriously Was My Routine

~ TSTINRAARMID-AA-ITFATPWIPTB-ATYS-SPANTASKORTT ~ To Suggest There Is No Responsibility As A Role Model Is Dangerous – After All – It’s The Fans And The Public Who Inevitably Pay The Bills – And Therefore Your Salary – So Pro Athletes Need To Accept Some Kind Of Responsibility Toward Them

~ WIRFTNHL-ISNITFPIHETBI ~ When I Retired From The National Hockey League – I Was Not In The Financial Position I Had Expected To Be In

~ YWBS-YWBCTP-YWBSYG ~ You Win By Skating – You Win By Controlling The Puck – You Win By Standing Your Ground

~ FFM-NOTAAOMPFH ~ Fortunately For Me – No One Took Away Any Of My Passion For Hockey

~ BRISED-ISWSSE-NJOTI-BOTIIAGPTTI ~ Basic Respect Is Something Everyone Deserves – It’s Something We Should See Everywhere – Not Just On The Ice – But On The Ice Is A Great Place To Teach It

~ POMINSFLTG ~ Putting On Muscle Is No Substitute For Learning The Game

~ PSSBTTP ~ Player Safety Should Be The Top Priority