~ TD-DSAOAEGAAME ~ Thin Democracy – Democracy Seen As Only An Elected Government And A Market Economy

~ OPPA-TC-P-A-I-TBAFTTD ~ Our Planet’s Problems Are – Too Complex – Pervasive – And – Interconnected – To Be Addressed From The Top Down

~ SDOTIOPMA-AT-WCACOAM-A-WDGMSBTF ~ Solutions Depend On The Insights Of People Most Affected – All Thwarted – When Citizens Are Cut Out And Manipulated – And – When Decisions Get Made Secretly By The Few

~ DIALA-AWPIA-AL-CC-N-M-M-A-ORS-WRTJOE ~ Democracy Is A Learned Art – As We Practice Its Arts – Active Listening – Creative Conflict – Negotiation – Mediation – Mentoring – And – Other Relational Skills – We Reap The Joy Of Effectiveness

~ MAEFOU-TAN-‘F’O’U’~ Markets Are Either Fair Or Unfair – They Are Never – “Free” Or “Unfettered”

~ T-MR-ATAP-AWTSTIOGC ~ Today – Market Rules – And There Are Plenty – Are Written To Serve The Interests Of Global Corporations

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