~ B ~ Background

~ NSIWBF(BAFF) ~ Numbers Seem Inconsistent With Benchmark Figures (Basic And Familiar Facts)

~ SEAUTIASCP ~ Severe Examples Are Used To Illustrate A Supposedly Common Problem

~ B ~ Blunders

~ NTSTHOTLMBCBAMDP ~ Numbers That Seem Too High Or Too Low May Be Caused By A Misplaced Decimal Point

~ BTCSISBIL ~ Botched Translations Convert Statistics Into Simpler But Incorrect Language

~ MGDTRVIOD ~ Misleading Graphs Distort The Reader’s Visual Impression Of Data

~ EISOCATFF ~ Errors In Strings Of Calculations Affect The Final Figures

~ S ~ Sources

~ BRNMBASOG ~ Big Round Numbers May Be A Sign Of Guessing

~ H-‘TB’-O-‘TW’-MRE ~ Hyperbole – “The Biggest” – Or – “The Worst” – May Reveal Exaggeration

~ CTSUSMIBU ~ Claims That Seem Unbelievably Shocking May Indeed By Unbelievable

~ AP-IGADN-CTAC ~ A Problem – Is Given A Disturbing Name – Calculated To Arouse Concern

~ D ~ Definitions

~ BDLTBN ~ Broad Definitions Lead To Big Numbers

~ EAPDMTPSL ~ Expanding A Problem’s Definition Makes The Problem Seem Larger

~ CAPDDMOC ~ Changing A Problem’s Definition Distorts Measures Of Change

~ APDMELDC ~ A Problem’s Definition May Exclude Less Disturbing Cases

~ M ~ Measurements

~ NSITQ-HWTMC? ~ New Statistics Invite The Question – How Was This Measure Created?

~ UUOACLTQC ~ Unusual Units Of Analysis Can Lead To Questionable Conclusions

~ SMULQTEPR ~ Surveys May Use Loaded Questions That Encourage Particular Responses

~ CIMMATRS ~ Changes In Measurements May Affect The Resulting Statistics

~ CMOMMPDR ~ Competing Methods Of Measurement May Produce Different Results

~ P ~ Packaging

~ GMBBOABOMS ~ Generalizations May Be Based On A Biased Or Misleading Sample

~ TFACTEAPT ~ Time Frames Are Chosen To Emphasize A Particular Trend

~ AOBIUTCP ~ An Odd Base Is Used To Calculate Percentages

~ TNIASC(LATCMLTBA) ~ The Number Involves A Selective Comparison (Looking Only At Those Cases Most Likely To Be Affected)

~ ACRTSSMHBP ~ A Claim Reports That Some Statistical Milestone Has Been Passed

~ TW-‘A’-MRTET-‘M’-OT-‘M’ ~ The Word – “Average” – May Refer To Either The – “Mean” – Or The – “Median”

~ AEMBCBPRCATB ~ Apparent Epidemics May Be Caused By Problems Receiving Closer Attention Than Before

~ CIIAPOC ~ Correlation Is Implied As Proof Of Causation

~ DDMPI ~ Dramatic Discoveries May Prove Incorrect

~ D ~ Debates

~ REIDCOTP ~ Rival Explanations Identify Different Causes Of The Problem

~ OSDATNOE ~ Opposing Sides Disagree About The Nature Of Equality

~ ADPC ~ Advocates Debate Policy Choices


~ TPTOACR-DPOLW-SSOC ~ The Primary Tool Of A Creative Recovery – Daily Pages Of Longhand Writing – Strictly Stream Of Consciousness

YWDYTV-P&M-AUTATWLYTALTITYO ~ You Will Discover Your True Values – Personal And Monetary – And Uncover The Actions That Will Lead You To A Life That Is Truly Your Own

~ TATBDFTITM-ATATBSTNO-TAP-TAP-TAI ~ They Are To Be Done First Thing In The Morning – And They Are To Be Shown To No One – They Are Private – They Are Personal – They Are Important

~ JKW ~ Just Keep Writing – There Is No Wrong Way To Do Morning Pages

~ ADAAT-APAAT ~ A Day At A Time – A Page At A Time

~ WEOL-STMOEOTAMAWOPVS ~ We Explore Our Lives – Seeking To Make Our Expenditures Of Time And Money Align With Our Personal Value System

~ ASPT-V-C-M-W ~ A Safe Place To – Vent – Celebrate – Mourn – Wish

~ AAFDIMTSGUT ~ Although At First Doing It May Take Some Getting Used To

~ GUHAHE-COAUWBTDB ~ Getting Up Half An Hour Earlier – Carving Out An Uninterrupted Window Before The Day Begins

~ MPQBASOPA ~ Morning Pages Quickly Become A Sort Of Positive Addiction

~ TBTOP-KAL-ASNWD-O-MI&MO ~ The Bedrock Tool Of Prosperity – Keep A Ledger – A Small Notebook Will Do – Of – Money In And Money Out

~ NAOMITSOTLTBC ~ No Amount Of Money Is Too Small Or Too Large To Be Counted

~ MOOEPI-YWBJATHT ~ Many Of Our Elders Practiced It – You Will Be Joining A Time-Honored Tradition

~ CTYWYASATLOYTV-OWAN ~ Counting Tells You Whether You Are Spending Along The Lines Of Your True Values – Often We Are Not

~ O-OEAARTU ~ Often – Our Expenditures Are A Revelation To Us

~ WMFOLFAL-AWTSW-‘R’-S ~ We May Find Ourselves Looking For A Loophole – A Way To Spend Without – “Really” – Spending

~ SD ~ Stop Debting

~ BPA-OLILABWAL ~ Before Practicing Abstinence – Our Life Is Like A Boat With A Leak

~ IHTFPWWAD ~ It’s Hard To Feel Prosperous When We Are Debting

~ WALTAW-FAMOTM ~ Walk At Least Twice A Week – For A Minimum Of Twenty Minutes

~ YWDWYWTMEFIAHP ~ You Will Discover When You Walk That Many Events Fall Into A Healthier Perspective

~ YMWOWAPAWBIWAS You May Walk Out With A Problem And Walk Back In With A Solution

~ WIAOTIYITP ~ Walking Is An Opportunity To Immerse Yourself In The Present

~ WIAOTETBOTW ~ Walking Is An Opportunity To Enjoy The Beauty Of The World

~ OITMAOAN-TFMTSQ-YMUTTTCCYB-YMUTTTSR ~ Once In The Morning And Once At Night – Take Five Minutes To Sit Quietly – You May Use This Time To Consciously Count Your Blessings – You May Use This Time To Simply Rest

~ IOCTUIOTOTPTBEAG ~ Ideas Often Come To Us In Our Time-Outs That Prove To Be Efficient And Guided

~ ACF-SA&SA ~ A Chance For – Self-Appraisal And Self-Approval

~ Y-YMYTTTP ~ Yes – You May Use This Time To Pray

~ TPITSWYADATAMTLTYT ~ The Point Is To Stop What You Are Doing And Take A Moment To Listen To Yourself Think


~ TTMS ~ The Two Mindsets

~ TVYAFYPATWYLYL ~ The View You Adopt For Yourself Profoundly Affects The Way You Lead Your Life

~ BTYQACIS-TFM-CAUTPYOAO-IYHO-ACAOI-ACP-A-ACMC-W-TYBPTYHAHDOT ~ Believing That Your Qualities Are Carved In Stone – The Fixed Mindset – Creates An Urgency To Prove Yourself Over And Over – If You Have Only – A Certain Amount Of Intelligence – A Certain Personality – And – A Certain Moral Character – Well – Then You’d Better Prove That You Have A Healthy Dose Of Them

~ TGMIBOTBTYBQATYCCTYE-APTPIU(AU)-TIITFWCBAW-Y-O-P-T-A-T ~ The Growth Mindset Is Based On The Belief That Your Basic Qualities Are Things You Can Cultivate Through Your Efforts – A Person’s True Potential Is Unknown (And Unknowable) – That It’s Impossible To Foresee What Can Be Accomplished With – Years – Of – Passion – Toil – And – Training

~ ISAL-OPYS? ~ Is Success About Learning – Or Proving You’re Smart?

~ PIAGMDJSC-TTOI ~ People In A Growth Mindset Don’t Just Seek Challenge – They Thrive On It

~ WDPWTFMT-WTASWTG-ITGTC-WTNFSOT-TLI ~ When Do People With The Fixed Mindset Thrive? – When Things Are Safely Within Their Grasp – If Things Get Too Challenging – When They’re Not Feeling Smart Or Talented – They Lose Interest

~ TFMDNAPTLOB-THTAB ~ The Fixed Mindset Does Not Allow People The Luxury Of Becoming – They Have To Already Be

~ MOTMAPOOEWCBETHNF ~ Many Of The Most Accomplished People Of Our Era Were Considered By Experts To Have No Future

~ TPIW-S-BTMBTO-AMVHB-ASP-AEP ~ The Problem Is When – Special – Begins To Mean Better Than Others – A More Valuable Human Being – A Superior Person – An Entitled Person

~ MCTMOF ~ Mindsets Change The Meaning Of Failure

~ S/C/B:NARFS ~ Shirk / Cheat / Blame: Not A Recipe For Success

~ BHTASCBITFM-TMGYNGRFOI-IFMYLCOP-TYAAF-WDYGFT? ~ Beyond How Traumatic A Setback Can Be In The Fixed Mindset – This Mindset Gives You No Good Recipe For Overcoming It – If Failure Means You Lack Competence Or Potential – That You Are A Failure – Where Do You Go From There?

~ YCSBITPOLFYMUYDT ~ You Can Still Be In The Process Of Learning From Your Mistakes Until You Deny Them

~ MCTMOE ~ Mindsets Change The Meaning Of Effort

~ TTIWTFMPHTB-BIWMGMPAAABPOTEFWTD ~ The Top Is Where The Fixed-Mindset People Hunger To Be – But It’s Where Many Growth-Minded People Arrive As A By-Product Of Their Enthusiasm For What They Do

~ TGMITBTACBC-BIDTYHMCIPOHLCWT-AIDMTE-LPOV-CBC ~ The Growth Mindset Is The Belief That Abilities Can Be Cultivated – But It Doesn’t Tell You How Much Change Is Possible Or How Long Change Will Take – And It Doesn’t Mean That Everything – Like Preferences Or Values – Can Be Changed

~ PWTFMHJAMCAPWTGM-BAH-TI-B-TCIMFSSAEECUI ~ People With The Fixed Mindset Have Just As Much Confidence As People With The Growth Mindset – Before Anything Happens – That Is – But – Their Confidence Is More Fragile Since Setbacks And Even Effort Can Undermine It

~ PAABWALOL-B-TFMCUI ~ People Are All Born With A Love Of Learning – But – The Fixed Mindset Can Undo It

~ ITSIYPTYTMY?-NPIIAGMP-HCIUIAABFG?-CTWYI ~ Is There Something In Your Past That You Think Measured You? – Now Put It In A Growth-Mindset Perspective – How Can I Use It As A Basis For Growth? – Carry That With You Instead

ITSYAWTDBWAYWGA?-MAPTDI ~ Is There Something You’ve Always Wanted To Do But Were Afraid You Weren’t Good At? – Make A Plan To Do It

~ TLES ~ The Low-Effort Syndrome

~ TFMLA-IFPMWIT-IMED-AILTILS-WM-IMOPIJIOA ~ The Fixed Mindset Limits Achievement – It Fills People’s Minds With Interfering Thoughts – It Makes Effort Disagreeable – And It Leads To Inferior Learning Strategies – What’s More – It Makes Other People Into Judges Instead Of Allies

~ IAAAG? ~ Is Artistic Ability A Gift?

~ TDOPAPL ~ The Danger Of Praise And Positive Labels

~ TPO ~ Trusting People’s Opinions

~ TCOS ~ Taking Charge Of Success

~ ESIATS ~ Every Sport Is A Team Sport

~ HD-CEO&GE-BS? ~ How Did – CEO And Gargantuan Ego – Become Synonymous?

~ WLFTAIBTO-TMSTBTTNOFOTLPCBI ~ When Leaders Feel They Are Inherently Better Than Others – They May Start To Believe That The Needs Or Feelings Of The Lesser People Can Be Ignored

~ TPGHTW ~ The Praised Generation Hits The Workforce

~ ANERIADR-NAGR-ITWTCA-AITWTEARCHAB ~ A No-Effort Relationship Is A Doomed Relationship – Not A Great Relationship – It Takes Work To Communicate Accurately – And It Takes Work To Expose And Resolve Conflicting Hopes And Beliefs

~ CAPICASOP-TANPFC-TTITAEOL-ABFT ~ Choosing A Partner Is Choosing A Set Of Problems – There Are No Problem-Free Candidates – The Trick Is To Acknowledge Each Other’s Limitations – And Build From There

~ EWAACSAM ~ Every Word And Action Can Send A Message

~ CLTM-CPOTM ~ Children Learn The Messages – Children Pass On The Messages

~ WITMISH:IWJAPY?-OIWHYTAL? ~ What Is The Message I’m Sending Here: I Will Judge And Punish You? – Or I Will Help You Think And Learn?

~ MCBALADM ~ Mindsets Can Be A Life-And-Death Matter


~ C-A-S-O-S-G-A-N-C-O/O/C/S-W-P/B/S-TBOWHBCOBCAO ~ Chaord – Any – Self-Organizing – Self-Governing – Adaptive – Nonlinear – Complex – Organism / Organization / Community / System – Whether – Physical / Biological / Social – The Behaviour Of Which Harmoniously Blends Characteristics Of Both Chaos And Order

~ DTCACIADW-ACIITC ~ Desire To Command And Control Is A Death Wish – Absolute Control Is In The Coffin

~ OFWTT ~ Only Fools Worship Their Tools

YCLMFWPS-BMIRBWTDNS-LACTTSATS ~ You Can Learn Much From What People Say – But More Is Revealed By What They Do Not Say – Listen As Carefully To The Silence As The Sound

~ PDOSOASGAIU ~ People Deprived Of Self-Organization And Self-Governance Are Inherently Ungovernable

~ GTRC-FNMT-D-D-A-TLTT-QOPCDET ~ Given The Right Circumstances – From No More Than – Dreams – Determination – And – The Liberty To Try – Quite Ordinary People Consistently Do Extraordinary Things

~ ACSODACPACIPOIAFMETLTPADO ~ A Clear Sense Of Direction And Compelling Principles About Conduct In Pursuit Of It Are Far More Effective Than Long-Term Plans And Detailed Objectives

~ FIAINTP-M/B/S ~ Fear Is An Internal Narcotic That Paralyses – Mind / Body / Spirit

~ TPOTWFLSIOOOT ~ The Power Of Things We Fear Lies Solely In Our Opinion Of Them

~ L-ITRM-IMOUTCOCI ~ Language – Invented To Reveal Meaning – Is More Often Used To Confound Or Conceal It

~ WTWTSATGTC-ATBP ~ With The Will To Succeed And The Grace To Compromise – All Things Become Possible

~ MMNTBPNTBIP-ICMTBAITM-BICTTHOMTS ~ Money Motivates Neither The Best People Nor The Best In People – It Can Move The Body And Influence The Mind – But It Cannot Touch The Heart Or Move The Spirit

~ PMCTTITOT-ITWY-FTOR-OTNTCAA ~ People Must Come To Things In Their Own Time – In Their Own Way – For Their Own Reasons – Or They Never Truly Come At All

~ MATLTIYRACT-OYIODT-TGFAB ~ Mistakes Are Toothless Little Things If You Recognize And Correct Them – If You Ignore Or Defend Them – They Grow Fangs And Bite

~ TSWTSTGOTFITAIITM ~ The Surest Way To Satisfy The Greed Of The Few Is To Arouse It In The Many


~ TRTC ~ The Right To Connect

~ TRTFSAFOE ~ The Right To Free Speech And Freedom Of Expression

~ TRTPOPAI ~ The Right To Privacy Of Place And Information

~ TRTPO-T-E-A-S ~ The Right To Privacy Of – Thoughts – Emotions – And – Sentiments

~ TRTCOI ~ The Right To Control One’s Image

~ TRTAFT ~ The Right To A Fair Trial

~ TRTAUJ ~ The Right To An Untainted Jury

~ TRTDPOLATRTN ~ The Right To Due Process Of Law And The Right To Notice

~ FOA ~ Freedom Of Association

~ TRTC-NSGMEOTIOCTATSOC ~ The Right To Connect – Nor Shall A Government Monitor Exchanges Over The Internet Or Code Them As To Sources Or Content

~ TRTFSAFOE-ALATS-DN-I-S-I-H-N-DAPI ~ The Right To Free Speech And Freedom Of Expression – As Long As The Speech – Does Not – Incite – Serious – Imminent – Harm – Nor – Defame A Private Individual

~ TRTPOPAI-IO-SNP-A-RA-A-DDT ~ The Right To Privacy Of Place And Information – In One’s – Social Networking Profiles – Accounts – Related Activities – And – Data Derived Therefrom

~ TRTPO-T/E/S ~ The Right To Privacy Of – Thoughts / Emotions / Sentiments

~ TRTCOI-ITICBDA ~ The Right To Control One’s Image – Including The Image Created By Data Aggregation

~ TRTAFT-EFSNMOBCFIIACTITIPCAAWHBI ~ The Right To A Fair Trial – Evidence From Social Networks May Only Be Collected For Introduction In A Criminal Trial If There Is Probable Cause And A Warrant Has Been Issued

~ TAFT-JSDCBOTEPICANIOIAF-SN-SQ-O-OS ~ The Right To An Untainted Jury – Jurors Shall Decide Cases Based On The Evidence Presented In Court And Not Information Or Inferences Acquired From – Social Networks – Search Queries – Or – Other Sources

~ TRTDPOLATRTN-ATAT-C-C-A-D-OOOI-NISBCOAWANACOTI-TNSIAEOTSUAPFTCAAOTI ~ The Right To Due Process Of Law And The Right To Notice – And The Ability To – Control – Correct – And – Delete – One’s Own Online Information – No Information Shall Be Collected Or Analyzed Without Advance Notification And Consent Of The Individual – That Notification Shall Include An Explanation Of The Specific Use And Purpose For The Collection And Analysis Of That Information

~ FFD-BO-NAOP-NSAIBDABOGDARTOCOTI-UTSNAPDEOACOT ~ Freedom From Discrimination – Based On – Network Activities Or Profiles – Nor Shall An Individual Be Discriminated Against Based On Group Data Aggregation Rather Than On Characteristics Of That Particular Individual – Unless The Social Network Activities Provide Direct Evidence Of A Crime Or Tort

~ FOA-PSHFOAOSNATRTKTAP ~ Freedom Of Association – People Shall Have Freedom Of Association On Social Networks And The Right To Keep Their Associations Private


~ L ~ Listen

~ OYH ~ Open Your Heart

~ MEC ~ Make Eye Contact

~ TYHOTDK-A-SD ~ Take Your Hand Off The Door Knob – And – Sit Down

~ BP ~ Be Present

~ OHT ~ Offer Healing Touch

~ IYPTBYP ~ Invite Your Patient To Be Your Partner

~ AJ ~ Avoid Judgment

~ E-B-DD ~ Educate – But – Don’t Dictate

~ CYWWCARO ~ Choose Your Words With Care And Remain Optimistic

~ TYPI ~ Trust Your Patient’s Intuition

~ BROOPWATYP ~ Be Respectful Of Other Practitioners Who Are Treating Your Patient

~ RYPTANA ~ Reassure Your Patents They Are Not Alone

~ ESR-A-LYPRS ~ Encourage Stress Relief – And – Let Your Presence Relive Stress

~ OH-BNMHGTP-SRIAP ~ Offer Hope – Because No Matter How Grim The Prognosis – Spontaneous Remission Is Always Possible


~ TPP ~ The Powerful Placebo

~ DERTP?-WAAS! ~ Does Everyone Respond To Placebos? – We Are All Susceptible!

~ PDJCHYF-TCYB ~ Placebos Don’t Just Change How You Feel – They Change Your Biochemistry

~ TS-BS-SCTPTNE ~ Think Sick – Be Sick – Scientists Call This Phenomenon – The Nocebo Effect

~ WT-PE-DTPO-PT-E-H-A-NC-T-NE-DTPO-NB ~ While The – Placebo Effect – Demonstrates The Power Of – Positive Thinking – Expectation – Hope – And – Nurturing Care – The – Nocebo Effect – Demonstrates The Power Of – Negative Belief

~ SBTNEICPBAOTSSRTPER ~ Scientists Believe The Nocebo Effect Is Caused Primarily By Activation Of The Same Stress Response The Placebo Effect Relieves

~ YANAVOYG ~ You Are Not A Victim Of Your Genes

~ SNBTES-TL-N-TEIWWL-E-TAE-CIRPTDHAEWDNAGEICW ~ Scientists Now Believe That External Signals – Things Like – Nutrition – The Environment In Which We Live – Even – Thoughts And Emotions – Can Influence Regulatory Proteins That Determine How And Even Whether DNA Gets Expressed In Certain Ways

~ TBAPD ~ The Body As A Petri Dish

~ WHITWM ~ What Happened In The Womb Matters

~ EFCAHDNAEI ~ Environmental Factors Can Affect How DNA Expresses Itself

~ AWHOCDCDATROAEITWEAF ~ A Whole Host Of Chronic Diseases Can Develop As The Result Of Adverse Environmental Influences That Were Experienced As Fetuses

~ BMOHY-P-C ~ Be Mindful Of How You – Program – Children

~ TGNITNBAH-WTNEALTPH-CBR ~ The Good News Is That Negative Beliefs About Health – Which Trigger Nocebo Effects And Lead To Poor Health – Can Be Reprogrammed

~ TDAM ~ The Doctor As Medicine

~ PGW-ALIP-BTBITPOMMAETFRWTSDAOHCSTT ~ Patients Get Well – At Least In Part – Because They Believe In The Power Of Modern Medicine And Expect To Feel Relief When They See Doctors And Other Health-Care Specialists They Trust

~ OOTPOTPAMAD-TIJAI ~ Optimism On The Part Of The Physician Also Makes A Difference – Trust Is Just As Important

~ NECOWAPDMPATTTI ~ Nocebo Effects Can Occur When A Patient Distrusts Medical Personnel And The Therapies They Implement

~ WYDBAM ~ What Your Doctor Believes Also Matters

~ IYDDBACTWW-TTMABLE ~ If The Doctor Doesn’t Believe A Certain Treatment Will Work – The Treatment May Actually Be Less Effective

~ TROM ~ The Ritual Of Medicine

~ TAONCCHY ~ The Absence Of Nurturing Care Can Harm You

~ P-HT ~ Physician – Heal Thyself

~ IITOTRR? ~ Is It The Treatment Or The Relaxation Response?

~ RTHOM ~ Reclaiming The Heart Of Medicine

~ INETFSOTBWTIATHOTM ~ It’s Not Enough To Focus Solely On The Body Without Taking Into Account The Health Of The Mind

~ NUWRT-OBAMOO-I-S-P-S-C-F-E-M-A-E-H-WWTH ~ Not Until We Realize That – Our Bodies Are Mirrors Of Our – Interpersonal – Spiritual – Professional – Sexual – Creative – Financial – Environmental – Mental – And – Emotional – Health – Will We Truly Heal

~ TBIAROTSOOLE ~ The Body Is A Reflection Of The Sum Of Our Life Experiences

~ TPOE ~ The Physiology Of Emotion

~ WYBIITMOASR-YBSMASRFCTASH ~ When Your Body Is In The Middle Of A Stress Response – Your Body’s Self-Maintenance And Self-Repair Functions Come To A Screeching Halt

~ LPTB ~ Loneliness Poisons The Body

~ STAHR-I-RR-HS-A-TSOASC-ANJYH-B-YP ~ Social Ties And Healthy Relationships – Including – Romantic Relationships – Healthy Sexuality – And – The Support Of A Spiritual Community – Affect Not Just Your Happiness – But – Your Physiology

~ TEOCOLE-HMWCWOPMPTBAIAEWICTPLE ~ The Effect Of Community On Life Expectancy – How Much We Commune With Other People May Prove To Be As Important As Exercise When It Comes To Predicting Life Expectancy

~ SCAH ~ Spiritual Community And Health

~ TPOL-SIF ~ The Physiology Of Loneliness – Suppressed Immune Function

~ P-WERCBCOH-SPAE ~ People – Who Endure Relationships Characterized By Conflict Or Hostility – Suffer Physically And Emotionally

~ IYSYWPWMYFLIISTBV-YBWMASR ~ If You Surround Yourself With People Who Make You Feel Like It Isn’t Safe To Be Vulnerable – Your Body Will Manifest A Stress Response

~ TPOV ~ The Power Of Vulnerability

~ DBO ~ Death By Overwork

~ WSALTD ~ Work Stress And Life Threatening Disease

~ U-WS&FS-AL ~ Usually – Work Stress And Financial Stress – Are Linked

~ SLWAHAN ~ Studies Linking Wealth And Health Are Numerous

~ TAALLTGAEDOTEFC-AWTDGC-TMMLTS-TALLTHAOWUD ~ The Affluent Are Less Likely To Get Almost Every Disease Out There Except For Cancer – And When They Do Get Cancer – They’re Much More Likely To Survive – They Are Less Likely To Have Accidents Or Wind Up Disabled

~ POLSSMFLTHLCOTLAWMATBN-WATBSR ~ People Of Lower Socioeconomic Status May Feel Like They Have Less Control Over Their Lives And Worry More About Their Basic Needs – Which Activates The Body’s Stress Response

~ WYMNBATCYFSO-YCCHYMRTMW ~ While You May Not Be Able To Change Your Financial Status Overnight – You Can Change How Your Mind Responds To Money Worries

~ HWAHW ~ Happy Workers Are Healthy Workers

~ U-WET-ASE-EC-AF-A-FPIR-HABLTBEH ~ Unsurprisingly – Work Environments That – Avoid Shaming Employees – Encourage Creativity – Allow Flexibility – And – Foster Positive Interoffice Relationships – Have Also Been Linked To Better Employee Health

~ WWSCLKY-DWYLJMSOL ~ While Work Stress Can Literally Kill You – Doing Work You Love Just Might Save Our Life

~ C&H ~ Creativity And Health

~ CECERRTCSR ~ Creative Expression Can Elicit Relaxation Responses That Counterbalance Stress Responses

~ TLBCAHHBWE ~ The Link Between Creativity And Health Has Been Well Established

~ ATAYTBMCIYLBTPOYBAM ~ Anything That Allows You To Be More Creative In Your Life Benefits The Physiology Of Your Body And Mind

~ HIPM ~ Happiness Is Preventive Medicine

~ MSSTHAHAIL ~ Multiple Studies Show That Happiness And Health Are Inextricably Linked

~ HH ~ Hope Heals

~ LHAI ~ Learned Helplessness And Illness

~ IRAH ~ Immune Response And Helplessness

~ CAAATH ~ Control As An Antidote To Helplessness

~ TPOM ~ The Physiology Of Mood

~ OAHCBL-A-YCETPAMHBAAR ~ Optimism And Happiness Can Be Learned – And – You Can Enjoy The Physical And Mental Health Benefits As A Result

~ ROWYDI-ICTMTTIYSTHYBR-WVMOOA ~ Regardless Of When You Do It – It’s Crucial To Make The Time In Your Schedule To Help Your Body Relax – Whether Via Meditation Or Other Activities

~ RCWY ~ Remain Compassionate With Yourself

~ IYETSYECCOARTC-YMPATITRRAAWTCTSIYL ~ If You’re Exposed To Stressors You Either Can’t Change Or Aren’t Ready To Change – You Must Prioritize Activities That Induce The Relaxation Response As A Way To Counterbalance The Stresses In Your Life

~ RSC ~ Radical Self Care

~ YN-RSC-NJIYHH-B-ITROYL ~ You Need – Radical Self-Care – Not Just In Your Health Habits – But – In The Rest Of Your Life

~ MTBRFM ~ Making The Body Ripe For Miracles

~ TWHC ~ The Whole Health Cairn

~ LAC-NJF-L-F-F-A-HCP-B-EFY-APWYEUASHJ ~ Love And Compassion – Not Just From – Loving – Family – Friends – And – Health-Care Providers – But – Especially For Yourself – Are Paramount When You’re Embarking Upon A Self-Healing Journey

~ L-OYH-TF-A-PTWFHIAAOYL ~ Love – Opens Your Heart – Trumps Fear – And – Paves The Way For Healing In All Aspects Of Your Life

~ GIAI ~ Gratitude Is Also Important

~ WG-YMFOOWLIYL-RTWYA-TPCS-IOAD-WOISR ~ Without Gratitude – You May Focus Only On What’s Lacking In Your Life – Rather Than What You Appreciate – This Process Can Spiral – Into Overwhelm And Despair – Which Only Increase Stress Responses

~ ESTOIYH ~ Evidence Shows That Optimism Improves Your Health

~ S-EISW-CBBTMFT-B-M-A-S ~ Service – Even In Small Ways – Can Be Big-Time Medicine For The – Body – Mind – And – Soul

~ APJMTWDTMF-WAPUTBW-E-D-NO-A-O ~ And Pleasure Just Makes The Whole Darn Thing More Fun – While Also Perking Up The Body With – Endorphins – Dopamine – Nitric Oxide – And – Oxytocin

~ AITH ~ An Invitation To Heal


~ P-THOUTOMOTDATST ~ Phonophilia – The Habit Of Using Two Or More Of These Devices At The Same Time

~ P-CTPOBOHD ~ Papyrophobia – Cannot Tolerate Papers Or Books On His[/Her] Desk

~ P-PONUPAB ~ Papyromania – Piles Of Never-Used Papers And Books

~ F-AFTPAACOP-UCWAMFOTLOAD ~ Fileophilia ~ A Mania For The Precise Arrangement And Classification Of Papers – Usually Combined With A Morbid Fear Of The Loss Of Any Document

~ TG-AOWHABD ~ Tabulatory Gigantism – An obsession with having a bigger desk

~ TP-CEODFTO-TSIOOATVHHR ~ Tabulophobia Privata ~ Complete Exclusion Of Desks From The Office – This Symptom Is Observed Only At The Very Highest Hierarchal Ranks

~ SP ~ Self-Pity

~ RC-AAIITCOOAFC ~ Rigor Cartis – An Abnormal Interest In The Construction Of Organization And Flow Charts

~ CA-KTSAOB ~ Compulsive Alternation – Keeping Their Subordinates Always Off Balance

~ TTS-ACITMTDATTSR ~ Teeter-Totter Syndrome – A Complete Inability To Make The Decisions Appropriate To The Sufferer’s Rank

~ CT-AIPASOCBOSPOPAINWRTTPOTW ~ Caesarian Transference – An Irrational Prejudice Against Subordinates Or Colleagues Because Of Some Point Of Physical Appearance In No Way Related To The Performance Of Their Work

~ CI-TJPTKOPGPWB ~ Cachinatory Inertia – The Habit Of Telling Jokes Instead Of Getting On With Business

~ S-AOCWB-T-P-C-M-A-R-A-AIUWTWTIGO-OISTBGO-IT ~ Structurophilia – An Obsessive Concern With Buildings – Their – Planning – Construction – Maintenance – And – Reconstruction – And – An Increasing Unconcern With The Work That Is Going On – Or Is Supposed To Be Going On – Inside Them

~ T&OH ~ Ticks And Odd Habits

~ I&DC-AOFSILANRTIW ~ Initial And Digital Codophilia – An Obsession For Speaking In Letters And Numbers Rather Than In Words

~ MW-FT-WPAFWCETTSTPA ~ Many Words – Few Thoughts – With Perhaps A Few Words Changed Each Time To Suit The Particular Audience


~ WTAGW ~ Why Things Always Go Wrong

~ OIIE ~ Occupational Incompetence Is Everywhere

~ IAHEETTRTHLOI ~ In A Hierarchy Every Employee Tends To Rise To His/Her Level Of Incompetence

~ AFETTAGIWH ~ A Few Eccentrics Try To Avoid Getting Involved With Hierarchies

~ TFPIFALOCTALOI ~ The Final Promotion Is From A Level Of Competence To A Level Of Incompetence

~ IT-EPTTBOBAEWIITCOID ~ In Time – Every Post Tends To Be Occupied By An Employee Who Is Incompetent To Carry Out Its Duties

~ TCRUIS ~ The Cream Rises Until It Sours

~ EKNL ~ Envy Knows No Logic

~ C-S-A-C-S-ACBTSAORAIP ~ Capitalistic – Socialistic – And – Communistic – Systems – Are Characterized By The Same Accumulation Of Redundant And Incompetent Personnel

~ GLIS ~ Generalized Life-Incompetence Syndrome

~ CI ~ Compulsive Incompetence

~ SCIR-BNCU ~ Summit Competence Is Rare – But Not Completely Unknown

~ IMCOI-TATBADWTBP ~ In Most Cases Of Incompetence – There Appears To Be A Definite Wish To Be Productive

~ TMOI:I+I=I ~ The Mathematics Of Incompetence: Incompetence Plus Incompetence Equals Incompetence

~ TPOS ~ The Pathology Of Success

~ FPS ~ Final Placement Syndrome

~ AWTTSIW ~ A Word To The Sufficient Is Wise

~ OMDTWBSA ~ Our Most Difficult Task Will Be Self-Analysis

~ H:HT! ~ Hierarchiologist: Heal Thyself!

~ 0PQ – Zero Promotion Quotient

~ AOOIIWAPOP ~ An Ounce Of Image Is Worth A Pound Of Performance

~ CI ~ Creative Incompetence

~ CACTSOI ~ Competence Always Contains The Seed Of Incompetence

~ CI ~ Computerized Incompetence

~ TC-LAHE-ISTTPP-IIDGWAF-TIASTTPITMRT-UIRILOI ~ The Computer – Like A Human Employee – Is Subject To The Peter Principle – If It Does Good Work At First – There Is A Strong Tendency To Promote It To More Responsible Tasks – Until It Reaches Its Level Of Incompetence

~ OL-I-P-S-E-I-A-TM-HITWGAFAWCAAFAWCIOBBFTGIWPGO ~ Our Leaders – In – Politics – Science – Education – Industry – And – The Military – Have Insisted That We Go As Fast As We Can And As Far As We Can Inspired Only By Blind Faith That Great Input Will Produce Great Output


~ BAIIAAOD ~ Becoming An Individual In An Age Of Distraction

~ AEOAFOT ~ An Ethics Of Attention For Our Time

~ TAC ~ The Attentional Commons

~ TBOSAOTB-TANMDBAEI-YTAOSSCTCAI ~ The Benefits Of Silence Are Off The Books – They Are Not Measured Directly By Any Econometric Instrument – Yet The Availability Of Silence Surely Contributes To Creativity And Innovation

~ OCAGDOSITCOBE ~ One Consumes A Great Deal Of Silence In The Course Of Becoming Educated

~ ICAAWWNLTRFU-TETWBTM ~ If Clean Air And Water Were No Longer The Rule For Us – The Economic Toll Would Be Truly Massive

~ ARR-AAWWBUBSIWTMTUFO ~ Absent Robust Regulations – Air And Water Will Be Used By Some In Ways That Make Them Unusable For Others

~ ARNTBA ~ A Right Not To Be Addressed

~ ETWARCBASOP-IOQRFOWAG-ILOWMRARAPC-ALSOTGOU ~ Encountering The World As Real Can Be A Source Of Pleasure – Indeed Of Quasi-Religious Feelings Of Wonder And Gratitude – In Light Of Which Manufactured Realities Are Revealed As Pale Counterfeits – And Lose Some Of Their Grip On Us

~ WANSMROACWROBACHFMID ~ We Are Not So Much Rational Optimizers As Creatures Who Rely On Biases And Crude Heuristics For Making Important Decisions

~ CJ ~ Cultural Jigs

~ ‘TWIIOBM’ ~ “The World Is It’s Own Best Model”

~ VRAMI ~ Virtual Reality As Moral Ideal

~ TDOTCFEAODIIWTLUFIPAD ~ The Design Of Things Can Facilitate Embodied Agency Or Diminish It In Ways That Lead Us Further Into Passivity And Dependence

~ HSSITGWSTBAISV ~ Having Some Skin In The Game Would Seem To Be An Important Safety Variable

~ ‘CA’ ~ “Choice Architectures”

~ ITDPOC-TABDTFD-TTPOIAKOA ~ In The Darker Precincts Of Capitalism Things Are Being Designed To Foster Disengagement To The Point Of Inducing A Kind Of Autism

~ ETAZOAPAHUA ~ Escaping To A Zone Of Autistic Pseudo-Action Has Understandable Appeal

~ TDFMEIMBAGEO-‘AC’-AIHBC ~ The Demand For Manufactured Experiences Is Met By A Growing Economy Of – “Affective Capitalism” As It Has Been Called

~ OESATIARRFT-MTVRTWHOAGOPWFTLUTTAI-ADTP ~ Our Economic System Assumes That Individuals Are Radically Responsible For Themselves – Maintaining This View Requires That We Hive Off Any Group Of People Who Fail To Live Up To The Autonomous Ideal – And Designate Them Pathological

~ PTTOSOHINDT-‘UHCV’-BIRCTPACPOCNTP ~ Perhaps The Time One Spends On Hold Is Not Due To – “Unusually Heavy Call Volume” – But Is Rather Calibrated To Persuade A Certain Percentage Of Callers Not To Persist

~ TIOCIK-TITSOTLOAA-AOTRORATA-WDTAIAOCH?-IWBIASTWAUAR ~ The Issue Of Consent Is Key – This Is The Source Of The Legitimacy Of All Authority – And Of The Rights One Retains Against That Authority – When Does This All-Important Act Of Consent Happen? – I Was Born Into A Society That Was Already Up And Running

~ TAR ~ Truth As Representation

~ EP ~ Embodied Perception

~ ETS ~ Empowerment Through Submission

~ MIACIAPTC ~ Membership In A Community Is A Prerequisite To Creativity

~ TLBEITSTA ~ To Learn By Example Is To Submit To Authority

~ CRAUIBTR ~ Cultural Revolutions Aren’t Imposed Only By Totalitarian Regimes

~ TSOOTOIASNBTFG ~ The Survival Of Our Traditions Of Intellectual Apprenticeship Should Not Be Taken For Granted

~ OCCATOAB-WDFI-NAAPOOTW-BAOWAII ~ Our Cognitive Capacities Are Those Of A Being – Who Develops From Infancy – Not As A Pure Observer Of The World – But As One Who Acts In It

~ TCPAE-WASABB-NDCOR ~ The Critical Point Against Empiricism – We Are Social And Biographical Beings – Not Digital Cameras Or Recorders

~ JA ~ Joint Attention

~ TFTWLTIASW-ADTT-IFTTKOBWA ~ The Fact That We Live Together In A Shared World – And Do Things Together – Is Fundamental To The Kind Of Beings We Are

~ AI ~ Achieving Individuality

~ TPOTD ~ The Problem Of The Dissident

~ TVABTMAAUPFHE ~ The Values Assigned By The Marketplace Are An Unreliable Proxy For Human Excellence

~ TCOP ~ The Culture Of Performance

~ MATDSC-OFIMP-WITPRFACOIIWC ~ Mobility And The Democratic Social Condition – Our Faith In Mobility Persists – Without It The Public Rationale For A Culture Of Individual Initiative Would Collapse

~ CCAAHPC-BTAWBSLTH ~ Civilization Comes At A High Personal Cost – But The Alternative Would Be Something Less Than Human

~ TEOA ~ The Erotics Of Attention

~ TATDOAAWWIABCFLW ~ The Ability To Direct Our Attention As We Will Is A Basic Condition For Living Well

~ TRTWABSCITIMIHTCWL ~ The Reason To Worry About Being Self-Centered Is That It Makes It Hard To Cope With Life

~ AVR ~ Acting Versus Ruminating

~ TE ~ The Everyone

~ BJBPHAWOBLFATATHIBMF-ABSN ~ But Jokes By Philosophers Have A Way Of Becoming Less Funny As The Absurdities They Have Identified Blossom More Fully – And Become Social Norms

~ TSS ~ The Statistical Self

~ WANCTJEFO ~ We Are Not Competent To Judge Everything For Ourselves

~ TEONBTNP-SOSWTOOSC-TNOS ~ The Expert Of Normalcy Becomes The New Priest – Salving Our Souls With The Offer Of Statistical Communion – The Numbers Offer Solace

~ TSS ~ The Stackable Self

~ RTR ~ Reclaiming The Real

~ WWANS-WCTSTWD ~ When We Acquire New Skills – We Come To See The World Differently

~ AFTWAII ~ Affection For The World As It Is

~ DWF ~ Democracy Without Flattening

~ OBTLUOTJTWBOH ~ Only Beautiful Things Led Us Out To Join The World Beyond Our Heads