~ B ~ Background

~ NSIWBF(BAFF) ~ Numbers Seem Inconsistent With Benchmark Figures (Basic And Familiar Facts)

~ SEAUTIASCP ~ Severe Examples Are Used To Illustrate A Supposedly Common Problem

~ B ~ Blunders

~ NTSTHOTLMBCBAMDP ~ Numbers That Seem Too High Or Too Low May Be Caused By A Misplaced Decimal Point

~ BTCSISBIL ~ Botched Translations Convert Statistics Into Simpler But Incorrect Language

~ MGDTRVIOD ~ Misleading Graphs Distort The Reader’s Visual Impression Of Data

~ EISOCATFF ~ Errors In Strings Of Calculations Affect The Final Figures

~ S ~ Sources

~ BRNMBASOG ~ Big Round Numbers May Be A Sign Of Guessing

~ H-‘TB’O’TW’-MRE ~ Hyperbole – “The Biggest” Or “the Worst” – May Reveal Exaggeration

~ CTSUSMIBU ~ Claims That Seem Unbelievably Shocking May Indeed By Unbelievable

~ APIGADNCTAC ~ A Problem Is Given A Disturbing Name, Calculated To Arouse Concern

~ D ~ Definitions

~ BDLTBN ~ Broad Definitions Lead To Big Numbers

~ EAPDMTPSL ~ Expanding A Problem’s Definition Makes The Problem Seem Larger

~ CAPDDMOC ~ Changing A Problem’s Definition Distorts Measures Of Change

~ APDMELDC ~ A Problem’s Definition May Exclude Less Disturbing Cases

~ M ~ Measurements

~ NSITQ-HWTMC? ~ New Statistics Invite The Question – How Was This Measure Created?

~ UUOACLTQC ~ Unusual Units Of Analysis Can Lead To Questionable Conclusions

~ SMULQTEPR ~ Surveys May Use Loaded Questions That Encourage Particular Responses

~ CIMMATRS ~ Changes In Measurements May Affect The Resulting Statistics

~ CMOMMPDR ~ Competing Methods Of Measurement May Produce Different Results

~ P ~ Packaging

~ GMBBOABOMS ~ Generalizations May Be Based On A Biased Or Misleading Sample

~ TFACTEAPT ~ Time Frames Are Chosen To Emphasize A Particular Trend

~ AOBIUTCP ~ An Odd Base Is Used To Calculate Percentages

~ TNIASC(LATCMLTBA) ~ The Number Involves A Selective Comparison (Looking Only At Those Cases Most Likely To Be Affected)

~ ACRTSSMHBP ~ A Claim Reports That Some Statistical Milestone Has Been Passed

~ TW’A’MRTET’M’OT’M’ ~ The Word “Average” May Refer To Either The “Mean” Or The “Median”

~ AEMBCBPRCATB ~ Apparent Epidemics May Be Caused By Problems Receiving Closer Attention Than Before

~ CIIAPOC ~ Correlation Is Implied As Proof Of Causation

~ DDMPI ~ Dramatic Discoveries May Prove Incorrect

~ D ~ Debates

~ REIDCOTP ~ Rival Explanations Identify Different Causes Of The Problem

~ OSDATNOE ~ Opposing Sides Disagree About The Nature Of Equality

~ ADPC ~ Advocates Debate Policy Choices


~ TPTOACR-DPOLW-SSOC ~ The Primary Tool Of A Creative Recovery – Daily Pages Of Longhand Writing – Strictly Stream Of Consciousness

YWDYTV-P&M-AUTATWLYTALTITYO ~ You Will Discover Your True Values – Personal And Monetary – And Uncover The Actions That Will Lead You To A Life That Is Truly Your Own

~ TATBDFTITM-ATATBSTNO-TAP-TAP-TAI ~ They Are To Be Done First Thing In The Morning – And They Are To Be Shown To No One – They Are Private – They Are Personal – They Are Important

~ JKW ~ Just Keep Writing – There Is No Wrong Way To Do Morning Pages

~ ADAAT-APAAT ~ A Day At A Time – A Page At A Time

~ WEOL-STMOEOTAMAWOPVS ~ We Explore Our Lives – Seeking To Make Our Expenditures Of Time And Money Align With Our Personal Value System

~ ASPT-V-C-M-W ~ A Safe Place To – Vent – Celebrate – Mourn – Wish

~ AAFDIMTSGUT ~ Although At First Doing It May Take Some Getting Used To

~ GUHAHE-COAUWBTDB ~ Getting Up Half An Hour Earlier – Carving Out An Uninterrupted Window Before The Day Begins

~ MPQBASOPA ~ Morning Pages Quickly Become A Sort Of Positive Addiction

~ TBTOP-KAL-ASNWD-O-MI&MO ~ The Bedrock Tool Of Prosperity – Keep A Ledger – A Small Notebook Will Do – Of – Money In And Money Out

~ NAOMITSOTLTBC ~ No Amount Of Money Is Too Small Or Too Large To Be Counted

~ MOOEPI-YWBJATHT ~ Many Of Our Elders Practiced It – You Will Be Joining A Time-Honored Tradition

~ CTYWYASATLOYTV-OWAN ~ Counting Tells You Whether You Are Spending Along The Lines Of Your True Values – Often We Are Not

~ O-OEAARTU ~ Often – Our Expenditures Are A Revelation To Us

~ WMFOLFAL-AWTSW-‘R’-S ~ We May Find Ourselves Looking For A Loophole – A Way To Spend Without – “Really” – Spending

~ SD ~ Stop Debting

~ BPA-OLILABWAL ~ Before Practicing Abstinence – Our Life Is Like A Boat With A Leak

~ IHTFPWWAD ~ It’s Hard To Feel Prosperous When We Are Debting

~ WALTAW-FAMOTM ~ Walk At Least Twice A Week – For A Minimum Of Twenty Minutes

~ YWDWYWTMEFIAHP ~ You Will Discover When You Walk That Many Events Fall Into A Healthier Perspective

~ YMWOWAPAWBIWAS You May Walk Out With A Problem And Walk Back In With A Solution

~ WIAOTIYITP ~ Walking Is An Opportunity To Immerse Yourself In The Present

~ WIAOTETBOTW ~ Walking Is An Opportunity To Enjoy The Beauty Of The World

~ OITMAOAN-TFMTSQ-YMUTTTCCYB-YMUTTTSR ~ Once In The Morning And Once At Night – Take Five Minutes To Sit Quietly – You May Use This Time To Consciously Count Your Blessings – You May Use This Time To Simply Rest

~ IOCTUIOTOTPTBEAG ~ Ideas Often Come To Us In Our Time-Outs That Prove To Be Efficient And Guided

~ ACF-SA&SA ~ A Chance For – Self-Appraisal And Self-Approval

~ Y-YMYTTTP ~ Yes – You May Use This Time To Pray

~ TPITSWYADATAMTLTYT ~ The Point Is To Stop What You Are Doing And Take A Moment To Listen To Yourself Think


~ TTMS ~ The Two Mindsets

~ TVYAFYPATWYLYL ~ The View You Adopt For Yourself Profoundly Affects The Way You Lead Your Life

~ BTYQACIS-TFM-CAUTPYOAO-IYHOACAOIACPAACMC-WTYBPTYHAHDOT ~ Believing That Your Qualities Are Carved In Stone – The Fixed Mindset – Creates An Urgency To Prove Yourself Over And Over – If You Have Only A Certain Amount Of Intelligence, A Certain Personality, And A Certain Moral Character – Well, Then You’d Better Prove That You Have A Healthy Dose Of Them

~ TGMIBOTBTYBQATYCCTYE-APTPIU(AU)-TIITFWCBAWYOPTAT ~ The Growth Mindset Is Based On The Belief That Your Basic Qualities Are Things You Can Cultivate Through Your Efforts – A Person’s True Potential Is Unknown (And Unknowable) – That It’s Impossible To Foresee What Can Be Accomplished With Years Of Passion, Toil, And Training

~ ISAL-OPYS? ~ Is Success About Learning – Or Proving You’re Smart?

~ PIAGMDJSC-TTOI ~ People In A Growth Mindset Don’t Just Seek Challenge – They Thrive On It

~ WDPWTFMT-WTASWTG-ITGTC-WTNFSOT-TLI ~ When Do People With The Fixed Mindset Thrive? – When Things Are Safely Within Their Grasp – If Things Get Too Challenging – When They’re Not Feeling Smart Or Talented – They Lose Interest

~ TFMDNAPTLOB-THTAB ~ The Fixed Mindset Does Not Allow People The Luxury Of Becoming – They Have To Already Be

~ MOTMAPOOEWCBETHNF ~ Many Of The Most Accomplished People Of Our Era Were Considered By Experts To Have No Future

~ TPIW-S-BTMBTO-AMVHB-ASP-AEP ~ The Problem Is When – Special – Begins To Mean Better Than Others – A More Valuable Human Being – A Superior Person – An Entitled Person

~ MCTMOF ~ Mindsets Change The Meaning Of Failure

~ SCB:NARFS ~ Shirk, Cheat, Blame: Not A Recipe For Success

~ BHTASCBITFM-TMGYNGRFOI-IFMYLCOP-TYAAF-WDYGFT? ~ Beyond How Traumatic A Setback Can Be In The Fixed Mindset – This Mindset Gives You No Good Recipe For Overcoming It – If Failure Means You Lack Competence Or Potential – That You Are A Failure – Where Do You Go From There?

~ YCSBITPOLFYMUYDT ~ You Can Still Be In The Process Of Learning From Your Mistakes Until You Deny Them

~ MCTMOE ~ Mindsets Change The Meaning Of Effort

~ TTIWTFMPHTB-BIWMGMPAAABPOTEFWTD ~ The Top Is Where The Fixed-Mindset People Hunger To Be – But It’s Where Many Growth-Minded People Arrive As A By-Product Of Their Enthusiasm For What They Do

~ TGMITBTACBC-BIDTYHMCIPOHLCWT-AIDMTE-LPOV-CBC ~ The Growth Mindset Is The Belief That Abilities Can Be Cultivated – But It Doesn’t Tell You How Much Change Is Possible Or How Long Change Will Take – And It Doesn’t Mean That Everything – Like Preferences Or Values – Can Be Changed

~ PWTFMHJAMCAPWTGM-BAHTI-B-TCIMFSSAEECUI ~ People With The Fixed Mindset Have Just As Much Confidence As People With The Growth Mindset – Before Anything Happens, That Is – But – Their Confidence Is More Fragile Since Setbacks And Even Effort Can Undermine It

~ PAABWALOL-BTFMCUI ~ People Are All Born With A Love Of Learning – But The Fixed Mindset Can Undo It

~ ITSIYPTYTMY?-NPIIAGMP-HCIUIAABFG?-CTWYI ~ Is There Something In Your Past That You Think Measured You? – Now Put It In A Growth-Mindset Perspective – How Can I Use It As A Basis For Growth? – Carry That With You Instead

ITSYAWTDBWAYWGA?-MAPTDI ~ Is There Something You’ve Always Wanted To Do But Were Afraid You Weren’t Good At? – Make A Plan To Do It

~ TLES ~ The Low-Effort Syndrome

~ TFMLA-IFPMWIT-IMED-AILTILS-WMIMOPIJIOA ~ The Fixed Mindset Limits Achievement – It Fills People’s Minds With Interfering Thoughts – It Makes Effort Disagreeable – And It Leads To Inferior Learning Strategies – What’s More, It Makes Other People Into Judges Instead Of Allies

~ IAAAG? ~ Is Artistic Ability A Gift?

~ TDOPAPL ~ The Danger Of Praise And Positive Labels

~ TPO ~ Trusting People’s Opinions

~ TCOS ~ Taking Charge Of Success

~ ESIATS ~ Every Sport Is A Team Sport

~ HD-CEO&GE-BS? ~ How Did – CEO And Gargantuan Ego – Become Synonymous?

~ WLFTAIBTO-TMSTBTTNOFOTLPCBI ~ When Leaders Feel They Are Inherently Better Than Others – They May Start To Believe That The Needs Or Feelings Of The Lesser People Can Be Ignored

~ TPGHTW ~ The Praised Generation Hits The Workforce

~ ANERIADR-NAGR-ITWTCA-AITWTEARCHAB ~ A No-Effort Relationship Is A Doomed Relationship – Not A Great Relationship – It Takes Work To Communicate Accurately – And It Takes Work To Expose And Resolve Conflicting Hopes And Beliefs

~ CAPICASOP-TANPFC-TTITAEOL-ABFT ~ Choosing A Partner Is Choosing A Set Of Problems – There Are No Problem-Free Candidates – The Trick Is To Acknowledge Each Other’s Limitations – And Build From There

~ EWAACSAM ~ Every Word And Action Can Send A Message

~ CLTM-CPOTM ~ Children Learn The Messages – Children Pass On The Messages

~ WITMISH:IWJAPY?-OIWHYTAL? ~ What Is The Message I’m Sending Here: I Will Judge And Punish You? – Or I Will Help You Think And Learn?

~ MCBALADM ~ Mindsets Can Be A Life-And-Death Matter


~ C-ASOSGANCOOCOS-WPBOS-TBOWHBCOBCAO ~ Chaord – Any Self-Organizing, Self-Governing, Adaptive, Nonlinear, Complex Organism, Organization, Community Or System – Whether Physical, Biological Or Social – The Behaviour Of Which Harmoniously Blends Characteristics Of Both Chaos And Order

~ DTCACIADW-ACIITC ~ Desire To Command And Control Is A Death Wish – Absolute Control Is In The Coffin

~ OFWTT ~ Only Fools Worship Their Tools

YCLMFWPS-BMIRBWTDNS-LACTTSATS ~ You Can Learn Much From What People Say – But More Is Revealed By What They Do Not Say – Listen As Carefully To The Silence As The Sound

~ PDOSOASGAIU ~ People Deprived Of Self-Organization And Self-Governance Are Inherently Ungovernable

~ GTRC-FNMTDDATLTT-QOPCDET ~ Given The Right Circumstances – From No More Than Dreams, Determination, And The Liberty To Try – Quite Ordinary People Consistently Do Extraordinary Things

~ ACSODACPACIPOIAFMETLTPADO ~ A Clear Sense Of Direction And Compelling Principles About Conduct In Pursuit Of It Are Far More Effective Than Long-Term Plans And Detailed Objectives

~ FIAINTPMBAS ~ Fear Is An Internal Narcotic That Paralyses Mind, Body, And Spirit

~ TPOTWFLSIOOOT ~ The Power Of Things We Fear Lies Solely In Our Opinion Of Them

~ L-ITRM-IMOUTCOCI ~ Language – Invented To Reveal Meaning – Is More Often Used To Confound Or Conceal It

~ WTWTSATGTC-ATBP ~ With The Will To Succeed And The Grace To Compromise – All Things Become Possible

~ MMNTBPNTBIP-ICMTBAITM-BICTTHOMTS ~ Money Motivates Neither The Best People Nor The Best In People – It Can Move The Body And Influence The Mind – But It Cannot Touch The Heart Or Move The Spirit

~ PMCTTITOT-ITWY-FTOR-OTNTCAA ~ People Must Come To Things In Their Own Time – In Their Own Way – For Their Own Reasons – Or They Never Truly Come At All

~ MATLTIYRACT-OYIODTTGFAB ~ Mistakes Are Toothless Little Things If You Recognize And Correct Them – If You Ignore Or Defend Them, They Grow Fangs And Bite

~ TSWTSTGOTFITAIITM ~ The Surest Way To Satisfy The Greed Of The Few Is To Arouse It In The Many


~ TRTC ~ The Right To Connect

~ TRTFSAFOE ~ The Right To Free Speech And Freedom Of Expression

~ TRTPOPAI ~ The Right To Privacy Of Place And Information

~ TRTPOTEAS ~ The Right To Privacy Of Thoughts, Emotions And Sentiments

~ TRTCOI ~ The Right To Control One’s Image

~ TRTAFT ~ The Right To A Fair Trial

~ TRTAUJ ~ The Right To An Untainted Jury

~ TRTDPOLATRTN ~ The Right To Due Process Of Law And The Right To Notice

~ FOA ~ Freedom Of Association

~ TRTC-NSGMEOTIOCTATSOC ~ The Right To Connect – Nor Shall A Government Monitor Exchanges Over The Internet Or Code Them As To Sources Or Content

~ TRTFSAFOE-ALATSDNISIHNDAPI ~ The Right To Free Speech And Freedom Of Expression – As Long As The Speech Does Not Incite Serious, Imminent Harm Nor Defame A Private Individual

~ TRTPOPAI-IOSNPARAADDT ~ The Right To Privacy Of Place And Information – In One’s Social Networking Profiles, Accounts, Related Activities, And Data Derived Therefrom

~ TRTPOTEAS ~ The Right To Privacy Of Thoughts, Emotions And Sentiments

~ TRTCOI-ITICBDA ~ The Right To Control One’s Image – Including The Image Created By Data Aggregation

~ TRTAFT-EFSNMOBCFIIACTITIPCAAWHBI ~ The Right To A Fair Trial – Evidence From Social Networks May Only Be Collected For Introduction In A Criminal Trial If There Is Probable Cause And A Warrant Has Been Issued

~ TAFT-JSDCBOTEPICANIOIAFSNSQOOS ~ The Right To An Untainted Jury – Jurors Shall Decide Cases Based On The Evidence Presented In Court And Not Information Or Inferences Acquired From Social Networks, Search Queries, Or Other Sources

~ TRTDPOLATRTN-ATATCCADOOOI-NISBCOAWANACOTI-TNSIAEOTSUAPFTCAAOTI ~ The Right To Due Process Of Law And The Right To Notice – And The Ability To Control, Correct, And Delete One’s Own Online Information – No Information Shall Be Collected Or Analyzed Without Advance Notification And Consent Of The Individual – That Notification Shall Include An Explanation Of The Specific Use And Purpose For The Collection And Analysis Of That Information

~ FFD-BO-NAOP-NSAIBDABOGDARTOCOTI-UTSNAPDEOACOT ~ Freedom From Discrimination – Based On – Network Activities Or Profiles – Nor Shall An Individual Be Discriminated Against Based On Group Data Aggregation Rather Than On Characteristics Of That Particular Individual – Unless The Social Network Activities Provide Direct Evidence Of A Crime Or Tort

~ FOA-PSHFOAOSNATRTKTAP ~ Freedom Of Association – People Shall Have Freedom Of Association On Social Networks And The Right To Keep Their Associations Private


~ L ~ Listen

~ OYH ~ Open Your Heart

~ MEC ~ Make Eye Contact

~ TYHOTDK-A-SD ~ Take Your Hand Off The Door Knob – And – Sit Down

~ BP ~ Be Present

~ OHT ~ Offer Healing Touch

~ IYPTBYP ~ Invite Your Patient To Be Your Partner

~ AJ ~ Avoid Judgment

~ E-B-DD ~ Educate – But – Don’t Dictate

~ CYWWCARO ~ Choose Your Words With Care And Remain Optimistic

~ TYPI ~ Trust Your Patient’s Intuition

~ BROOPWATYP ~ Be Respectful Of Other Practitioners Who Are Treating Your Patient

~ RYPTANA ~ Reassure Your Patents They Are Not Alone

~ ESR-A-LYPRS ~ Encourage Stress Relief – And – Let Your Presence Relive Stress

~ OH-BNMHGTP-SRIAP ~ Offer Hope – Because No Matter How Grim The Prognosis – Spontaneous Remission Is Always Possible


~ TPP ~ The Powerful Placebo

~ DERTP?-WAAS! ~ Does Everyone Respond To Placebos? – We Are All Susceptible!

~ PDJCHYF-TCYB ~ Placebos Don’t Just Change How You Feel – They Change Your Biochemistry

~ TS-BS-SCTPTNE ~ Think Sick – Be Sick – Scientists Call This Phenomenon – The Nocebo Effect

~ WT-PE-DTPO-PT-E-H-A-NC-T-NE-DTPO-NB ~ While The – Placebo Effect – Demonstrates The Power Of – Positive Thinking – Expectation – Hope – And – Nurturing Care – The – Nocebo Effect – Demonstrates The Power Of – Negative Belief

~ SBTNEICPBAOTSSRTPER ~ Scientists Believe The Nocebo Effect Is Caused Primarily By Activation Of The Same Stress Response The Placebo Effect Relieves

~ YANAVOYG ~ You Are Not A Victim Of Your Genes

~ SNBTES-TL-N-TEIWWL-E-TAE-CIRPTDHAEWDNAGEICW ~ Scientists Now Believe That External Signals – Things Like – Nutrition – The Environment In Which We Live – Even – Thoughts And Emotions – Can Influence Regulatory Proteins That Determine How And Even Whether DNA Gets Expressed In Certain Ways

~ TBAPD ~ The Body As A Petri Dish

~ WHITWM ~ What Happened In The Womb Matters

~ EFCAHDNAEI ~ Environmental Factors Can Affect How DNA Expresses Itself

~ AWHOCDCDATROAEITWEAF ~ A Whole Host Of Chronic Diseases Can Develop As The Result Of Adverse Environmental Influences That Were Experienced As Fetuses

~ BMOHY-P-C ~ Be Mindful Of How You – Program – Children

~ TGNITNBAH-WTNEALTPH-CBR ~ The Good News Is That Negative Beliefs About Health – Which Trigger Nocebo Effects And Lead To Poor Health – Can Be Reprogrammed

~ TDAM ~ The Doctor As Medicine

~ PGW-ALIP-BTBITPOMMAETFRWTSDAOHCSTT ~ Patients Get Well – At Least In Part – Because They Believe In The Power Of Modern Medicine And Expect To Feel Relief When They See Doctors And Other Health-Care Specialists They Trust

~ OOTPOTPAMAD-TIJAI ~ Optimism On The Part Of The Physician Also Makes A Difference – Trust Is Just As Important

~ NECOWAPDMPATTTI ~ Nocebo Effects Can Occur When A Patient Distrusts Medical Personnel And The Therapies They Implement

~ WYDBAM ~ What Your Doctor Believes Also Matters

~ IYDDBACTWW-TTMABLE ~ If The Doctor Doesn’t Believe A Certain Treatment Will Work – The Treatment May Actually Be Less Effective

~ TROM ~ The Ritual Of Medicine

~ TAONCCHY ~ The Absence Of Nurturing Care Can Harm You

~ P-HT ~ Physician – Heal Thyself

~ IITOTRR? ~ Is It The Treatment Or The Relaxation Response?

~ RTHOM ~ Reclaiming The Heart Of Medicine

~ INETFSOTBWTIATHOTM ~ It’s Not Enough To Focus Solely On The Body Without Taking Into Account The Health Of The Mind

~ NUWRT-OBAMOO-I-S-P-S-C-F-E-M-A-E-H-WWTH ~ Not Until We Realize That – Our Bodies Are Mirrors Of Our – Interpersonal – Spiritual – Professional – Sexual – Creative – Financial – Environmental – Mental – And – Emotional – Health – Will We Truly Heal

~ TBIAROTSOOLE ~ The Body Is A Reflection Of The Sum Of Our Life Experiences

~ TPOE ~ The Physiology Of Emotion

~ WYBIITMOASR-YBSMASRFCTASH ~ When Your Body Is In The Middle Of A Stress Response – Your Body’s Self-Maintenance And Self-Repair Functions Come To A Screeching Halt

~ LPTB ~ Loneliness Poisons The Body

~ STAHR-I-RR-HS-A-TSOASC-ANJYH-B-YP ~ Social Ties And Healthy Relationships – Including – Romantic Relationships – Healthy Sexuality – And – The Support Of A Spiritual Community – Affect Not Just Your Happiness – But – Your Physiology

~ TEOCOLE-HMWCWOPMPTBAIAEWICTPLE ~ The Effect Of Community On Life Expectancy – How Much We Commune With Other People May Prove To Be As Important As Exercise When It Comes To Predicting Life Expectancy

~ SCAH ~ Spiritual Community And Health

~ TPOL-SIF ~ The Physiology Of Loneliness – Suppressed Immune Function

~ P-WERCBCOH-SPAE ~ People – Who Endure Relationships Characterized By Conflict Or Hostility – Suffer Physically And Emotionally

~ IYSYWPWMYFLIISTBV-YBWMASR ~ If You Surround Yourself With People Who Make You Feel Like It Isn’t Safe To Be Vulnerable – Your Body Will Manifest A Stress Response

~ TPOV ~ The Power Of Vulnerability

~ DBO ~ Death By Overwork

~ WSALTD ~ Work Stress And Life Threatening Disease

~ U-WS&FS-AL ~ Usually – Work Stress And Financial Stress – Are Linked

~ SLWAHAN ~ Studies Linking Wealth And Health Are Numerous

~ TAALLTGAEDOTEFC-AWTDGC-TMMLTS-TALLTHAOWUD ~ The Affluent Are Less Likely To Get Almost Every Disease Out There Except For Cancer – And When They Do Get Cancer – They’re Much More Likely To Survive – They Are Less Likely To Have Accidents Or Wind Up Disabled

~ POLSSMFLTHLCOTLAWMATBN-WATBSR ~ People Of Lower Socioeconomic Status May Feel Like They Have Less Control Over Their Lives And Worry More About Their Basic Needs – Which Activates The Body’s Stress Response

~ WYMNBATCYFSO-YCCHYMRTMW ~ While You May Not Be Able To Change Your Financial Status Overnight – You Can Change How Your Mind Responds To Money Worries

~ HWAHW ~ Happy Workers Are Healthy Workers

~ U-WET-ASE-EC-AF-A-FPIR-HABLTBEH ~ Unsurprisingly – Work Environments That – Avoid Shaming Employees – Encourage Creativity – Allow Flexibility – And – Foster Positive Interoffice Relationships – Have Also Been Linked To Better Employee Health

~ WWSCLKY-DWYLJMSOL ~ While Work Stress Can Literally Kill You – Doing Work You Love Just Might Save Our Life

~ C&H ~ Creativity And Health

~ CECERRTCSR ~ Creative Expression Can Elicit Relaxation Responses That Counterbalance Stress Responses

~ TLBCAHHBWE ~ The Link Between Creativity And Health Has Been Well Established

~ ATAYTBMCIYLBTPOYBAM ~ Anything That Allows You To Be More Creative In Your Life Benefits The Physiology Of Your Body And Mind

~ HIPM ~ Happiness Is Preventive Medicine

~ MSSTHAHAIL ~ Multiple Studies Show That Happiness And Health Are Inextricably Linked

~ HH ~ Hope Heals

~ LHAI ~ Learned Helplessness And Illness

~ IRAH ~ Immune Response And Helplessness

~ CAAATH ~ Control As An Antidote To Helplessness

~ TPOM ~ The Physiology Of Mood

~ OAHCBL-A-YCETPAMHBAAR ~ Optimism And Happiness Can Be Learned – And – You Can Enjoy The Physical And Mental Health Benefits As A Result

~ ROWYDI-ICTMTTIYSTHYBR-WVMOOA ~ Regardless Of When You Do It – It’s Crucial To Make The Time In Your Schedule To Help Your Body Relax – Whether Via Meditation Or Other Activities

~ RCWY ~ Remain Compassionate With Yourself

~ IYETSYECCOARTC-YMPATITRRAAWTCTSIYL ~ If You’re Exposed To Stressors You Either Can’t Change Or Aren’t Ready To Change – You Must Prioritize Activities That Induce The Relaxation Response As A Way To Counterbalance The Stresses In Your Life

~ RSC ~ Radical Self Care

~ YN-RSC-NJIYHH-B-ITROYL ~ You Need – Radical Self-Care – Not Just In Your Health Habits – But – In The Rest Of Your Life

~ MTBRFM ~ Making The Body Ripe For Miracles

~ TWHC ~ The Whole Health Cairn

~ LAC-NJF-L-F-F-A-HCP-B-EFY-APWYEUASHJ ~ Love And Compassion – Not Just From – Loving – Family – Friends – And – Health-Care Providers – But – Especially For Yourself – Are Paramount When You’re Embarking Upon A Self-Healing Journey

~ L-OYH-TF-A-PTWFHIAAOYL ~ Love – Opens Your Heart – Trumps Fear – And – Paves The Way For Healing In All Aspects Of Your Life

~ GIAI ~ Gratitude Is Also Important

~ WG-YMFOOWLIYL-RTWYA-TPCS-IOAD-WOISR ~ Without Gratitude – You May Focus Only On What’s Lacking In Your Life – Rather Than What You Appreciate – This Process Can Spiral – Into Overwhelm And Despair – Which Only Increase Stress Responses

~ ESTOIYH ~ Evidence Shows That Optimism Improves Your Health

~ S-EISW-CBBTMFT-B-M-A-S ~ Service – Even In Small Ways – Can Be Big-Time Medicine For The – Body – Mind – And – Soul

~ APJMTWDTMF-WAPUTBW-E-D-NO-A-O ~ And Pleasure Just Makes The Whole Darn Thing More Fun – While Also Perking Up The Body With – Endorphins – Dopamine – Nitric Oxide – And – Oxytocin

~ AITH ~ An Invitation To Heal


~ P-THOUTOMOTDATST ~ Phonophilia – The Habit Of Using Two Or More Of These Devices At The Same Time

~ P-CTPOBOHD ~ Papyrophobia – Cannot Tolerate Papers Or Books On His[/Her] Desk

~ P-PONUPAB ~ Papyromania – Piles Of Never-Used Papers And Books

~ F-AFTPAACOP-UCWAMFOTLOAD ~ Fileophilia ~ A Mania For The Precise Arrangement And Classification Of Papers – Usually Combined With A Morbid Fear Of The Loss Of Any Document

~ TG-AOWHABD ~ Tabulatory Gigantism – An obsession with having a bigger desk

~ TP-CEODFTO-TSIOOATVHHR ~ Tabulophobia Privata ~ Complete Exclusion Of Desks From The Office – This Symptom Is Observed Only At The Very Highest Hierarchal Ranks

~ SP ~ Self-Pity

~ RC-AAIITCOOAFC ~ Rigor Cartis – An Abnormal Interest In The Construction Of Organization And Flow Charts

~ CA-KTSAOB ~ Compulsive Alternation – Keeping Their Subordinates Always Off Balance

~ TTS-ACITMTDATTSR ~ Teeter-Totter Syndrome – A Complete Inability To Make The Decisions Appropriate To The Sufferer’s Rank

~ CT-AIPASOCBOSPOPAINWRTTPOTW ~ Caesarian Transference – An Irrational Prejudice Against Subordinates Or Colleagues Because Of Some Point Of Physical Appearance In No Way Related To The Performance Of Their Work

~ CI-TJPTKOPGPWB ~ Cachinatory Inertia – The Habit Of Telling Jokes Instead Of Getting On With Business

~ S-AOCWB-TPCMAR-AAIUWTWTIGO-OISTBGO-IT ~ Structurophilia – An Obsessive Concern With Buildings – Their Planning, Construction, Maintenance And Reconstruction – And An Increasing Unconcern With The Work That Is Going On – Or Is Supposed To Be Going On – Inside Them

~ T&OH ~ Ticks And Odd Habits

~ I&DC-AOFSILANRTIW ~ Initial And Digital Codophilia – An Obsession For Speaking In Letters And Numbers Rather Than In Words

~ MW-FT-WPAFWCETTSTPA ~ Many Words – Few Thoughts – With Perhaps A Few Words Changed Each Time To Suit The Particular Audience


~ WTAGW ~ Why Things Always Go Wrong

~ OIIE ~ Occupational Incompetence Is Everywhere

~ IAHEETTRTHLOI ~ In A Hierarchy Every Employee Tends To Rise To His/Her Level Of Incompetence

~ AFETTAGIWH ~ A Few Eccentrics Try To Avoid Getting Involved With Hierarchies

~ TFPIFALOCTALOI ~ The Final Promotion Is From A Level Of Competence To A Level Of Incompetence

~ IT-EPTTBOBAEWIITCOID ~ In Time – Every Post Tends To Be Occupied By An Employee Who Is Incompetent To Carry Out Its Duties

~ TCRUIS ~ The Cream Rises Until It Sours

~ EKNL ~ Envy Knows No Logic

~ CSACSACBTSAORAIP ~ Capitalistic, Socialistic, And Communistic Systems Are Characterized By The Same Accumulation Of Redundant And Incompetent Personnel

~ GLIS ~ Generalized Life-Incompetence Syndrome

~ CI ~ Compulsive Incompetence

~ SCIR-BNCU ~ Summit Competence Is Rare – But Not Completely Unknown

~ IMCOI-TATBADWTBP ~ In Most Cases Of Incompetence – There Appears To Be A Definite Wish To Be Productive

~ TMOI-I+I=I ~ The Mathematics Of Incompetence – Incompetence Plus Incompetence Equals Incompetence

~ TPOS ~ The Pathology Of Success

~ FPS ~ Final Placement Syndrome

~ AWTTSIW ~ A Word To The Sufficient Is Wise

~ OMDTWBSA ~ Our Most Difficult Task Will Be Self-Analysis

~ H:HT! ~ Hierarchiologist: Heal Thyself!

~ 0PQ – Zero Promotion Quotient

~ AOOIIWAPOP ~ An Ounce Of Image Is Worth A Pound Of Performance

~ CI ~ Creative Incompetence

~ CACTSOI ~ Competence Always Contains The Seed Of Incompetence

~ CI ~ Computerized Incompetence

~ TC-LAHE-ISTTPP-IIDGWAF-TIASTTPITMRT-UIRILOI ~ The Computer – Like A Human Employee – Is Subject To The Peter Principle – If It Does Good Work At First – There Is A Strong Tendency To Promote It To More Responsible Tasks – Until It Reaches Its Level Of Incompetence

~ OLIPSEIATMHITWGAFAWCAAFAWCIOBBFTGIWPGO ~ Our Leaders In Politics, Science, Education, Industry And The Military Have Insisted That We Go As Fast As We Can And As Far As We Can Inspired Only By Blind Faith That Great Input Will Produce Great Output


~ BAIIAAOD ~ Becoming An Individual In An Age Of Distraction

~ AEOAFOT ~ An Ethics Of Attention For Our Time

~ TAC ~ The Attentional Commons

~ TBOSAOTB-TANMDBAEI-YTAOSSCTCAI ~ The Benefits Of Silence Are Off The Books – They Are Not Measured Directly By Any Econometric Instrument – Yet The Availability Of Silence Surely Contributes To Creativity And Innovation

~ OCAGDOSITCOBE ~ One Consumes A Great Deal Of Silence In The Course Of Becoming Educated

~ ICAAWWNLTRFU-TETWBTM ~ If Clean Air And Water Were No Longer The Rule For Us – The Economic Toll Would Be Truly Massive

~ ARR-AAWWBUBSIWTMTUFO ~ Absent Robust Regulations – Air And Water Will Be Used By Some In Ways That Make Them Unusable For Others

~ ARNTBA ~ A Right Not To Be Addressed

~ ETWARCBASOP-IOQRFOWAG-ILOWMRARAPC-ALSOTGOU ~ Encountering The World As Real Can Be A Source Of Pleasure – Indeed Of Quasi-Religious Feelings Of Wonder And Gratitude – In Light Of Which Manufactured Realities Are Revealed As Pale Counterfeits – And Lose Some Of Their Grip On Us

~ WANSMROACWROBACHFMID ~ We Are Not So Much Rational Optimizers As Creatures Who Rely On Biases And Crude Heuristics For Making Important Decisions

~ CJ ~ Cultural Jigs

~ ‘TWIIOBM’ ~ “The World Is It’s Own Best Model”

~ VRAMI ~ Virtual Reality As Moral Ideal

~ TDOTCFEAODIIWTLUFIPAD ~ The Design Of Things Can Facilitate Embodied Agency Or Diminish It In Ways That Lead Us Further Into Passivity And Dependence

~ HSSITGWSTBAISV ~ Having Some Skin In The Game Would Seem To Be An Important Safety Variable

~ ‘CA’ ~ “Choice Architectures”

~ ITDPOC-TABDTFD-TTPOIAKOA ~ In The Darker Precincts Of Capitalism Things Are Being Designed To Foster Disengagement To The Point Of Inducing A Kind Of Autism

~ ETAZOAPAHUA ~ Escaping To A Zone Of Autistic Pseudo-Action Has Understandable Appeal

~ TDFMEIMBAGEO-‘AC’-AIHBC ~ The Demand For Manufactured Experiences Is Met By A Growing Economy Of – “Affective Capitalism” As It Has Been Called

~ OESATIARRFT-MTVRTWHOAGOPWFTLUTTAI-ADTP ~ Our Economic System Assumes That Individuals Are Radically Responsible For Themselves – Maintaining This View Requires That We Hive Off Any Group Of People Who Fail To Live Up To The Autonomous Ideal – And Designate Them Pathological

~ PTTOSOHINDT-‘UHCV’-BIRCTPACPOCNTP ~ Perhaps The Time One Spends On Hold Is Not Due To – “Unusually Heavy Call Volume” – But Is Rather Calibrated To Persuade A Certain Percentage Of Callers Not To Persist

~ TIOCIK-TITSOTLOAA-AOTRORATA-WDTAIAOCH?-IWBIASTWAUAR ~ The Issue Of Consent Is Key – This Is The Source Of The Legitimacy Of All Authority – And Of The Rights One Retains Against That Authority – When Does This All-Important Act Of Consent Happen? – I Was Born Into A Society That Was Already Up And Running

~ TAR ~ Truth As Representation

~ EP ~ Embodied Perception

~ ETS ~ Empowerment Through Submission

~ MIACIAPTC ~ Membership In A Community Is A Prerequisite To Creativity

~ TLBEITSTA ~ To Learn By Example Is To Submit To Authority

~ CRAUIBTR ~ Cultural Revolutions Aren’t Imposed Only By Totalitarian Regimes

~ TSOOTOIASNBTFG ~ The Survival Of Our Traditions Of Intellectual Apprenticeship Should Not Be Taken For Granted

~ OCCATOAB-WDFI-NAAPOOTW-BAOWAII ~ Our Cognitive Capacities Are Those Of A Being – Who Develops From Infancy – Not As A Pure Observer Of The World – But As One Who Acts In It

~ TCPAE-WASABB-NDCOR ~ The Critical Point Against Empiricism – We Are Social And Biographical Beings – Not Digital Cameras Or Recorders

~ JA ~ Joint Attention

~ TFTWLTIASW-ADTT-IFTTKOBWA ~ The Fact That We Live Together In A Shared World – And Do Things Together – Is Fundamental To The Kind Of Beings We Are

~ AI ~ Achieving Individuality

~ TPOTD ~ The Problem Of The Dissident

~ TVABTMAAUPFHE ~ The Values Assigned By The Marketplace Are An Unreliable Proxy For Human Excellence

~ TCOP ~ The Culture Of Performance

~ MATDSC-OFIMP-WITPRFACOIIWC ~ Mobility And The Democratic Social Condition – Our Faith In Mobility Persists – Without It The Public Rationale For A Culture Of Individual Initiative Would Collapse

~ CCAAHPC-BTAWBSLTH ~ Civilization Comes At A High Personal Cost – But The Alternative Would Be Something Less Than Human

~ TEOA ~ The Erotics Of Attention

~ TATDOAAWWIABCFLW ~ The Ability To Direct Our Attention As We Will Is A Basic Condition For Living Well

~ TRTWABSCITIMIHTCWL ~ The Reason To Worry About Being Self-Centered Is That It Makes It Hard To Cope With Life

~ AVR ~ Acting Versus Ruminating

~ TE ~ The Everyone

~ BJBPHAWOBLFATATHIBMF-ABSN ~ But Jokes By Philosophers Have A Way Of Becoming Less Funny As The Absurdities They Have Identified Blossom More Fully – And Become Social Norms

~ TSS ~ The Statistical Self

~ WANCTJEFO ~ We Are Not Competent To Judge Everything For Ourselves

~ TEONBTNP-SOSWTOOSC-TNOS ~ The Expert Of Normalcy Becomes The New Priest – Salving Our Souls With The Offer Of Statistical Communion – The Numbers Offer Solace

~ TSS ~ The Stackable Self

~ RTR ~ Reclaiming The Real

~ WWANS-WCTSTWD ~ When We Acquire New Skills – We Come To See The World Differently

~ AFTWAII ~ Affection For The World As It Is

~ DWF ~ Democracy Without Flattening

~ OBTLUOTJTWBOH ~ Only Beautiful Things Led Us Out To Join The World Beyond Our Heads