~ TITOEPSACODMTFOC-DFEPOWOT-ICN ~ The Idea That Our Existing Policy Systems Are Capable Of Delivering More Transformational Forms Of Change – Detached From Existing Processes Or Ways Of Thinking – Is Clearly Nonsense

~ EITCTDLOTPPASR ~ Emergent Ideas That Challenge The Dominant Logic Of The Policy Process Are Systematically Rejected

~ PSLTWTKARAFOTNI ~ Policy Systems Cling To What They Know And Represent A Forceful Opposition To New Ideas

~ TEOTIOPIISOGOTPFYMHBLU-ASN-IWN ~ The Extent Of The Incorporation Of Private Interests Into Systems Of Government Over The Past Forty Years May Have Been Largely Unconscious – And Seemingly Natural – It Was Not

~ WITCIANRFCEGAA? ~ What If Transformational Change Is A Necessary Requirement For Continued Economic Growth And Accumulation?

~ HCNPBFWTTTPTISIP? ~ How Can New Paths Be Forged When The Thinking That Prevents Them Is Still In Place?

~ EN-ATCTARADBT-AACMOROFCIWP ~ Elite Networks – And The Consensuses That Are Formed And Disseminated By Them – Are A Critical Mechanism Of Resisting Or Facilitating Change In World Politics

~ TATTPE ~ Transnationalism And The Transnational Policy Elite

~ AECIWAHEDTPFY-ACSPIISAPTFITGPENECTQI-TDAIOEG ~ An Enormous Consensus In World Affairs Has Emerged During The Past Fifty Years – A Consensus So Powerful In Its Scope And Persuasion That Few In The Global Policy Elite Now Even Choose To Question It – The Desirability And Inevitability Of Economic Globalization

~ AEPETICTOAIBTIACOPG ~ An Entire Political Ecosystem That Is Closed To Outsiders And Increasingly Beyond The Influence And Control Of Participating Governments

~ TDOLIATDTCGSBULEAPV ~ The Doctrine Of Liberal Internationalism And The Desire To Create Global Structures Based Upon Liberal Economic And Political Values

~ TEAAOTENH-FTMP-BIBCJAA ~ The Existence And Activity Of Transnational Elite Networks Has – For The Most Part – Been Ignored By Credible Journalists And Academics

~ IWLD-WIFMI-TIC-ACA-OHSO? ~ Is Western Liberal Democracy – With Its Free-Market Infrastructure – The Inevitable Consequence – And Crowning Achievement – Of Human Social Organization?

~ TIOBAPE ~ The Interdependency Of Business And Political Elites

~ BIEN ~ Bias In Elite Networks

~ NEGTBITABC ~ Not Everybody Gets To Be Invited To A Bilderberg Conference

~ DCOD-TSOPATSEOMITNTABCU ~ Despite Claims Of Diversity – The Selection Of Participants And The Subtle Expectations Of Membership Incline The Networks Towards A Broad Consensual Understanding

~ TSLOEM ~ The Seductive Lure Of Elite Membership

~ TITEFANA-ISW-PAMCOFTSDNSUTCS ~ The Idea That Elite Forums And Networks Are – In Some Way – Permeable And Meritocratic Clubs Of Free Thinking Simply Does Not Stand Up To Close Scrutiny

~ TLPOGSR ~ The Legitimizing Presence Of Global Society Rhetoric

~ EPNSNBSADFTPM-TAAFPOI ~ Elite Policy Networks Should Not Be Seen As Distinct From The Policymaking Machinery – They Are A Fundamental Part Of It

~ AITS ~ Acting In The Shadows

~ AAOTENICTAUOCGA ~ An Appreciation Of Transnational Elite Networks Is Critical To An Understanding Of Contemporary Geopolitical Activity

~ TCOEC ~ The Consequences Of Elite Consensus

~ TIOEN ~ The Influence Of Elite Networks

~ MSOEPAC ~ Making Sense Of Elite Power And Consensus


~ ACTHTT ~ Absolute Certainty They Have The Truth

~ ACG ~ A Conspiratorial Group

~ OHOO ~ Open Hatred Of Opponents

~ LFITDP ~ Little Faith In The Democratic Process

~ WTDBCLTCFC ~ Willingness To Deny Basic Civil Liberties To Certain Fellow Citizens

~ CIIIAACA ~ Consistent Indulgence In Irresponsible Accusations And Character Assassination


~ TMLOM ~ The Moral Limits Of Markets

~ WLAATWAECBBAS ~ We Live At A Time When Almost Everything Can Be Bought And Sold

TLOBASNLATMGABIGTWOL-IITTAWWWTLTW ~ The Logic Of Buying And Selling No Longer Applies To Material Goods Alone But Increasingly Governs The Whole Of Life – It Is Time To Ask Whether We Want To Live This Way

~ TEOMT ~ The Era Of Market Triumphalism

~ WNAPDAWIMTKMITP-WNTAWTASTMSNB ~ We Need A Public Debate About What It Means To Keep Markets In Their Place – We Need To Ask Whether There Are Some Things Money Should Not Buy

~ EFS ~ Everything For Sale

~ RTROM ~ Rethinking The Role Of Markets

~ JTQ ~ Jumping The Queue

~ LL ~ Lexus Lanes

~ TLSB ~ The Line-Standing Business

~ TSDA ~ Ticket Scalping Doctor Appointments

~ CD ~ Concierge Doctors

~ MR ~ Market Reasoning

~ MVQ ~ Markets Versus Queues

~ TEOTQ ~ The Ethic Of The Queue

~ TEATL ~ The Economic Approach To Live

~ PKFGG ~ Paying Kids For Good Grades

~ HB ~ Health Bribes

~ PI ~ Perverse Incentives

~ EOATMDNTOTTGTR-BTIU-MLTMOSN-O-MIEOCONI ~ Economists Often Assume That Markets Do Not Touch Or Taint The Goods They Regulate – But This Is Untrue – Markets Leave Their Mark On Social Norms – Often – Market Incentives Erode Or Crowd Out Nonmarket Incentives

~ FVF ~ Fines Versus Fees

~ TPP ~ Tradable Procreation Permits

~ TPP ~ Tradable Pollution Permits

~ TSWOPAPOPITTI ~ The Simplest Way Of Putting A Price On Pollution Is To Tax It

~ LRCBTWOOMCITOWHRABA-TNIADGFTWCAI ~ Letting Rich Countries Buy Their Way Out Of Meaningful Changes In Their Own Wasteful Habits Reinforces A Bad Attitude – That Nature Is A Dumping Ground For Those Who Can Afford It

~ CO ~ Carbon Offsets

~ MDPJOTDTS ~ Markets Don’t Pass Judgment On The Desires They Satisfy

~ I&ME ~ Incentives And Moral Entanglements

~ TLOIIARDIET ~ The Language Of Incentives Is A Recent Development In Economic Thought

~ TNTEIAVFSIOMAPPHABQ-BTVAOETMTCEDTD-TMMETRINSOLTMETBWMQ ~ The Notion That Economics Is A Value-Free Science Independent Of Moral And Political Philosophy Has Always Been Questionable – But The Vaunting Ambition Of Economics Today Makes This Claim Especially Difficult To Defend – The More Markets Extend Their Reach Into Noneconomic Spheres Of Life The More Entangled They Become With Moral Questions

~ WMRTBTDOMG-IM-‘TIM’-UIWBTMSUWRFTMWOTPIS ~ When Market Reasoning Travels Beyond The Domain Of Material Goods – It Must – “Traffic In Morality” – Unless It Wants Blindly To Maximize Social Utility Without Regard For The Moral Worth Of The Preferences It Satisfies

~ HMCOM ~ How Markets Crowd Out Morals

~ ATSTTMSNBATB?-IS-HCWDWGAAAPBAS-AWAN? ~ Are There Some Things That Money Should Not Be Able To Buy? – If So – How Can We Decide Which Goods And Activities Are Properly Bought And Sold – And Which Are Not?

~ BA&WT ~ Bought Apologies And Wedding Toasts

~ EDLG-OTBMP-THAHTMSOGGAARSP ~ Economists Don’t Like Gifts – Or To Be More Precise – They Have A Hard Time Making Sense Of Gift Giving As A Rational Social Practice

~ MG ~ Monetizing Gifts

~ BH ~ Bought Honor

~ CONN ~ Crowding Out Nonmarket Norms

~ FIAOMMCBBCONN ~ Financial Incentives And Other Market Mechanisms Can Backfire By Crowding Out Nonmarket Norms

~ S-OPFACBGYLOI-ANM ~ Sometimes – Offering Payment For A Certain Behavior Gets You Less Of It – And Not More

~ TPEISCBMC-IACTTCG ~ The Price Effect Is Sometimes Confounded By Moral Considerations – Including A Commitment To The Common Good

~ FAEPOV-SNSACVAPSAGB-TMSUBTWOCALTB ~ From An Economic Point Of View – Social Norms Such As Civic Virtue And Public-Spiritedness Are Great Bargains – They Motivate Socially Useful Behavior That Would Otherwise Cost A Lot To Buy

~ ‘TCE’ ~ “The Commercialization Effect”

~ BFS ~ Blood For Sale

~ MILAD ~ Markets In Life And Death

~ ‘JI’ ~ “Janitor’s Insurance”

~ ‘DPI’ ~ “Dead Peasants Insurance”

~ ‘COLI’ ~ “Corporate-Owned Life Insurance”

~ V:YBYL ~ Viaticals: You Bet Your Life

~ DP ~ Death Pools

~ ‘II’ ~ “Insurable Interest”

~ MILADHOTSPAMNTOCT ~ Markets In Life And Death Have Outrun The Social Purposes And Moral Norms That Once Constrained Them

~ TFM ~ Terrorism Futures Market

~ BOTLOSINLAIPGBAMI ~ Betting On The Lives Of Strangers Is No Longer An Isolated Parlor Game But A Major Industry

~ T’LS’I ~ The – “Life Settlement” – Industry

~ ‘SLP’ ~ “Spin-Life Policies”

~ ‘STOLI’ ~ “Stranger-Originated Life Insurance”

~ DB ~ Death Bonds

~ NR ~ Naming Rights

~ AFS ~ Autographs For Sale

~ TSIAIS ~ The Surge In Advertising In Schools

~ ITWCLCTM ~ Imprinting Things With Corporate Logos Changes Their Meaning

~ MLTM ~ Markets Leave Their Mark

~ OOHOKMITPITDOAPATMOTGASPWP-WANTAABQ-ATKOSIWWWTL ~ Our Only Hope Of Keeping Markets In Their Place Is To Deliberate Openly And Publicly About The Meaning Of The Goods And Social Practices We Prize – We Also Need To Ask A Bigger Question – About The Kind Of Society In Which We Wish To Live

~ AATORI-TMOEMTPOAAPOMMLISL ~ At A Time Of Rising Inequality – The Marketization Of Everything Means That People Of Affluence And People Of Modest Means Lead Increasingly Separate Lives

~ TSOAL ~ The Skyboxification Of American Life

~ DDNRPE-BIDRTCSIACL ~ Democracy Does Not Require Perfect Equality – But It Does Require That Citizens Share In A Common Life

~ DWWASWEIUFS?-OATCMACGTMDNHAMCB? ~ Do We Want A Society Where Everything Is Up For Sale? – Or Are There Certain Moral And Civic Goods That Markets Do Not Honor And Money Cannot Buy?