~ WICTWSH?-BTWDNWTC ~ Why Is Changing The World So Hard? – Because The World Does Not Want To Change ~ Kevin Ashton ~ How To Fly A Horse

~ WTAP ~ Winner-Take-All Politics ~ Jacob Hacker + Paul Pierson

~ WJW ~ Welfare – Jailfare – Warfare

~ N-M ~ Neuro-Marketing

~ N-P ~ Neuro-Politics

~ PIIAUTTTLOLAHITBCTPAD-ROP-FA ~ Perhaps It Is A Universal Truth That The Loss Of Liberty At Home Is To Be Charged To Provisions Against Danger – Real Or Pretended – From Abroad ~ James Madison

~ DJLTIHLYWIWYTG ~ Don’t Just Let The Invisible Hand Lead You Wherever It Wants You To Go ~ Andrew Callaway ~ Apploitation In A City Of Instaserfs ~ Monitor

~ TSE ~ The Sharing Economy

~ BI2015 ~ Because It’s 2015 ~ Justin Trudeau

~ ACIACIAC ~ A Canadian Is A Canadian Is A Canadian ~ Justin Trudeau

~ IIETLFFITSTTWITK ~ It Is Easier To Look For Flies In The Soup Than To Work In The Kitchen ~ Kevin Ashton ~ How To Fly A Horse

~ PI ~ Political Inequality

~ ESOP ~ Employee Stock Ownership Plans

~ C-D ~ Co-Determination

~ SRTLPAIUP ~ State Response To Legitimate Protest Against Increasingly Unpopular Polices

~ EED ~ Economic-Elite Domination ~ Martin Gilens + Benjamin Page

~ TMITCDIW-TMITTDDIQ ~ The Most Important Thing Creators Do Is Work – The Most Important Thing They Don’t Do Is Quit ~ Kevin Ashton ~ How To Fly A Horse

~ MMNTBPNTBIP-ICMTBAITM-BICTTHOMTS ~ Money Motivates Neither The Best People Nor The Best In People – It Can Move The Body And Influence The Mind – But It Cannot Touch The Heart Or Move The Spirit ~ Dee Hock ~ Birth Of The Chaordic Age

~ EOOTS ~ Everything Occurs On The Skin ~ Hermann von Helholtz

~ AWSOOD? ~ Are We Smoking Are Own Dope? ~ Rich Kinder

~ EITWIIBIGTW ~ Everything Is The Way It Is Because It Got That Way ~ D’Arcy Thompson

~ TSWTSTGOTFITAIITM ~ The Surest Way To Satisfy The Greed Of The Few Is To Arouse It In The Many ~ Dee Hock ~ Birth Of The Chaordic Age

~ U-AWLYITFTTHIELYOWS-WTEWYIIR ~ Unfortunately – Anyone Who Loves Your Idea The First Time They Hear It Either Loves You Or Wants Something – What To Expect When You’re Inventing Is Rejection ~ Kevin Ashton ~ How To Fly A Horse

~ TDNITAATK-BWICTTCT’R’TBOO-TAAT ~ The Digital Natives Improve Their Adroitness At The Keyboard – But When It Comes To Their Capacity To “Read” The Behaviour Of Others – They Are All Thumbs ~ Mark Bauerlein

~ IOIWWHTROFAFAA ~ Introspective Observation Is What We Have To Rely On First And Foremost And Always ~ William James ~ Principles Of Psychology

~ TICBAMACMOITBATIAUODAFAM-AIITBATTATPTO-HNGBSBPTIASSOE ~ That It Can Be As Much A Central Mark Of Intelligence To Be Able To Improvise A Useful Or Decorative Artifact From Available Materials – As It Is To Be Able To Talk About The Problem To Others – Has Not Generally Been Seen By Philosophers To Invite Any Special Sort Of Enquiry ~ Andrew Harrison ~ Making And Thinking

~ YSDNEWYFE-BSABWTW-IOB ~ Your Self Does Not End Where Your Flesh Ends – But Suffuses And Blends With The World – Including Other Beings ~ Sandra Blakeslee + Matthew Blakeslee ~ The Body Has A Mind Of Its Own

~ TDBADBTCWTDSATWTETE-TTSCBS ~ Technique Develops By A Dialectic Between The Correct Way To Do Something And The Willingness To Experiment Through Error – These Two Sides Cannot Be Separated ~ Richard Sennett ~ The Craftsman

~ WYCCYM-YCCA ~ When You Can Change Your Mind – You Can Change Anything ~ Kevin Ashton ~ How To Fly A Horse

~ ALOMHWNPISFDMIWOPBW ~ A Lot Of Men Have Won Nobel Prizes In Science For Discoveries Made In Whole Or Part By Women ~ Kevin Ashton ~ How To Fly A Horse

~ WDNSFBOG-WSFBOG ~ We Do Not See Further Because Of Giants – We See Further Because Of Generations ~ Kevin Ashton ~ How To Fly A Horse

~ ASTSBCMNLWCC ~ A Species That Survives By Creating Must Not Limit Who Can Create ~ Kevin Ashton ~ How To Fly A Horse

~ WWWTDIBTWWMD ~ Work We Want To Do Is Better Than Work We Must Do ~ Kevin Ashton ~ How To Fly A Horse

~ YWHGDALGD-BTOBWYCDI-TWYDND ~ You Will Have Good Days And Less Good Days – But The Only Bad Work You Can Do Is – The Work You Do Not Do ~ Kevin Ashton ~ How To Fly A Horse

~ IWDNCOD-TWPUAN ~ If We Do Not Chase Our Dreams – They Will Pursue Us As Nightmares ~ Kevin Ashton ~ How To Fly A Horse

~ TOTWDBWB-IFTB ~ The Only Thing We Do Before We Begin – Is Fail To Begin ~ Kevin Ashton ~ How To Fly A Horse

~ TSITAON-WMFFAF ~ To Succeed In The Art Of New – We Must Fail Freely And Frequently ~ Kevin Ashton ~ How To Fly A Horse

~ IIWRWAOFAR ~ Innovation Is Whatever Remains When All Our Failures Are Removed ~ Kevin Ashton ~ How To Fly A Horse

~ ISPDNNTSAHSTA ~ Intellectually Secure People Do Not Need To Show Anyone How Smart They Are ~ Kevin Ashton ~ How To Fly A Horse

~ TMCOPROD-TLCOPROS-TMCOWITM ~ The Most Creative Organizations Prioritize Rituals Of Doing – The Least Creative Organizations Prioritize Rituals Of Saying – The Most Common Of Which Is The Meeting ~ Kevin Ashton ~ How To Fly A Horse

~ PRO ~ Priceless Ritual Object ~ Edward Gorey ~ The Black Doll

~ WID-T ~ When In Doubt – Twirl ~ Ted Shawn

~ W-FTNIC ~ Work – For The Night Is Coming ~ Edward Gorey

~ TM-WIIYPTDWYOWAPL? ~ Tell Me – What Is It You Plan To Do With Your One Wild And Precious Life? ~ Mary Oliver

~ UWPTMS ~ Unnatural Work Produces Too Much Stress ~ Bhagavad Gita

~ IWTRTB! ~ I Would Totally Read That Book!

~ IDTWITLAN ~ I Divide The World Into The Learners And Nonlearners ~ Benjamin Barber

~ FAHP-A-YWFAP ~ Find A Happy Person – And – You Will Find A Project ~ Sonja Lyubomirsky ~ The How Of Happiness

~ TBSWWC ~ The Body Says What Words Cannot ~ Martha Graham

~ TTIOAAU-ASATPWTI ~ The Truth Is Often Awkward And Unwelcome – And So Are The People Who Tell It ~ Kevin Ashton ~ How To Fly A Horse

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