~ BHBTWIWWS ~ Bureaucracy Has Become The Water In Which We Swim

~ WNLLTTAB-YIIEAOOE ~ We No Longer Like To Think About Bureaucracy – Yet It Informs Every Aspect Of Our Existence

~ H-MAGEASEOGO-EMO-OWDCBGP-THBTALSTIOC-WWFCAPAAMOPS ~ Historically – Markets Are Generally Either A Side Effect Of Government Operations – Especially Military Operations – Or Were Directly Created By Government Policy – This Has Been True At Least Since The Invention Of Coinage – Which Was First Created And Promulgated As A Means Of Provisioning Soldiers

~ ITOTMAFMERQTTMP ~ It Turned Out That Maintaining A Free Market Economy Required A Thousand Times More Paperwork

~ TILOL-AMR-ITRRTAPMF-WHTUEO-ITTNOR-TTAOP-A-TTNOB ~ The Iron Law Of Liberalism – Any Market Reform – Intended To Reduce Red Tape And Promote Market Forces – Will Have The Ultimate Effect Of – Increasing The Total Number Of Regulations – The Total Amount Of Paperwork – And – The Total Number Of Bureaucrats

~ WTROTFS-IIBAITSWIPAWIP ~ With The Rise Of The Financial Sector – It Is Becoming Almost Impossible To Say What Is Public And What Is Private

~ TVDOABR ~ The Very Definition Of A Bureaucratic Runaround

~ SBLANRM-‘D’-YCFIITPMAAWTRBASIIF ~ Simply By Labelling A New Regulatory Measure – “Deregulation” – You Can Frame It In The Public Mind As A Way To Reduce Bureaucracy And Set Individual Initiative Free

~ TGFOPAPPIASE-RWRAR-WUPITEWITFOP-DNYHAN-TIIIS-TTCHLBWLAWTTAT ~ The Gradual Fusion Of Public And Private Power Into A Single Entity – Rife With Rules And Regulations – Whose Ultimate Purpose Is To Extract Wealth In The Form Of Profits – Does Not Yet Have A Name – That In Itself Is Significant – These Things Can Happen Largely Because We Lack A Way To Talk About Them

~ TAOTB ~ The Age Of Total Bureaucratization

~ TNCWTESLATW-TTEOAI-EWCTOAPOC ~ The New Credo Was That Everyone Should Look At The World – Through The Eyes Of An Investor – Everyone Would Come To Own A Piece Of Capitalism

~ I-CP-ANDFCOIAA-BFF-WM-U-FOPD ~ Increasingly – Corporate Profits – Are Not Derived From Commerce Or Industry At All – But From Finance – Which Means – Ultimately – From Other People’s Debts

~ AWSHCTRTA-GCM-RTSOAE-EDSATTCFBPTABTTBT ~ As Whole Societies Have Come To Represent Themselves As – Giant Credentialized Meritocracies – Rather Than Systems Of Arbitrary Extraction – Everyone Duly Scurries About Trying To Curry Favor By Pretending They Actually Believe This To Be True

~ TITOH ~ The Inevitable Tide Of History

~ WIBTAITO-‘FT’-A-T-‘FM’-RETSCCOTWFEPSABS ~ What Was Being Talked About In Terms Of – “Free Trade” – And – The “Free Market” – Really Entailed The Self-Conscious Completion Of – The World’s First Effective Planetary-Scale Administrative Bureaucratic System

~ TWFEPSABS ~ The World’s First Effective Planetary-Scale Administrative Bureaucratic System

~ DNOTIOTAACF-TCISNAIV-TWA-A-OISAUW-B-TODITDOSF ~ Do Not Overestimate The Importance Of Technology As A Causative Factor – Technological Change Is Simply Not An Independent Variable – Technology Will Advance – And – Often In Surprising And Unexpected Ways – But – The Overall Direction It Takes Depends On Social Factors

~ TAREBAWOATAWTEIAF-TUIATAATBTUEOHB ~ Talking About Rational Efficiency Becomes A Way Of Avoiding Talking About What The Efficiency Is Actually For – The Ultimately Irrational Aims That Are Assumed To Be The Ultimate Ends Of Human Behavior

~ ARCNELOFWPFITMPPFBAT ~ All Rich Countries Now Employ Legions Of Functionaries Whose Primary Function Is To Make Poor People Feel Bad About Themselves

~ WITWO-SD-CDO-A-OSEFI-B-TAOTPT-VIUAPOP ~ What Is The World Of – Securitized Derivatives – Collateralized Debt Obligations – And – Other Such Exotic Financial Instruments – But – The Apotheosis Of The Principle That – Value Is Ultimately A Product Of Paperwork

~ TPOFHMTAEIPO-CP-CITFO-RE-OOSOA ~ The Process Of Financialization Has Meant That An Ever-Increasing Proportion Of – Corporate Profits – Come In The Form Of – Rent Extraction – Of One Sort Or Another

~ OLHCTBOATFOOF ~ Our Lives Have Come To Be Organized Around The Filling Out Of Forms

~ DZOTI ~ Dead Zones Of The Imagination

~ B-P&P-ATBOISAWATGTASPOAWNBATPTTAE ~ Bureaucracies – Public And Private – Appear To Be Organized In Such A Way As To Guarantee That A Significant Proportion Of Actors Will Not Be Able To Perform Their Tasks As Expected

~ PIB ~ Paperwork Is Boring

~ PABWW ~ Police Are Bureaucrats With Weapons

~ B-‘R’-UMTSTEOTSTOV-NIARBTCKY ~ Being – “Realistic” – Usually Means Taking Seriously The Effects Of The Systematic Threat Of Violence – National Interests Are Real Because They Can Kill You

~ PMYL ~ Power Makes You Lazy

~ CPRSMWTPFTM ~ Charismatic Prophets Rarely Suffer Much When Their Prophecies Fail To Materialize

~ DDJSWIWHRCAMP-LA-I-L-W? ~ Does Destroying Job Security While Increasing Working Hours Really Create A More Productive – Let Alone – Innovative – Loyal – Workforce?

~ TIIO-G-U-A-PF-HLAPTA-L-S-A-OF-TOITCW ~ The Increasing Interpenetration Of – Government – University – And – Private Firms – Has Led All Parties To Adopt – Language – Sensibilities – And – Organizational Forms – That Originated In The Corporate World

~ IYLAHH-YCF-H-ET-ODPAES ~ If You Look At Human History – You Can Find – Hundreds – Even Thousands – Of Different Political And Economic Systems

~ MEA-A-AHB-EBLBOOOSOA-TWITOCMASD-B-MAE-B-FAV-IAPO-TBMS ~ Most Economists Are – And – Always Have Been – Employed By Large Bureaucratic Organizations Of One Sort Or Another – The Whole Idea That One Can Make A Strict Division – Between – Means And Ends – Between – Facts And Values – Is A Product Of – The Bureaucratic Mind-Set

~ RAAFOS ~ Rationalism As A Form Of Spirituality

~ CPHDAAATTTINSTAPTDFE-AHBWEWNBATTAA ~ Cognitive Psychologists Have Demonstrated Again And Again That There Is No Such Thing As Pure Thought Divorced From Emotions – A Human Being Without Emotions Would Not Be Able To Think At All

~ TBOTAF ~ The Bureaucratization Of The Antibureaucratic Fantasy

~ BAEIASRTBC ~ Barbarians Always Exist In A Symbiotic Relation To Bureaucratic Civilization

~ BCG-TJGTAINSF ~ Bureaucracies Create Games – They’re Just Games That Are In No Sense Fun

~ WULBTAOBIFOP ~ What Ultimately Lies Behind The Appeal Of Bureaucracy Is Fear Of Play

~ TFOGOKITMOHS ~ The Freedom Of Gods Or Kings Is The Measure Of Human Slavery

~ TLO-AH-TZWSVITUEOTR-HETDARAEPAOHA ~ The Legal Order – And Hence – The Zones Where State Violence Is The Ultimate Enforcer Of The Rules – Has Expanded To Define And Regulate Almost Every Possible Aspect Of Human Activity

~ F-ITTOTFPOHCATRIICG ~ Freedom – Is The Tension Of The Free Play Of Human Creativity Against The Rules It Is Constantly Generating

~ IJFTIOBGFTS-IAS-D ~ I Just Find The Idea Of Being Governed From The Shadows – In Any Sense – Distasteful

~ HDOTTDB-‘TP’-A-AMRM? ~ How Does One Tell The Difference Between – “The People” – And – A Mere Rampaging Mob?

~ WBTLOTWSOTCOTP-DTFTTOPWWERCOTMLOTHYA ~ We Base The Legitimacy Of The Whole System On The Consent Of The People – Despite The Fact That The Only People Who Were Ever Really Consulted On The Matter Lived Over Two Hundred Years Ago

~ TMWTRIWOALAIWKOOPASCTCC ~ The Message Was That Rebellious Imagination Was Okay As Long As It Was Kept Out Of Politics And Simply Confined To Consumer Choices

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