~ P-THOUTOMOTDATST ~ Phonophilia – The Habit Of Using Two Or More Of These Devices At The Same Time

~ P-CTPOBOHD ~ Papyrophobia – Cannot Tolerate Papers Or Books On His[/Her] Desk

~ P-PONUPAB ~ Papyromania – Piles Of Never-Used Papers And Books

~ F-AFTPAACOP-UCWAMFOTLOAD ~ Fileophilia ~ A Mania For The Precise Arrangement And Classification Of Papers – Usually Combined With A Morbid Fear Of The Loss Of Any Document

~ TG-AOWHABD ~ Tabulatory Gigantism – An obsession with having a bigger desk

~ TP-CEODFTO-TSIOOATVHHR ~ Tabulophobia Privata ~ Complete Exclusion Of Desks From The Office – This Symptom Is Observed Only At The Very Highest Hierarchal Ranks

~ SP ~ Self-Pity

~ RC-AAIITCOOAFC ~ Rigor Cartis – An Abnormal Interest In The Construction Of Organization And Flow Charts

~ CA-KTSAOB ~ Compulsive Alternation – Keeping Their Subordinates Always Off Balance

~ TTS-ACITMTDATTSR ~ Teeter-Totter Syndrome – A Complete Inability To Make The Decisions Appropriate To The Sufferer’s Rank

~ CT-AIPASOCBOSPOPAINWRTTPOTW ~ Caesarian Transference – An Irrational Prejudice Against Subordinates Or Colleagues Because Of Some Point Of Physical Appearance In No Way Related To The Performance Of Their Work

~ CI-TJPTKOPGPWB ~ Cachinatory Inertia – The Habit Of Telling Jokes Instead Of Getting On With Business

~ S-AOCWB-T-P-C-M-A-R-A-AIUWTWTIGO-OISTBGO-IT ~ Structurophilia – An Obsessive Concern With Buildings – Their – Planning – Construction – Maintenance – And – Reconstruction – And – An Increasing Unconcern With The Work That Is Going On – Or Is Supposed To Be Going On – Inside Them

~ T&OH ~ Ticks And Odd Habits

~ I&DC-AOFSILANRTIW ~ Initial And Digital Codophilia – An Obsession For Speaking In Letters And Numbers Rather Than In Words

~ MW-FT-WPAFWCETTSTPA ~ Many Words – Few Thoughts – With Perhaps A Few Words Changed Each Time To Suit The Particular Audience

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