~ WTAGW ~ Why Things Always Go Wrong

~ OIIE ~ Occupational Incompetence Is Everywhere

~ IAHEETTRTHLOI ~ In A Hierarchy Every Employee Tends To Rise To His/Her Level Of Incompetence

~ AFETTAGIWH ~ A Few Eccentrics Try To Avoid Getting Involved With Hierarchies

~ TFPIFALOCTALOI ~ The Final Promotion Is From A Level Of Competence To A Level Of Incompetence

~ IT-EPTTBOBAEWIITCOID ~ In Time – Every Post Tends To Be Occupied By An Employee Who Is Incompetent To Carry Out Its Duties

~ TCRUIS ~ The Cream Rises Until It Sours

~ EKNL ~ Envy Knows No Logic

~ CSACSACBTSAORAIP ~ Capitalistic, Socialistic, And Communistic Systems Are Characterized By The Same Accumulation Of Redundant And Incompetent Personnel

~ GLIS ~ Generalized Life-Incompetence Syndrome

~ CI ~ Compulsive Incompetence

~ SCIR-BNCU ~ Summit Competence Is Rare – But Not Completely Unknown

~ IMCOI-TATBADWTBP ~ In Most Cases Of Incompetence – There Appears To Be A Definite Wish To Be Productive

~ TMOI-I+I=I ~ The Mathematics Of Incompetence – Incompetence Plus Incompetence Equals Incompetence

~ TPOS ~ The Pathology Of Success

~ FPS ~ Final Placement Syndrome

~ AWTTSIW ~ A Word To The Sufficient Is Wise

~ OMDTWBSA ~ Our Most Difficult Task Will Be Self-Analysis

~ H:HT! ~ Hierarchiologist: Heal Thyself!

~ 0PQ – Zero Promotion Quotient

~ AOOIIWAPOP ~ An Ounce Of Image Is Worth A Pound Of Performance

~ CI ~ Creative Incompetence

~ CACTSOI ~ Competence Always Contains The Seed Of Incompetence

~ CI ~ Computerized Incompetence

~ TC-LAHE-ISTTPP-IIDGWAF-TIASTTPITMRT-UIRILOI ~ The Computer – Like A Human Employee – Is Subject To The Peter Principle – If It Does Good Work At First – There Is A Strong Tendency To Promote It To More Responsible Tasks – Until It Reaches Its Level Of Incompetence

~ OLIPSEIATMHITWGAFAWCAAFAWCIOBBFTGIWPGO ~ Our Leaders In Politics, Science, Education, Industry And The Military Have Insisted That We Go As Fast As We Can And As Far As We Can Inspired Only By Blind Faith That Great Input Will Produce Great Output

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