~ WTAGW ~ Why Things Always Go Wrong

~ OIIE ~ Occupational Incompetence Is Everywhere

~ IAHEETTRTHLOI ~ In A Hierarchy Every Employee Tends To Rise To His/Her Level Of Incompetence

~ AFETTAGIWH ~ A Few Eccentrics Try To Avoid Getting Involved With Hierarchies

~ TFPIFALOCTALOI ~ The Final Promotion Is From A Level Of Competence To A Level Of Incompetence

~ IT-EPTTBOBAEWIITCOID ~ In Time – Every Post Tends To Be Occupied By An Employee Who Is Incompetent To Carry Out Its Duties

~ TCRUIS ~ The Cream Rises Until It Sours

~ EKNL ~ Envy Knows No Logic

~ C-S-A-C-S-ACBTSAORAIP ~ Capitalistic – Socialistic – And – Communistic – Systems – Are Characterized By The Same Accumulation Of Redundant And Incompetent Personnel

~ GLIS ~ Generalized Life-Incompetence Syndrome

~ CI ~ Compulsive Incompetence

~ SCIR-BNCU ~ Summit Competence Is Rare – But Not Completely Unknown

~ IMCOI-TATBADWTBP ~ In Most Cases Of Incompetence – There Appears To Be A Definite Wish To Be Productive

~ TMOI:I+I=I ~ The Mathematics Of Incompetence: Incompetence Plus Incompetence Equals Incompetence

~ TPOS ~ The Pathology Of Success

~ FPS ~ Final Placement Syndrome

~ AWTTSIW ~ A Word To The Sufficient Is Wise

~ OMDTWBSA ~ Our Most Difficult Task Will Be Self-Analysis

~ H:HT! ~ Hierarchiologist: Heal Thyself!

~ 0PQ – Zero Promotion Quotient

~ AOOIIWAPOP ~ An Ounce Of Image Is Worth A Pound Of Performance

~ CI ~ Creative Incompetence

~ CACTSOI ~ Competence Always Contains The Seed Of Incompetence

~ CI ~ Computerized Incompetence

~ TC-LAHE-ISTTPP-IIDGWAF-TIASTTPITMRT-UIRILOI ~ The Computer – Like A Human Employee – Is Subject To The Peter Principle – If It Does Good Work At First – There Is A Strong Tendency To Promote It To More Responsible Tasks – Until It Reaches Its Level Of Incompetence

~ OL-I-P-S-E-I-A-TM-HITWGAFAWCAAFAWCIOBBFTGIWPGO ~ Our Leaders – In – Politics – Science – Education – Industry – And – The Military – Have Insisted That We Go As Fast As We Can And As Far As We Can Inspired Only By Blind Faith That Great Input Will Produce Great Output

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