~ C-A-S-O-S-G-A-N-C-O/O/C/S-W-P/B/S-TBOWHBCOBCAO ~ Chaord – Any – Self-Organizing – Self-Governing – Adaptive – Nonlinear – Complex – Organism / Organization / Community / System – Whether – Physical / Biological / Social – The Behaviour Of Which Harmoniously Blends Characteristics Of Both Chaos And Order

~ DTCACIADW-ACIITC ~ Desire To Command And Control Is A Death Wish – Absolute Control Is In The Coffin

~ OFWTT ~ Only Fools Worship Their Tools

YCLMFWPS-BMIRBWTDNS-LACTTSATS ~ You Can Learn Much From What People Say – But More Is Revealed By What They Do Not Say – Listen As Carefully To The Silence As The Sound

~ PDOSOASGAIU ~ People Deprived Of Self-Organization And Self-Governance Are Inherently Ungovernable

~ GTRC-FNMT-D-D-A-TLTT-QOPCDET ~ Given The Right Circumstances – From No More Than – Dreams – Determination – And – The Liberty To Try – Quite Ordinary People Consistently Do Extraordinary Things

~ ACSODACPACIPOIAFMETLTPADO ~ A Clear Sense Of Direction And Compelling Principles About Conduct In Pursuit Of It Are Far More Effective Than Long-Term Plans And Detailed Objectives

~ FIAINTP-M/B/S ~ Fear Is An Internal Narcotic That Paralyses – Mind / Body / Spirit

~ TPOTWFLSIOOOT ~ The Power Of Things We Fear Lies Solely In Our Opinion Of Them

~ L-ITRM-IMOUTCOCI ~ Language – Invented To Reveal Meaning – Is More Often Used To Confound Or Conceal It

~ WTWTSATGTC-ATBP ~ With The Will To Succeed And The Grace To Compromise – All Things Become Possible

~ MMNTBPNTBIP-ICMTBAITM-BICTTHOMTS ~ Money Motivates Neither The Best People Nor The Best In People – It Can Move The Body And Influence The Mind – But It Cannot Touch The Heart Or Move The Spirit

~ PMCTTITOT-ITWY-FTOR-OTNTCAA ~ People Must Come To Things In Their Own Time – In Their Own Way – For Their Own Reasons – Or They Never Truly Come At All

~ MATLTIYRACT-OYIODT-TGFAB ~ Mistakes Are Toothless Little Things If You Recognize And Correct Them – If You Ignore Or Defend Them – They Grow Fangs And Bite

~ TSWTSTGOTFITAIITM ~ The Surest Way To Satisfy The Greed Of The Few Is To Arouse It In The Many

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