~ TPP ~ The Powerful Placebo

~ ETPBCAS ~ Evidence That Positive Belief Can Alleviate Symptoms

~ DERTP?-WAAS! ~ Does Everyone Respond To Placebos? – We Are All Susceptible!

~ PDJCHYF-TCYB ~ Placebos Don’t Just Change How You Feel – They Change Your Biochemistry

~ TS-BS-SCTPTNE ~ Think Sick – Be Sick – Scientists Call This Phenomenon The Nocebo Effect

~ WTPEDTPOPTEHANC-TCEDTPONB ~ While The Placebo Effect Demonstrates The Power Of Positive Thinking, Expectation, Hope, And Nurturing Care – The Nocebo Effect Demonstrates The Power Of Negative Belief

~ NCRIS-AED-WTPESAO ~ Nocebos Can Result In Sickness – And Even Death – When The Patient Expects Such An Outcome

~ SBTNEICPBAOTSSRTPER ~ Scientists Believe The Nocebo Effect Is Caused Primarily By Activation Of The Same Stress Response The Placebo Effect Relieves

~ YANAVOYG ~ You Are Not A Victim Of Your Genes

~ SNBTES-TLNTEIWWLETAE-CIRPTDHAEWDNAGEICW ~ Scientists Now Believe That External Signals – Things Like Nutrition, The Environment In Which We Live, Even Thoughts And Emotions – Can Influence Regulatory Proteins That Determine How And Even Whether DNA Gets Expressed In Certain Ways

~ TBAPD ~ The Body As A Petri Dish

~ WHITWM ~ What Happened In The Womb Matters

~ EFCAHDNAEI ~ Environmental Factors Can Affect How DNA Expresses Itself

~ AWHOCDCDATROAEITWEAF ~ A Whole Host Of Chronic Diseases Can Develop As The Result Of Adverse Environmental Influences That Were Experienced As Fetuses

~ BMOHYPC ~ Be Mindful Of How You Program Children

~ TGNITNBAH-WTNEALTPH-CBR ~ The Good News Is That Negative Beliefs About Health – Which Trigger Nocebo Effects And Lead To Poor Health – Can Be Reprogrammed

~ IAINWSTWSFTAMMNMATU-OBHARCFSR-WSEOBTDATHL ~ I Am In No Way Suggesting That We Should Forego The Advances Modern Medicine Now Makes Available To Us – Our Bodies Have A Remarkable Capacity For Self-Repair – We Shouldn’t Expect Our Bodies To Do All The Heavy Lifting

~ TDAM ~ The Doctor As Medicine

~ PGW-ALIP-BTBITPOMMAETFRWTSDAOHCSTT ~ Patients Get Well – At Least In Part – Because They Believe In The Power Of Modern Medicine And Expect To Feel Relief When They See Doctors And Other Health-Care Specialists They Trust

~ OOTPOTPAMAD-TIJAI ~ Optimism On The Part Of The Physician Also Makes A Difference – Trust Is Just As Important

~ NECOWAPDMPATTTI ~ Nocebo Effects Can Occur When A Patient Distrusts Medical Personnel And The Therapies They Implement

~ WYDBAM ~ What Your Doctor Believes Also Matters

~ IYDDBACTWW-TTMABLE ~ If The Doctor Doesn’t Believe A Certain Treatment Will Work – The Treatment May Actually Be Less Effective

~ TROM ~ The Ritual Of Medicine

~ TAONCCHY ~ The Absence Of Nurturing Care Can Harm You

~ P-HT ~ Physician – Heal Thyself

~ IITOTRR? ~ Is It The Treatment Or The Relaxation Response?

~ RTHOM ~ Reclaiming The Heart Of Medicine

~ INETFSOTBWTIATHOTM ~ It’s Not Enough To Focus Solely On The Body Without Taking Into Account The Health Of The Mind

~ NUWRTOBAMOOISPSCFEMAEH-WWTH ~ Not Until We Realize That Our Bodies Are Mirrors Of Our Interpersonal, Spiritual, Professional, Sexual, Creative, Financial, Environmental, Mental, And Emotional Health – Will We Truly Heal

~ TBIAROTSOOLE ~ The Body Is A Reflection Of The Sum Of Our Life Experiences

~ TPOE ~ The Physiology Of Emotion

~ WYBIITMOASR-YBSMASRFCTASH ~ When Your Body Is In The Middle Of A Stress Response – Your Body’s Self-Maintenance And Self-Repair Functions Come To A Screeching Halt

~ LPTB ~ Loneliness Poisons The Body

~ STAHR-IRRHSATSOASC-ANJYH-BYP ~ Social Ties And Healthy Relationships – Including Romantic Relationships, Healthy Sexuality, And The Support Of A Spiritual Community – Affect Not Just Your Happiness – But Your Physiology

~ TEOCOLE-HMWCWOPMPTBAIAEWICTPLE ~ The Effect Of Community On Life Expectancy – How Much We Commune With Other People May Prove To Be As Important As Exercise When It Comes To Predicting Life Expectancy

~ SCAH ~ Spiritual Community And Health

~ TPOL-SIF ~ The Physiology Of Loneliness – Suppressed Immune Function

~ PWERCBCOHSPAE ~ People Who Endure Relationships Characterized By Conflict Or Hostility Suffer Physically And Emotionally

~ IYSYWPWMYFLIISTBV-YBWMASR ~ If You Surround Yourself With People Who Make You Feel Like It Isn’t Safe To Be Vulnerable – Your Body Will Manifest A Stress Response

~ TPOV ~ The Power Of Vulnerability

~ DBO ~ Death By Overwork

~ WSALTD ~ Work Stress And Life Threatening Disease

~ U-WS&FS-AL ~ Usually – Work Stress And Financial Stress – Are Linked

~ SLWAHAN ~ Studies Linking Wealth And Health Are Numerous

~ TAALLTGAEDOTEFC-AWTDGC-TMMLTS-TALLTHAOWUD ~ The Affluent Are Less Likely To Get Almost Every Disease Out There Except For Cancer – And When They Do Get Cancer – They’re Much More Likely To Survive – They Are Less Likely To Have Accidents Or Wind Up Disabled

~ POLSSMFLTHLCOTLAWMATBN-WATBSR ~ People Of Lower Socioeconomic Status May Feel Like They Have Less Control Over Their Lives And Worry More About Their Basic Needs – Which Activates The Body’s Stress Response

~ WYMNBATCYFSO-YCCHYMRTMW ~ While You May Not Be Able To Change Your Financial Status Overnight – You Can Change How Your Mind Responds To Money Worries

~ HWAHW ~ Happy Workers Are Healthy Workers

~ U-WETASEECAFAFPIR-HABLTBEH ~ Unsurprisingly – Work Environments That Avoid Shaming Employees, Encourage Creativity, Allow Flexibility, And Foster Positive Interoffice Relationships – Have Also Been Linked To Better Employee Health

~ WWSCLKY-DWYLJMSOL ~ While Work Stress Can Literally Kill You – Doing Work You Love Just Might Save Our Life

~ C&H ~ Creativity And Health

~ CECERRTCSR ~ Creative Expression Can Elicit Relaxation Responses That Counterbalance Stress Responses

~ TLBCAHHBWE ~ The Link Between Creativity And Health Has Been Well Established

~ ATAYTBMCIYLBTPOYBAM ~ Anything That Allows You To Be More Creative In Your Life Benefits The Physiology Of Your Body And Mind

~ HIPM ~ Happiness Is Preventive Medicine

~ MSSTHAHAIL ~ Multiple Studies Show That Happiness And Health Are Inextricably Linked

~ TOOPRBFCBSEHISALL ~ Turns Out Optimistic Patients Recover Better From Coronary Bypass Surgery, Enjoy Healthier Immune Systems, And Live Longer

~ HH ~ Hope Heals

~ LHAI ~ Learned Helplessness And Illness

~ IRAH ~ Immune Response And Helplessness

~ CAAATH ~ Control As An Antidote To Helplessness

~ TPOM ~ The Physiology Of Mood

~ OAHCBL-AYCETPAMHBAAR ~ Optimism And Happiness Can Be Learned – And You Can Enjoy The Physical And Mental Health Benefits As A Result

~ ROWYDI-ICTMTTIYSTHYBR-WVMOOA ~ Regardless Of When You Do It – It’s Crucial To Make The Time In Your Schedule To Help Your Body Relax – Whether Via Meditation Or Other Activities

~ RCWY ~ Remain Compassionate With Yourself

~ IYETSYECCOARTC-YMPATITRRAAWTCTSIYL ~ If You’re Exposed To Stressors You Either Can’t Change Or Aren’t Ready To Change – You Must Prioritize Activities That Induce The Relaxation Response As A Way To Counterbalance The Stresses In Your Life

~ RSC ~ Radical Self Care

~ YNRSC-NJIYHH-BITROYL ~ You Need Radical Self-Care – Not Just In Your Health Habits – But In The Rest Of Your Life

~ MTBRFM ~ Making The Body Ripe For Miracles

~ TWHC ~ The Whole Health Cairn

~ LAC-NJFLFFAHCP-BEFY-APWYEUASHJ ~ Love And Compassion – Not Just From Loving Family, Friends, And Health-Care Providers – But Especially For Yourself – Are Paramount When You’re Embarking Upon A Self-Healing Journey

~ Love Opens Your Heart, Trumps Fear, And Paves The Way For Healing In All Aspects Of Your Life

~ GIAI ~ Gratitude Is Also Important

~ WG-YMFOOWLIYL-RTWYA-TPCS-IOAD-WOISR ~ Without Gratitude – You May Focus Only On What’s Lacking In Your Life – Rather Than What You Appreciate – This Process Can Spiral – Into Overwhelm And Despair – Which Only Increase Stress Responses

~ ESTOIYH ~ Evidence Shows That Optimism, Improves Your Health

~ S-EISW-CBBTMFTBMAS ~ Service – Even In Small Ways – Can Be Big-Time Medicine For The Body, Mind, And Soul

~ APJMTWDTMF-WAPUTBW-EDNO&O ~ And Pleasure Just Makes The Whole Darn Thing More Fun – While Also Perking Up The Body With – Endorphins, Dopamine, Nitric Oxide, And Oxytocin

~ AITH ~ An Invitation To Heal

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