~ TTMS ~ The Two Mindsets

~ TVYAFYPATWYLYL ~ The View You Adopt For Yourself Profoundly Affects The Way You Lead Your Life

~ BTYQACIS-TFM-CAUTPYOAO-IYHO-ACAOI-ACP-A-ACMC-W-TYBPTYHAHDOT ~ Believing That Your Qualities Are Carved In Stone – The Fixed Mindset – Creates An Urgency To Prove Yourself Over And Over – If You Have Only – A Certain Amount Of Intelligence – A Certain Personality – And – A Certain Moral Character – Well – Then You’d Better Prove That You Have A Healthy Dose Of Them

~ TGMIBOTBTYBQATYCCTYE-APTPIU(AU)-TIITFWCBAW-Y-O-P-T-A-T ~ The Growth Mindset Is Based On The Belief That Your Basic Qualities Are Things You Can Cultivate Through Your Efforts – A Person’s True Potential Is Unknown (And Unknowable) – That It’s Impossible To Foresee What Can Be Accomplished With – Years – Of – Passion – Toil – And – Training

~ ISAL-OPYS? ~ Is Success About Learning – Or Proving You’re Smart?

~ PIAGMDJSC-TTOI ~ People In A Growth Mindset Don’t Just Seek Challenge – They Thrive On It

~ WDPWTFMT-WTASWTG-ITGTC-WTNFSOT-TLI ~ When Do People With The Fixed Mindset Thrive? – When Things Are Safely Within Their Grasp – If Things Get Too Challenging – When They’re Not Feeling Smart Or Talented – They Lose Interest

~ TFMDNAPTLOB-THTAB ~ The Fixed Mindset Does Not Allow People The Luxury Of Becoming – They Have To Already Be

~ MOTMAPOOEWCBETHNF ~ Many Of The Most Accomplished People Of Our Era Were Considered By Experts To Have No Future

~ TPIW-S-BTMBTO-AMVHB-ASP-AEP ~ The Problem Is When – Special – Begins To Mean Better Than Others – A More Valuable Human Being – A Superior Person – An Entitled Person

~ MCTMOF ~ Mindsets Change The Meaning Of Failure

~ S/C/B:NARFS ~ Shirk / Cheat / Blame: Not A Recipe For Success

~ BHTASCBITFM-TMGYNGRFOI-IFMYLCOP-TYAAF-WDYGFT? ~ Beyond How Traumatic A Setback Can Be In The Fixed Mindset – This Mindset Gives You No Good Recipe For Overcoming It – If Failure Means You Lack Competence Or Potential – That You Are A Failure – Where Do You Go From There?

~ YCSBITPOLFYMUYDT ~ You Can Still Be In The Process Of Learning From Your Mistakes Until You Deny Them

~ MCTMOE ~ Mindsets Change The Meaning Of Effort

~ TTIWTFMPHTB-BIWMGMPAAABPOTEFWTD ~ The Top Is Where The Fixed-Mindset People Hunger To Be – But It’s Where Many Growth-Minded People Arrive As A By-Product Of Their Enthusiasm For What They Do

~ TGMITBTACBC-BIDTYHMCIPOHLCWT-AIDMTE-LPOV-CBC ~ The Growth Mindset Is The Belief That Abilities Can Be Cultivated – But It Doesn’t Tell You How Much Change Is Possible Or How Long Change Will Take – And It Doesn’t Mean That Everything – Like Preferences Or Values – Can Be Changed

~ PWTFMHJAMCAPWTGM-BAH-TI-B-TCIMFSSAEECUI ~ People With The Fixed Mindset Have Just As Much Confidence As People With The Growth Mindset – Before Anything Happens – That Is – But – Their Confidence Is More Fragile Since Setbacks And Even Effort Can Undermine It

~ PAABWALOL-B-TFMCUI ~ People Are All Born With A Love Of Learning – But – The Fixed Mindset Can Undo It

~ ITSIYPTYTMY?-NPIIAGMP-HCIUIAABFG?-CTWYI ~ Is There Something In Your Past That You Think Measured You? – Now Put It In A Growth-Mindset Perspective – How Can I Use It As A Basis For Growth? – Carry That With You Instead

ITSYAWTDBWAYWGA?-MAPTDI ~ Is There Something You’ve Always Wanted To Do But Were Afraid You Weren’t Good At? – Make A Plan To Do It

~ TLES ~ The Low-Effort Syndrome

~ TFMLA-IFPMWIT-IMED-AILTILS-WM-IMOPIJIOA ~ The Fixed Mindset Limits Achievement – It Fills People’s Minds With Interfering Thoughts – It Makes Effort Disagreeable – And It Leads To Inferior Learning Strategies – What’s More – It Makes Other People Into Judges Instead Of Allies

~ IAAAG? ~ Is Artistic Ability A Gift?

~ TDOPAPL ~ The Danger Of Praise And Positive Labels

~ TPO ~ Trusting People’s Opinions

~ TCOS ~ Taking Charge Of Success

~ ESIATS ~ Every Sport Is A Team Sport

~ HD-CEO&GE-BS? ~ How Did – CEO And Gargantuan Ego – Become Synonymous?

~ WLFTAIBTO-TMSTBTTNOFOTLPCBI ~ When Leaders Feel They Are Inherently Better Than Others – They May Start To Believe That The Needs Or Feelings Of The Lesser People Can Be Ignored

~ TPGHTW ~ The Praised Generation Hits The Workforce

~ ANERIADR-NAGR-ITWTCA-AITWTEARCHAB ~ A No-Effort Relationship Is A Doomed Relationship – Not A Great Relationship – It Takes Work To Communicate Accurately – And It Takes Work To Expose And Resolve Conflicting Hopes And Beliefs

~ CAPICASOP-TANPFC-TTITAEOL-ABFT ~ Choosing A Partner Is Choosing A Set Of Problems – There Are No Problem-Free Candidates – The Trick Is To Acknowledge Each Other’s Limitations – And Build From There

~ EWAACSAM ~ Every Word And Action Can Send A Message

~ CLTM-CPOTM ~ Children Learn The Messages – Children Pass On The Messages

~ WITMISH:IWJAPY?-OIWHYTAL? ~ What Is The Message I’m Sending Here: I Will Judge And Punish You? – Or I Will Help You Think And Learn?

~ MCBALADM ~ Mindsets Can Be A Life-And-Death Matter

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