~ AAPIAWTNAGOCS ~ An Art Practice Is A Way To Nurture And Grow Our Creative Spirits

~ LWWA ~ Loving Where We Are

~ OWTTUIBLTMAO ~ One Way To Trip Up Is By Looking Too Much At Others

~ GOOTW ~ Getting Out Of The Way

~ IFACMTOTWC ~ It’s From A Clear Mind That Our True Work Comes

~ TNNTGHUOS-SO-LIM-WL-WGTETPOOMATMC-LAH ~ There’s No Need To Get Hung Up On Supplies – So Often – Less Is More – With Less – We Get To Explore The Parameters Of Our Materials And Think More Conceptually – Limitations Are Helpful

~ ABRCHUGS-ITTFOBLTOP ~ A Beginning Ritual Can Help Us Get Started – It’s The Transition From Our Busy Lives To Our Practice

~ BAOI ~ Be Aware Of Inertia

~ DM:LOC ~ Dear Me: Letter Of Commitment

~ SAAC ~ Start An Art Club

~ WTS ~ Work The Sketchbook

~ F-LAOTMM ~ First – Let’s Allow Ourselves To Make Mistakes

~ CAAJ ~ Create An Art Journal

~ HOE ~ Hands-On Exercises

~ DWYS ~ Draw What You See

~ DRI ~ Draw From Imagination

~ SAA ~ Study An Artist

~ LNS ~ Learn New Skills

~ EM ~ Explore Materials

~ WWTM ~ Work With The Mind

~ LO ~ Look Outward

~ LI ~ Look Inward

~ TA ~ Take Action

~ TGOAWJNTBO-WMAALTAOOA-BTDMITWWWW ~ To Grow Our Art We Just Need To Be Ourselves – We May Admire And Love The Art Of Other Artists – But That Doesn’t Mean It’s The Way We Will Work

~ CWP ~ Connect With Purpose

~ GTW ~ Grow The Work

~ TSS ~ Take Small Steps

~ WCTSS-TNH-WMTTI-BIJAT-SWBMQL ~ We Can Take Small Steps – There’s No Hurry – We Might Think There Is – But It’s Just A Thought – Soon We’ll Be Making Quantum Leaps

~ ECB ~ Enjoy Creative Blocks

~ MSN ~ Make Something New

~ CABOW ~ Create A Body Of Work

~ TYWITW ~ Take Your Work Into The World

~ SAIAOIT-AWKFH-AGC ~ Some Art Is Ahead Of Its Time – As We Know From History – Art Grows Consciousness

~ RMAMOWNR-WNTBOTT-WAGAA-WC-CD-LWC-UWRWU-A-CO-WCATOAWTLASOJTODOA ~ Rejection May Also Mean Our Work Needs Refining – We Need To Be Open To This – We’re All Growing As Artists – We Can – Cultivate Detachment – Listen With Care – Use What Resonates With Us – And – Carry On – We Can Appreciate That Others Are Willing To Look And Share Our Journey To One Degree Or Another

~ S/C/G ~ Share / Collaborate / Give

~ IAJ ~ It’s A Journey

~ TAOOTP-AOLMOT-SATWWTATTWTO-DSSTFLT ~ There Are Obstacles On The Path – Some Are Obvious Like Money Or Time – Some Are The Way We Think And The Things We Tell Ourselves – Discouragements So Subtle They Feel Like Truth

~ SWHAISOWWAAATLWWRAOITC ~ Sometimes We Harbor An Inflated Sense Of Who We Are As Artists That Leaves Who We Really Are Out In The Cold

~ O&O-OPISTRTTPMATDTW ~ Over And Over – Our Practice Is Simply To Return To The Present Moment And To Doing The Work

~ TWTLOOITWWTM-WCWFTTSOEARWTTA ~ The Way To Leap Over Obstacles Is To Work With The Mind – We Can Watch For Thoughts That Subvert Our Endeavors And Replace With Thoughts That Affirm

~ MOUNTSO-AMOUWLTMALFOA ~ Most Of Us Need To Support Ourselves – And Many Of Us Would Love To Make A Living From Our Art

~ WCCOWAOGH-IOFIOAPSTM ~ We Can Compromise Our Work And Our Good Humor – If Our Focus In Our Art Practice Shifts To Money

~ WCMMFOA-GTDH ~ We Can Make Money From Our Art – Good Things Do Happen

~ SAAFOWTMALSANTCOA ~ Some Artists Advise Finding Other Ways To Make A Living So As Not To Compromise Our Art

~ ITCWNTBAT-TWIWWAOW-SJAL-IOTSI ~ It’s That Compromise We Need To Be Alert To – Those Ways In Which We Alter Our Work – Sometimes Just A Little – In Order To Sell It

~ SAESCKUS ~ Sometimes An Easy Success Can Keep Us Stuck

~ BTAWA ~ Being The Artists We Are


~ PTDD ~ Post-Traumatic Dieting Disorder

~ TOMTRTA:OWSAB’I’ ~ The One Myth That Rules Them All: Our Weights Should All Be – “Ideal”

~ BH ~ Banish Hunger

~ PHFE ~ Preemptive Hunger-Free Eating

~ YLTLTGSWAFCIYGIH-YLTEMAMIIYSDTAMH-HMAAOC ~ You’re Likely To Leave The Grocery Store With A Fuller Cart If You’ve Gone In Hungry – You’re Likely To Eat More And More Indulgently If You Sit Down To A Meal Hungry – Hunger Most Assuredly Affects Our Choices

~ WCIDRNTICBPO? ~ What Can I Do Right Now That I Can Be Proud Of?

~ WCIDRNTWHALB? ~ What Can I Do Right Now That Will Help A Little Bit?

~ SISAWTC ~ Some Indulgences Simply Aren’t Worth Their Calories

~ HMOIDINTBH? ~ How Much Of It Do I Need To Be Happy?

~ CYIST ~ Change Your Internal Sound Track

~ OYCWYFATBOYRNSTP-YNTCOAHOSTSDART ~ Once You’ve Collected What You Feel Are The Bulk Of Your Recurrent Negative Self-Talking Points – You’ll Need To Carve Out An Hour Or So To Sit Down And Rewrite Them

~ CIESKAFD?-M ~ Can I Ever Stop Keeping A Food Diary? – Maybe

~ SA ~ Scale Addiction

~ SS ~ Scale Seduction

~ SA ~ Scale Avoidance

~ HTUTSTYA ~ How To Use The Scale To Your Advantage

~ SH ~ Scale Holidays

~ IIA-‘P’-O-IIA-‘F’~ Is It A – “Plateau” – Or – Is It A – “Floor”

~ SCTWM ~ Sleep’s Crucial To Weight Management

~ HALOPATFM-MCEMFAV-AALLTSB ~ Having At Least One Parent At The Family Meal – Means Children Eat More Fruits And VegetablesAnd Are Less Likely To Skip Breakfast

~ TMFJABBYHAH-TLAFAVYKWE ~ The More Fruit Juice And Breakfast Bars You Have At Home – The Less Actual Fruits And Vegetables Your Kids Will Eat

~ TMOMAEIFOTT-TLOTFSDTET ~ The More Often Meals Are Eaten In Front Of The Television The Less Often The Family Sits Down To Eat Together

~ TMFIUAAR-TMYKWDSSB ~ The More Food Is Used As A Reward The More Your Kids Will Drink Sugar-Sweetened Beverages


~ WMFOAUTITANP-SAIAC-TATPAFOOOSTA ~ We Must Focus On And Use The Intangibles That Are Not Peaking – Such As Ingenuity And Cooperation – To Address The Problems Arising From Our Overuse Of Substances That Are

~ OCSTFDA-AIAAAS-MBTMATAFTUOFF-ATDTA-P-E-A-I-AP ~ Our Central Survival Task For The Decades Ahead – As Individuals And As A Species – Must Be To Make A Transition Away From The Use Of Fossil Fuels – And To Do This As – Peacefully – Equitably – And – Intelligently – As Possible

~ WWWAMOP-AIOTNWWAG-IIINTSGSOHDTTGE ~ While We Were Achieving Miracles Of Productivity – Agriculture’s Impact On The Natural World Was Also Growing – Indeed It Is Now The Single Greatest Source Of Human Damage To The Global Environment

~ TK-MF! ~ The Key – More Farmers!

~ CATUTTWPGTFITMRDOVAOSC ~ Cultural Anthropology Teaches Us That The Way People Get Their Food Is The Most Reliable Determinant Of Virtually All Other Social Characteristics

~ AABIHH-WWMIUAWGA-IRTNAO ~ As Always Before In Human History – We Will Make It Up As We Go Along – In Response To Necessity And Opportunity

~ WCBSWCITEITPHWWOOASS-AVEPOPATWOMS ~ What Can Be Said With Confidence Is That Everything In The Post-Hydrocarbon World Will Operate On A Smaller Scale – And Virtually Every Process Of Production And Transport Will Occur More Slowly

~ MWW-HWJAOHT-WNNDATSTPP-NWTCOTFU ~ Malthus Wasn’t Wrong – He Was Just Ahead Of His Time – We Need Not Do Anything To Solve The Population Problem – Nature Will Take Care Of That For Us

~ TLWWTFOO ~ The Longer We Wait The Fewer Our Options

~ HAHWF-FOFRTAOD-BHAIITRETSDPTAHTP ~ Humans Are Hard-Wired For – Flight-Or-Fight Responses To Adversity Or Danger – But Have An Innate Inability To Respond Effectively To Slowly Developing Problems That Are Hard To Personalize

~ D-A-B-D-A-F-A ~ Denial – Anger – Bargaining – Depression – And – Finally – Acceptance

~ A-M-P-E-A-TGP-WAHTGSW-ADSQ-TOCITIATPOFC ~ Advertisers – Manufacturers – Politicians – Economists – And – The General Public – Will All Have To Grow Some Wisdom – And Do So Quickly – To Override Customary Impulses Toward Individualism And The Preservation Of Familiar Comforts

~ TIAGTHP-DC-CWFG-MRTAOSTDOOS-TIAD ~ This Is A Generation That Has Practiced – Diachronic Competition – Competition With Future Generations – More Ruthlessly Than Any Other Since The Dawn Of Our Species – The Implications Are Devastating

~ ITDAWWBGTH ~ In The Decades Ahead We Will Be Going Through Hell

~ FGVTVFM ~ From Global Village To Village Flea Market


~ FC ~ Food Coop

~ CFC-I-C-FP-FP-A-FSF-AALC(OOLBB)TSSLP ~ Community Food Center – Including – Commercial – Food-Processing – Food-Preserving – And – Food-Storage Facilities – Available At Low Cost (Or On Labour-Barter Basis) To Small-Scale Local Producers

~ CC-R-AWA-CBGPFSK ~ Community Garden – Rental – As Well As – Communal Beds Growing Produce For Soup Kitchens

~ HC-OFOIWCI-N-C-A-F ~ Health Center – Offering Free Or Inexpensive Wellness Classes In – Nutrition – Cooking – And – Fitness

~ F(A/OB)HC ~ Free (And/Or Barter) Health Clinic

~ CAMHS ~ Counseling And Mental Health Services

~ TL ~ Tool Library

~ OSCSOIM ~ Open-Source Customizable Sets Of Industrial Machines

~ WC-TCPWHCUSWNITC Work Center – That Connects People Who Have Currently Unused Skills With Needs In The Community

~ LC ~ Legal Clinic

~ CU-OLIOENIL ~ Credit Union – Offering Low-Interest Or Even No-Interest Loans

~ R/RCTTWIROVK-ICAS-AIRORP ~ Recycling/Re-Use Center That Turns Waste Into Resources Of Various Kinds – Including Compost And Scrap – And Into Re-Manufactured Or Re-Usable Products

~ C-OI ~ Co-Op Incubator

~ LCHAC ~ Local-Currency Headquarters And Clearinghouse

~ LTEI-I-CS-RS-BCO-APTH ~ Local-Transport Enterprise Incubator – Including – Car-Share – Ride-Share – Bicycle Co-Ops – A Public Transit Hub

~ SC-CAHWPWNAR-IRAOFLOSIFP-AWAVFOSS ~ Shelter Clearinghouse – Connecting Available Housing With People Who Need A Roof – Including Rentals And Opportunities For Legal Organized Squatting In Foreclosed Properties – As Well As Various Forms Of Space Sharing

~ CEC-OFOLCCISUFGBITNE ~ Community Education Centers – Offering Free Or Low-Cost Classes In Skills Useful For Getting By In The New Economy


~ CCIFMDOSTASCC ~ Corporate Crime Inflicts Far More Damage On Society Than All Street Crime Combined

~ CCIOVC ~ Corporate Crime Is Often Violent Crime

~ CCATOCCITUSTHTPTDTLUWTL ~ Corporate Criminals Are The Only Criminal Class In The United States That Have The Power To Define The Laws Under Which They Live

~ CCIDUP ~ Corporate Crime Is Dramatically Under-Prosecuted

~ CCPADUF ~ Corporate Crime Prosecutors Are Dramatically Under-Funded

~ MCGOOPIGAOOFBC ~ Many Consumer Groups Or Other Public Interest Groups Are Owned Or Financed By Corporations

~ TMDTMMCCPS ~ The Market Doesn’t Take Most Modern Corporate Criminal Prosecutions Seriously