~ FC ~ Food Coop

~ CFC-ICFPFPAFSF-AALC(OOLBB)TSSLP ~ Community Food Center – Including Commercial Food-Processing, Food-Preserving, And Food-Storage Facilities – Available At Low Cost (Or On Labour-Barter Basis) To Small-Scale Local Producers

~ CC-R-AWA-CBGPFSK ~ Community Garden – Rental – As Well As – Communal Beds Growing Produce For Soup Kitchens

~ HC-OFOIWCI-NCAF ~ Health Center – Offering Free Or Inexpensive Wellness Classes In – Nutrition, Cooking, And Fitness

~ F(A/OB)HC ~ Free (And/Or Barter) Health Clinic

~ CAMHS ~ Counseling And Mental Health Services

~ TL ~ Tool Library

~ OSCSOIM ~ Open-Source Customizable Sets Of Industrial Machines

~ WC-TCPWHCUSWNITC Work Center – That Connects People Who Have Currently Unused Skills With Needs In The Community

~ LC ~ Legal Clinic

~ CU-OLIOENIL ~ Credit Union – Offering Low-Interest Or Even No-Interest Loans

~ R/RCTTWIROVK-ICAS-AIRORP ~ Recycling/Re-Use Center That Turns Waste Into Resources Of Various Kinds – Including Compost And Scrap – And Into Re-Manufactured Or Re-Usable Products

~ C-OI ~ Co-Op Incubator

~ LCHAC ~ Local-Currency Headquarters And Clearinghouse

~ LTEI-I-CS-RS-BCO-APTH ~ Local-Transport Enterprise Incubator – Including – Car-Share – Ride-Share – Bicycle Co-Ops – A Public Transit Hub

~ SC-CAHWPWNAR-IRAOFLOSIFP-AWAVFOSS ~ Shelter Clearinghouse – Connecting Available Housing With People Who Need A Roof – Including Rentals And Opportunities For Legal Organized Squatting In Foreclosed Properties – As Well As Various Forms Of Space Sharing

~ CEC-OFOLCCISUFGBITNE ~ Community Education Centers – Offering Free Or Low-Cost Classes In Skills Useful For Getting By In The New Economy

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