~ WMFOAUTITANP-SAIAC-TATPAFOOOSTA ~ We Must Focus On And Use The Intangibles That Are Not Peaking – Such As Ingenuity And Cooperation – To Address The Problems Arising From Our Overuse Of Substances That Are

~ OCSTFDA-AIAAAS-MBTMATAFTUOFF-ATDTA-P-E-A-I-AP ~ Our Central Survival Task For The Decades Ahead – As Individuals And As A Species – Must Be To Make A Transition Away From The Use Of Fossil Fuels – And To Do This As – Peacefully – Equitably – And – Intelligently – As Possible

~ WWWAMOP-AIOTNWWAG-IIINTSGSOHDTTGE ~ While We Were Achieving Miracles Of Productivity – Agriculture’s Impact On The Natural World Was Also Growing – Indeed It Is Now The Single Greatest Source Of Human Damage To The Global Environment

~ TK-MF! ~ The Key – More Farmers!

~ CATUTTWPGTFITMRDOVAOSC ~ Cultural Anthropology Teaches Us That The Way People Get Their Food Is The Most Reliable Determinant Of Virtually All Other Social Characteristics

~ AABIHH-WWMIUAWGA-IRTNAO ~ As Always Before In Human History – We Will Make It Up As We Go Along – In Response To Necessity And Opportunity

~ WCBSWCITEITPHWWOOASS-AVEPOPATWOMS ~ What Can Be Said With Confidence Is That Everything In The Post-Hydrocarbon World Will Operate On A Smaller Scale – And Virtually Every Process Of Production And Transport Will Occur More Slowly

~ MWW-HWJAOHT-WNNDATSTPP-NWTCOTFU ~ Malthus Wasn’t Wrong – He Was Just Ahead Of His Time – We Need Not Do Anything To Solve The Population Problem – Nature Will Take Care Of That For Us

~ TLWWTFOO ~ The Longer We Wait The Fewer Our Options

~ HAHWF-FOFRTAOD-BHAIITRETSDPTAHTP ~ Humans Are Hard-Wired For – Flight-Or-Fight Responses To Adversity Or Danger – But Have An Innate Inability To Respond Effectively To Slowly Developing Problems That Are Hard To Personalize

~ D-A-B-D-A-F-A ~ Denial – Anger – Bargaining – Depression – And – Finally – Acceptance

~ A-M-P-E-A-TGP-WAHTGSW-ADSQ-TOCITIATPOFC ~ Advertisers – Manufacturers – Politicians – Economists – And – The General Public – Will All Have To Grow Some Wisdom – And Do So Quickly – To Override Customary Impulses Toward Individualism And The Preservation Of Familiar Comforts

~ TIAGTHP-DC-CWFG-MRTAOSTDOOS-TIAD ~ This Is A Generation That Has Practiced – Diachronic Competition – Competition With Future Generations – More Ruthlessly Than Any Other Since The Dawn Of Our Species – The Implications Are Devastating

~ ITDAWWBGTH ~ In The Decades Ahead We Will Be Going Through Hell

~ FGVTVFM ~ From Global Village To Village Flea Market

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