~ ASTCTUCRUWC ~ Any Society That Continues To Use Critical Resources Unsustainably Will Collapse

~ PGAOGITROCORCBS ~ Population Growth And/Or Growth In The Rates Of Consumption Of Resources Cannot Be Sustained

~ TUORRMPAARTILTOETTRONR ~ The Use Of Renewable Resources Must Proceed At A Rate That Is Less Than Or Equal To The Rate Of Natural Replenishment

~ TUONRRMPAARTID-ATRODMBGTOETTROD ~ The Use Of Non-Renewable Resources Must Proceed At A Rate That Is Declining – And The Rate Of Decline Must Be Greater Than Or Equal To The Rate Of Depletion

~ SRTSIITEFHABMARHTBF ~ Sustainability Requires That Substances Introduced Into The Environment From Human Activities Be Minimized And Rendered Harmless To Biosphere Functions


~ ISHTSOBEOAN-STICBR-U-T-A-R ~ It Should Have The Structure Our Brains Expect Of A Narrative – So That It Can Be Readily – Understood – Told – And – Retold

~ ISHPAA-DBWTPOCSF-AWTPOCCS-MCWTAR ~ It Should Have Protagonists And Antagonists – Defining Both What The Party Or Candidate Stands For – And What The Party Or Candidate Cannot Stand – Most Centrally What The Antagonists Represent

~ ISBC-RFLOIOITMIPLMFOTIOICAC ~ It Should Be Coherent – Requiring Few Leaps Of Inference Or Imagination To Make Its Plot Line Move Forward Or The Intentions Of Its Central Actors Clear

~ ISHACM(AGSM-WRTTPV) ~ It Should Have A Clear Moral (And Generally Subordinate Morals – Which Refer To The Party’s Values)

~ ISBVAM ~ It Should Be Vivid And Memorable

~ ISBM ~ It Should Be Moving

~ ISHCETARVOP-TMIMAEI ~ It Should Have Central Elements That Are Readily Visualized Or Pictured – To Maximize Its Memorability And Emotional Impact

~ ISBRIP-BSTIIEEASTICARIIA ~ It Should Be Rich In Metaphor – Both So That It Is Emotionally Evocative And So That It Creates And Reinforces Its Intended Analogies

~ ISTEOTOS-IIM-ARTAIO ~ It Should Take Elements Of The Opposition’s Story – Including Its Metaphors – And Recast Them As Its Own

~ F-ITSITPMN-ISBASIFWWTTTC-TCBIIACB-B-ISB-SC-C-A-C-TIMUORAWTTWWTCTITVIE ~ Finally – If The Story Is The Party’s Master Narrative – It Should Be A Story Its Framers Would Want To Tell Their Children – That Could Be Illustrated In A Children’s Book – Because – It Should Be – So Clear – Compelling – And – Central – To Its Members’ Understanding Of Right And Wrong That They Would Want Their Children To Internalize The Values It Embodies


~ MCO-C-N-A-AUTCO ~ Maximize Chance Opportunities – Create – Notice – And – Act Upon The Chance Opportunities

~ HARATL-BOTNE ~ Have A Relaxed Attitude Toward Life – Be Open To New Experiences

~ LTLH-LTGFAHALTDHTMATYL ~ Listen To Lucky Hunches – Listen To Gut Feelings And Hunches And Learn To Determine How They May Apply To Your Life

~ EGF-EOGLATFHFDAA ~ Expect Good Fortune – Expectations Of Good Luck About The Future Help Fulfil Dreams And Ambitions

~ EIWOTBLAS ~ Expect Interactions With Others To Be Lucky And Successful

~ TBLIG-LTLMPALFTOTMBCW ~ Turn Bad Luck Into Good – Learn The Lessons Misfortune Presents And Look For The Opportunities That May Be Contained Within

~ DNDOBL ~ Do Not Dwell On Bad Luck

~ TCSTPMBLITF ~ Take Constructive Steps To Prevent More Bad Luck In The Future

~ BCTAIFW-ITLR-WOFTB ~ Be Convinced That Any Ill Fortune Will – In The Long Run – Work Out For The Best


~ DFWHLT-VEIAUMTLP ~ Don’t Forget What Happened Last Time – Viewing Each Innovation As Unique Misses The Larger Pattern

~ BSAAC ~ Be Skeptical About Astonishing Claims

~ WEDWHTTIWAW?-ITAETIMNW? ~ What Evidence Do We Have That This Innovation Will Actually Work? – Is There Any Evidence Suggesting That It Might Not Work?

~ DWHAEFWTCIETCAFTVOTEB-AWITBFTE? ~ Do We Have Any Estimates For What The Change Is Expected To Cost, And For The Value Of The Expected Benefits – And What Is The Basis For Those Estimates?

~ TBOPOTBOTMTC ~ The Burden Of Proof Ought To Be On Those Making The Claims

~ CTIOPE-TLAIHBA-TMEOTBARIE ~ Continue To Insist On Persuasive Evidence – The Longer An Innovation Has Been Around – The More Evidence Ought To Be Available Regarding Its Effectiveness

~ AFAOCAEIOHDNCPSE ~ A Favorable Anecdote Or Comments About Early Indications Or Hopes Does Not Constitute Particularly Strong Evidence

~ DFOTFOBLB ~ Don’t Focus On The Fear Of Being Left Behind

~ EII-ATGTR-TMIHGEOTBIDWTTTR ~ Evidence Is Important – And The Greater The Risk – The More Important Having Good Evidence Ought To Be In Deciding Whether To Take That Risk

~ WTFTMOTPGTAMB-BWUDTC ~ When They Focus Too Much On The Potential Gains That Adoption Might Bring – People Wind Up Downplaying The Potential Costs

~ R:PRPTD-DATAONTAWWTTBAMQP-NWTPTM ~ Remember: People Rarely Proclaim Their Disappointments – Disillusionment And The Abandonment Of Novelties That Aren’t Working Well Tend To Be A Much Quieter Process – Nobody Wants To Publicize Their Mistakes

~ ISEWTTEIN-YNTBL ~ If Somebody Eventually Whispers That The Emperor Is Naked You Need To Be Listening