~ DFWHLT-VEIAUMTLP ~ Don’t Forget What Happened Last Time – Viewing Each Innovation As Unique Misses The Larger Pattern

~ BSAAC ~ Be Skeptical About Astonishing Claims

~ WEDWHTTIWAW?-ITAETIMNW? ~ What Evidence Do We Have That This Innovation Will Actually Work? – Is There Any Evidence Suggesting That It Might Not Work?

~ DWHAEFWTCIETC-AFTVOTEB-A-WITBFTE? ~ Do We Have Any Estimates For What The Change Is Expected To Cost – And For The Value Of The Expected Benefits – And – What Is The Basis For Those Estimates?

~ TBOPOTBOTMTC ~ The Burden Of Proof Ought To Be On Those Making The Claims

~ CTIOPE-TLAIHBA-TMEOTBARIE ~ Continue To Insist On Persuasive Evidence – The Longer An Innovation Has Been Around – The More Evidence Ought To Be Available Regarding Its Effectiveness

~ AFAOCAEIOHDNCPSE ~ A Favorable Anecdote Or Comments About Early Indications Or Hopes Does Not Constitute Particularly Strong Evidence

~ DFOTFOBLB ~ Don’t Focus On The Fear Of Being Left Behind

~ EII-ATGTR-TMIHGEOTBIDWTTTR ~ Evidence Is Important – And The Greater The Risk – The More Important Having Good Evidence Ought To Be In Deciding Whether To Take That Risk

~ WTFTMOTPGTAMB-BWUDTC ~ When They Focus Too Much On The Potential Gains That Adoption Might Bring – People Wind Up Downplaying The Potential Costs

~ R:PRPTD-DATAONTAWWTTBAMQP-NWTPTM ~ Remember: People Rarely Proclaim Their Disappointments – Disillusionment And The Abandonment Of Novelties That Aren’t Working Well Tend To Be A Much Quieter Process – Nobody Wants To Publicize Their Mistakes

~ ISEWTTEIN-YNTBL ~ If Somebody Eventually Whispers That The Emperor Is Naked – You Need To Be Listening

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