~ MCO-C-N-A-AUTCO ~ Maximize Chance Opportunities – Create – Notice – And – Act Upon The Chance Opportunities

~ HARATL-BOTNE ~ Have A Relaxed Attitude Toward Life – Be Open To New Experiences

~ LTLH-LTGFAHALTDHTMATYL ~ Listen To Lucky Hunches – Listen To Gut Feelings And Hunches And Learn To Determine How They May Apply To Your Life

~ EGF-EOGLATFHFDAA ~ Expect Good Fortune – Expectations Of Good Luck About The Future Help Fulfil Dreams And Ambitions

~ EIWOTBLAS ~ Expect Interactions With Others To Be Lucky And Successful

~ TBLIG-LTLMPALFTOTMBCW ~ Turn Bad Luck Into Good – Learn The Lessons Misfortune Presents And Look For The Opportunities That May Be Contained Within

~ DNDOBL ~ Do Not Dwell On Bad Luck

~ TCSTPMBLITF ~ Take Constructive Steps To Prevent More Bad Luck In The Future

~ BCTAIFW-ITLR-WOFTB ~ Be Convinced That Any Ill Fortune Will – In The Long Run – Work Out For The Best

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