~ RTONATALFTWI-ATSMINKAHTAODWN-WMCVDIWHC ~ Recognizing That Our Needs And Tastes Are Less Fixed Than We’d Imagined – And That So Much Is Now Known About How To Align Our Desires With Nature – We Might Choose Very Differently If We Had Choice

~ WTWWKWHAE-WEFU-ATWC ~ We Thrive When We Know We Have An Effect – When We Feel Useful – And That We Count

~ DITLCOD ~ Depression Is The Leading Cause Of Disability

~ WMLTAWWBOA-SSOEPIA ~ We’re More Likely To Act When We Believe Others Are – Spread Stories Of Everyday People In Action

~ WHRMPTETRBA ~ We Humans Respond More Powerfully To Emotional Than Reason-Based Appeals

~ S-WCB-S-FOMG-A-NC-WAEDCF-C-E-F-E-M-A-C ~ Sure – We Can Be – Selfish – Fixated On Material Gain – And – Narrowly Competitive – We’ve Also Evolved Deep Capacities For – Cooperation – Empathy – Fairness – Efficacy – Meaning – And – Creativity

~ ESOHA-IR ~ Every Sort Of Human Activity – Involves Rules

~ WCCGR-TTESL ~ We Can Create Good Rules – Those That Effectively Serve Life

~ THOCAPTWMFRPIDS ~ The History Of Corporations Accruing Protections That Were Meant For Real People Is Deadly Serious

~ SIC-IWCOOTPTSDOSA ~ Shared-Interest Capitalism – In Which Corporations Operate On The Premise That Success Depends On Society’s Advancement

~ WCTVWWSAMAWWO-WKUAAMAWWE ~ We Come To Value What We Share As Much As What We Own – Which Keeps Us Alive As Much As What We Exchange

~ TPOCCITPHBIO ~ The Point Of Commons Care Is To Prevent Harm Before It Occurs

~ ‘FJ’-ATTWJALOTTWFU ~ “Future Justice” – Adding To The World’s Jurisprudence A Legal Obligation To Those Who Follow Us

~ ISWPTPOCWFDPDM-AI-ITVOC-‘PHG’~ It Starts With Preventing The Power Of Concentrated Wealth From Distorting Political Decision Making – And Instead – Infusing The Voice Of Citizens – “Publicly Held Government”

~ TMITDMP-TGTAOITGW-AT-T-TBTD ~ The More Inclusive The Decision-Making Process – The Greater The Amount Of Information That Gets Weighed – And Thus – Typically – The Better The Decision

~ DIASWCL ~ Democracy Is A Skill We Can Learn

~ CPCLTTSGOTW ~ Centralized Power Cannot Lead To The Sustained Good Of The Whole

~ TCA-SI-VIS-AC-TSDOTT-DE-CS-AP-OPMA ~ Today’s Crises Are – So Interrelated – Vast In Scope – And Complex – That Solutions Depend On Tapping The – Direct Experience – Common Sense – And Passion – Of People Most Affected


~ IYKWYWYCHI-SYI-FOTO-BCAWYWIL-CMYDCT ~ If You Know What You Want You Can Have It – Setting Your Intent – Focusing On The Outcome – Being Clear About What You Want In Life – Can Make Your Dreams Come True

~ WDYG-DWYWD-ACDTATINRWOWW-BEDID-AISW ~ Write Down Your Goal – Date Whatever You Write Down – Anybody Can Do This And There Is No Right Way Or Wrong Way – Because Everyone Does It Differently – And It Still Works

~ HFYB-PIOPATPOYB-RAS-LAFSOTB-WIDSUTF-TBWSYAKO-I-E-I ~ Help From Your Brain – Putting It On Paper Alerts The Part Of Your Brain – Reticular Activating System – Like A Filtering System Of The Brain – Writing It Down Sets Up The Filter – The Brain Will Send You All Kinds Of – Innovative – Energizing – Ideas

~ YWFTBOTPAIIYDCUWASFRART-TGYIIATCTY-AKOSBFYB-IWSYEM ~ You Will Forget The Best Of The Plans And Ideas If You Don’t Come Up With A System For Recording And Reviewing Them – To Gather Your Ideas Immediately As They Come To You – A Kind Of Suggestion Box For Your Brain – It Will Send You Even More

~ WAFFDOWYWIOWOSYBTIAAY-ARTRI-TMPYCB-TMRYA ~ Writing A Full-Fledged Description Of What You Want Is One Way Of Saying You Believe That It’s Attainable – And You Are Ready To Receive It – The More Precise You Can Be – The More Ready You Are

~ WWIOYM-TTT-WTTRUTF-TBS-IORPTPWYTYHROOIOS ~ Write Whatever Is On Your Mind – Tell The Truth – Writing Through To Resolution Unmasks The Fear – The Best Stuff – Is Often Right Past The Place Where You Think You Have Run Out Of Ideas Or Solutions

~ HDYKFLH?-BFOTDO-WATO ~ How Do You Keep From Losing Heart? – By Focusing On The Desired Outcome – Writing About The Outcome

~ IIUTYTTTPETBWTPYDIW-ATTTFS-EWNE-TIWAH ~ It Is Up To You To Trust The Possibility Enough To Be Willing To Put Your Dream In Writing – And To Take The First Step – Even With No Evidence – That It Will Actually Happen

~ IYASAHWYWIL-DTMSWLMPAAWTSYOAAYA-IIAFTFFWTKIPR ~ If You Are Serious About Having What You Want In Life – Determine To Meet Systematically With Like-Minded People As A Way To Spur You On And Assess Your Advancement – It Is A Fan-To-Fan Forum Where The Key Is Positive Reinforcement

~ (Y)WID-(Y)MIH ~ (You) Write It Down – (You) Make It Happen

~ RHM-WIYLAYR?-BIOSEASE-SWTTGIOOYS-ATKWUYCTTT-WIIAYTRTTNS? ~ Resistance Has Meaning – What In Your Life Are You Resisting? – Blame It On Someone Else And Something Else – Start With That To Get It Out Of Your System – And Then Keep Writing Until You Come To The Truth – What Is It About You That Resists Taking This Next Step?

~ IL-WONTBWTGROTO-TWNLSU-TMRF-TPFTN ~ In Life – We Often Need To Be Willing To Get Rid Of The Old – That Which No Longer Serves Us – To Make Room For – To Prepare For The New

~ GT ~ Give Thanks

~ CATVAGYACTSAHTAY-F-F-A-O-WHMYDAR ~ Celebration Acknowledges The Victory And Gives You A Chance To Stop And Honor Those Around You – Family – Friends – And – Others – Who Helped Make Your Dream A Reality

~ FAPWATBIYL-MIAL-SWTSAO ~ Fill A Page With All The Blessings In Your Life – Make It A Litany – Start With The Small And Obvious

~ WYDCT-C-MTCICAOKTO-ABSTTATWHYOYW ~ When Your Dream Comes True – Celebrate – Make That Celebration Include Conscious Acts Of Kindness Toward Others – And Be Sure To Thank All Those Who Helped You On Your Way

~ WYRTST-WYLYLIASOG-LWPYWEMTFWTBG ~ When You Remember To Say Thanks – When You Live Your Life In A Spirit Of Gratefulness – Life Will Present You With Even More Things For Which To Be Grateful

~ T&ET ~ Thanks And Ever Thanks