~ RTONATALFTWI-ATSMINKAHTAODWN-WMCVDIWHC ~ Recognizing That Our Needs And Tastes Are Less Fixed Than We’d Imagined And That So Much Is Now Known About How To Align Our Desires With Nature We Might Choose Very Differently If We Had Choice

~ WTWWKWHAE-WEFU-ATWC ~ We Thrive When We Know We Have An Effect When We Feel Useful – And That We Count

~ DITLCOD ~ Depression Is The Leading Cause Of Disability

~ WMLTAWWBOA-SSOEPIA ~ We’re More Likely To Act When We Believe Others Are – Spread Stories Of Everyday People In Action

~ WHRMPTETRBA ~ We Humans Respond More Powerfully To Emotional Than Reason-Based Appeals

~ S-WCB-SFOMGANC-WAEDCF-CEFEMAC ~ Sure – We Can Be – Selfish, Fixated On Material Gain, And Narrowly Competitive – We’ve Also Evolved Deep Capacities For – Cooperation, Empathy, Fairness, Efficacy, Meaning, And Creativity

~ ESOHA-IR ~ Every Sort Of Human Activity – Involves Rules

~ WCCGR-TTESL ~ We Can Create Good Rules – Those That Effectively Serve Life

~ THOCAPTWMFRPIDS ~ The History Of Corporations Accruing Protections That Were Meant For Real People Is Deadly Serious

~ SIC-IWCOOTPTSDOSA ~ Shared-Interest Capitalism – In Which Corporations Operate On The Premise That Success Depends On Society’s Advancement

~ WCTVWWSAMAWWO-WKUAAMAWWE ~ We Come To Value What We Share As Much As What We Own – Which Keeps Us Alive As Much As What We Exchange

~ TPOCCITPHBIO ~ The Point Of Commons Care Is To Prevent Harm Before It Occurs

~ ‘FJ’-ATTWJALOTTWFU ~ “Future Justice” – Adding To The World’s Jurisprudence A Legal Obligation To Those Who Follow Us

~ ISWPTPOCWFDPDM-AI-ITVOC-‘PHG’~ It Starts With Preventing The Power Of Concentrated Wealth From Distorting Political Decision Making – And Instead – Infusing The Voice Of Citizens – “Publicly Held Government

~ TMITDMP-TGTAOITGW-AT-T-TBTD ~ The More Inclusive The Decision-Making Process – The Greater The Amount Of Information That Gets Weighed – And Thus – Typically – The Better The Decision

~ DIASWCL ~ Democracy Is A Skill We Can Learn

~ CPCLTTSGOTW ~ Centralized Power Cannot Lead To The Sustained Good Of The Whole

~ TCA-SI-VIS-AC-TSDOTT-DE-CS-AP-OPMA ~ Today’s Crises Are – So Interrelated – Vast In Scope – And Complex – That Solutions Depend On Tapping The – Direct Experience – Common Sense – And Passion – Of People Most Affected


~ PDWTTLNAMATPTTMYB-PWJTMTTWLT ~ People Don’t Want Their Taxes Lowered Nearly As Much As The Politicians Try To Make You Believe – People Want JUST Taxes More Than They Want LOWER Taxes

~ IATTAHTC-II ~ It Ain’t Taxes That Are Hurting This Country – It’s Interest

~ TAAWTGTSTTMTBS-TTDWTTUI ~ They Are Always Wanting The Government To Spend The Taxpayers’ Money To Build Something – Then They Don’t Want ‘em To Run It

~ ISWTAGTBMSWTR-WTCTFNO-TGTPTN ~ I See Where They Are Going To Be More Strict With These Robbers – When They Catch ‘em From Now On – They’re Going To Publish Their Names

~ WAAR-‘HMMPOAMDIT’-BWNRA- ‘HNTITANER’ ~ We Are Always Reading “How Many Men Paid Over A Million Dollars Income Tax” – But We Never Read About “How Many There Is That Are Not Eating Regular”


~ IYKWYWYCHI-SYI-FOTO-BCAWYWIL-CMYDCT ~ If You Know What You Want You Can Have It – Setting Your Intent – Focusing On The Outcome – Being Clear About What You Want In Life – Can Make Your Dreams Come True

~ WDYG-DWYWD-ACDTATINRWOWW-BEDID-AISW ~ Write Down Your Goal – Date Whatever You Write Down – Anybody Can Do This And There Is No Right Way Or Wrong Way – Because Everyone Does It Differently – And It Still Works

~ HFYB-PIOPATPOYB-RAS-LAFSOTB-WIDSUTF-TBWSYAKO-IEI ~ Help From Your Brain – Putting It On Paper Alerts The Part Of Your Brain – Reticular Activating System – Like A Filtering System Of The Brain – Writing It Down Sets Up The Filter – The Brain Will Send You All Kinds Of – Innovative, Energizing Ideas

~ YWFTBOTPAIIYDCUWASFRART-TGYIIATCTY-AKOSBFYB-IWSYEM ~ You Will Forget The Best Of The Plans And Ideas If You Don’t Come Up With A System For Recording And Reviewing Them – To Gather Your Ideas Immediately As They Come To You – A Kind Of Suggestion Box For Your Brain – It Will Send You Even More

~ WAFFDOWYWIOWOSYBTIAAY-ARTRI-TMPYCB-TMRYA ~ Writing A Full-Fledged Description Of What You Want Is One Way Of Saying You Believe That It’s Attainable – And You Are Ready To Receive It – The More Precise You Can Be – The More Ready You Are

~ WWIOYM-TTT-WTTRUTF-TBS-IORPTPWYTYHROOIOS ~ Write Whatever Is On Your Mind – Tell The Truth – Writing Through To Resolution Unmasks The Fear – The Best Stuff – Is Often Right Past The Place Where You Think You Have Run Out Of Ideas Or Solutions

~ HDYKFLH?-BFOTDO-WATO ~ How Do You Keep From Losing Heart? – By Focusing On The Desired Outcome – Writing About The Outcome

~ IIUTYTTTPETBWTPYDIW-ATTTFS-EWNE-TIWAH ~ It Is Up To You To Trust The Possibility Enough To Be Willing To Put Your Dream In Writing – And To Take The First Step – Even With No Evidence – That It Will Actually Happen

~ IYASAHWYWIL-DTMSWLMPAAWTSYOAAYA-IIAFTFFWTKIPR ~ If You Are Serious About Having What You Want In Life – Determine To Meet Systematically With Like-Minded People As A Way To Spur You On And Assess Your Advancement – It Is A Fan-To-Fan Forum Where The Key Is Positive Reinforcement

~ (Y)WID-(Y)MIH ~ (You) Write It Down – (You) Make It Happen

~ RHM-WIYLAYR?-BIOSEASE-SWTTGIOOYS-ATKWUYCTTT-WIIAYTRTTNS? ~ Resistance Has Meaning – What In Your Life Are You Resisting? – Blame It On Someone Else And Something Else – Start With That To Get It Out Of Your System – And Then Keep Writing Until You Come To The Truth – What Is It About You That Resists Taking This Next Step?

~ IL-WONTBWTGROTO-TWNLSU-TMRF-TPFTN ~ In Life – We Often Need To Be Willing To Get Rid Of The Old – That Which No Longer Serves Us – To Make Room For – To Prepare For The New

~ GT ~ Give Thanks

~ CATVAGYACTSAHTAY-FFAO-WHMYDAR ~ Celebration Acknowledges The Victory And Gives You A Chance To Stop And Honor Those Around You – Family, Friends And Others – Who Helped Make Your Dream A Reality

~ FAPWATBIYL-MIAL-SWTSAO ~ Fill A Page With All The Blessings In Your Life – Make It A Litany – Start With The Small And Obvious

~ WYDCT-C-MTCICAOKTO-ABSTTATWHYOYW ~ When Your Dream Comes True – Celebrate – Make That Celebration Include Conscious Acts Of Kindness Toward Others – And Be Sure To Thank All Those Who Helped You On Your Way

~ WYRTST-WYLYLIASOG-LWPYWEMTFWTBG ~ When You Remember To Say Thanks – When You Live Your Life In A Spirit Of Gratefulness – Life Will Present You With Even More Things For Which To Be Grateful

~ T&ET ~ Thanks And Ever Thanks