~ PDWTTLNAMATPTTMYB-PWJTMTTWLT ~ People Don’t Want Their Taxes Lowered Nearly As Much As The Politicians Try To Make You Believe – People Want JUST Taxes More Than They Want LOWER Taxes

~ IATTAHTC-II ~ It Ain’t Taxes That Are Hurting This Country – It’s Interest

~ TAAWTGTSTTMTBS-TTDWTTUI ~ They Are Always Wanting The Government To Spend The Taxpayers’ Money To Build Something – Then They Don’t Want ‘em To Run It

~ ISWTAGTBMSWTR-WTCTFNO-TGTPTN ~ I See Where They Are Going To Be More Strict With These Robbers – When They Catch ‘em From Now On – They’re Going To Publish Their Names

~ WAAR-‘HMMPOAMDIT’-BWNRA- ‘HNTITANER’ ~ We Are Always Reading “How Many Men Paid Over A Million Dollars Income Tax” – But We Never Read About “How Many There Is That Are Not Eating Regular”

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