~ B-N-I-O-U-W-CMY-H-H-MC-A-BAWYD ~ Being – Near – In – Or – Under – Water – Can Make You – Happier – Healthier – More Connected – And – Better At What You Do

~ BM-AMMSCB-C-P-U-A-ASOGHASWLITM-IIIBWAEAWW ~ Blue Mind – A Mildly Meditative State Characterized By – Calm – Peacefulness – Unity – And – A Sense Of General Happiness And Satisfaction With Life In The Moment – It Is Inspired By Water And Elements Associated With Water

~ OEDVEDWM ~ Our Emotions Drive Virtually Every Decision We Make

~ WMAITM/BL ~ Water Metaphors Abound In The Mind/Brain Literature

~ HSDTTCB-IOCATFCBPATW ~ Humans Seem Drawn To The Color Blue – It’s Overwhelmingly Chosen As Their Favorite Color By People Around The World

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