~ TTOTM-HAIMB-DBWFTI-F-E-I-C ~ The Technology Of The Medium – However Astonishing It May Be – Disappears Behind Whatever Flows Through It – Facts – Entertainment – Instruction – Conversation

~ ITLRAMCMLTTMIIIHWTAA-APMMWWSAHWSI-AE-IWUIE-ICWWA-AIAAAS ~ In The Long Run A Medium’s Content Matters Less Than The Medium Itself In Influencing How We Think And Act – A Popular Medium Molds What We See And How We See It – And Eventually – If We Use It Enough – It Changes Who We Are – As Individuals And As A Society

~ MWTM-OTM-OTNSI ~ Media Work Their Magic – Or Their Mischief – On The Nervous System Itself

~ OFOAMCCBUTTDE-WTBBDODBTPTNWGOIOH ~ Our Focus On A Medium’s Content Can Blind Us To These Deep Effects – We’re Too Busy Being Dazzled Or Disturbed By The Programming To Notice What’s Going On Inside Our Heads

~ ITE-WCTPTTTIDM-IHWUITM-WTO-CIIH-WIC-TTIJAT ~ In The End – We Come To Pretend That The Technology Itself Doesn’t Matter – It’s How We Use It That Matters – We Tell Ourselves – Comforting In Its Hubris – We’re In Control – The Technology Is Just A Tool

~ TBAR-BTCAAP ~ The Boons Are Real – But They Come At A Price

~ IWTTIBTWABITPATOTFMTACOM ~ It Was Then That I Began To Worry About My Inability To Pay Attention To One Thing For More Than A Couple Of Minutes

~ VAOONC-WTII-F-S-M-T-L-P-O-R-ASTC-TPDAWGO-BDGSITW-BINGA ~ Virtually All Of Our Neural Circuits – Whether They’re Involved In – Feeling – Seeing – Hearing – Moving – Thinking – Learning – Perceiving – Or – Remembering – Are Subject To Change – The Plasticity Diminishes As We Get Older – Brains Do Get Stuck In Their Ways – But It Never Goes Away

~ ONAABOCAFNO-ABNCAABC ~ Our Neurons Are Always Breaking Old Connections And Forming New Ones – And Brand-New Cells Are Always Being Created

~ ISLTTTFWAC-AMT-CAIADOLWWWGOIMH-BIWW ~ It Seemed Ludicrous To Think That Fiddling With A Computer – A Mere Tool – Could Alter In Any Deep Or Lasting Way What Was Going On Inside My Head – But I Was Wrong


~ STEC ~ Shifting The Economic Conversation

~ WOATNOTNECITILOTAIEARFTHBTCOBUIOWMAEP ~ What’s Odd About The Narrowness Of The National Economic Conversation Is That It Leaves Out Theoretical Advances In Economics And Related Fields That Have Begun To Change Our Basic Understandings Of What Motivates And Enriches People

~ FCBTEB ~ From Consumer Boom To Ecological Bust

~ DN ~ Discard Nation

~ TMP ~ The Materiality Paradox

~ ATLTG? ~ Are There Limits To Growth?

~ ECTE ~ Economics Confronts The Earth

~ TMCMLATTNAAEEHRIALE ~ The Methodological Choices Made Long Ago To Treat Nature As An External Effect Have Resulted In A Literal Externalization

~ ROMPAIOTSOTNWIR-INR ~ Relying On Market Prices As Indicators Of The State Of The Natural World Is Risky – If Not Reckless

~ CTSTD? ~ Can Technology Save The Day?

~ TWCBABMATTEO-TCCAC ~ True Wealth Can Be Attained By Mobilizing And Transforming The Economies Of – Time, Creativity, Community, And Consumption

~ ATER ~ Adjusting To Ecological Reality

~ TW ~ Time Wealth

~ WTM-ETQ-STL-DASITFTMH-DGES-AFHRMOTT ~ Work Too Much – Eat Too Quickly – Socialize Too Little – Drive And Sit In Traffic For Too Many Hours – Don’t Get Enough Sleep – And Feel Harried Too Much Of The Time

~ TDOTSADASG-BAACWHASEOTI ~ The Details Of Time Scarcity Are Different Across Socioeconomic Groups – But As A Culture We Have A Shared Experience Of Temporal Impoverishment

~ ACORYITH-WLH-BMS-BFTUTASOLBN-TCOMCEACCE-WTPOCGF ~ A Characteristic Of Recent Years Is That Households – Worked Longer Hours – Bought More Stuff – But Found Themselves Unable To Afford Some Of Life’s Basic Needs – The Cost Of Medical Care, Education, And Child Care Escalated – While The Prices Of Consumer Goods Fell

~ WLITGS ~ Working Less Is The Green Solution

~ TAOSS ~ The Art Of Slow Spending

~ TSS ~ The Share Solution

~ RTS:EOR ~ Recapitalizing The Social: Economies Of Reciprocity

~ WWYDIYMWNWA? ~ What Would You Do If Your Money Was Not Worth Anything?

~ PTEBAUGHBTJS ~ Policies That Encourage Business-As-Usual Growth Have Begun To Jeopardize Planetary Survival

~ ESD&TEOK ~ Earth-Smart Design And The Economics Of Knowledge

~ BP ~ Beyond Physophilia


~ CCOWIW ~ Clear Conception Of What Is Wanted

~ SCTTGCBA ~ Strong Confidence That The Goal Can Be Attained

~ FCOWITTRTG ~ Focused Concentration On What It Takes To Reach That Goal

~ SCIPTV ~ Stubborn Consistency In Pursuing The Vision

~ ECTTIOWIBD ~ Emotional Commitment To The Importance Of What Is Being Done

~ GCTPG ~ Good Character To Provide Guidance

~ CTETPATW ~ Capacity To Enjoy The Process Along The Way