~ TTOTM-HAIMB-DBWFTI-F-E-I-C ~ The Technology Of The Medium – However Astonishing It May Be – Disappears Behind Whatever Flows Through It – Facts – Entertainment – Instruction – Conversation

~ ITLRAMCMLTTMIIIHWTAA-APMMWWSAHWSI-AE-IWUIE-ICWWA-AIAAAS ~ In The Long Run A Medium’s Content Matters Less Than The Medium Itself In Influencing How We Think And Act – A Popular Medium Molds What We See And How We See It – And Eventually – If We Use It Enough – It Changes Who We Are – As Individuals And As A Society

~ MWTM-OTM-OTNSI ~ Media Work Their Magic – Or Their Mischief – On The Nervous System Itself

~ OFOAMCCBUTTDE-WTBBDODBTPTNWGOIOH ~ Our Focus On A Medium’s Content Can Blind Us To These Deep Effects – We’re Too Busy Being Dazzled Or Disturbed By The Programming To Notice What’s Going On Inside Our Heads

~ ITE-WCTPTTTIDM-IHWUITM-WTO-CIIH-WIC-TTIJAT ~ In The End – We Come To Pretend That The Technology Itself Doesn’t Matter – It’s How We Use It That Matters – We Tell Ourselves – Comforting In Its Hubris – We’re In Control – The Technology Is Just A Tool

~ TBAR-BTCAAP ~ The Boons Are Real – But They Come At A Price

~ IWTTIBTWABITPATOTFMTACOM ~ It Was Then That I Began To Worry About My Inability To Pay Attention To One Thing For More Than A Couple Of Minutes

~ VAOONC-WTII-F-S-M-T-L-P-O-R-ASTC-TPDAWGO-BDGSITW-BINGA ~ Virtually All Of Our Neural Circuits – Whether They’re Involved In – Feeling – Seeing – Hearing – Moving – Thinking – Learning – Perceiving – Or – Remembering – Are Subject To Change – The Plasticity Diminishes As We Get Older – Brains Do Get Stuck In Their Ways – But It Never Goes Away

~ ONAABOCAFNO-ABNCAABC ~ Our Neurons Are Always Breaking Old Connections And Forming New Ones – And Brand-New Cells Are Always Being Created

~ ISLTTTFWAC-AMT-CAIADOLWWWGOIMH-BIWW ~ It Seemed Ludicrous To Think That Fiddling With A Computer – A Mere Tool – Could Alter In Any Deep Or Lasting Way What Was Going On Inside My Head – But I Was Wrong

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