~ TAFMFACA-ANOCCMOWOT ~ There Are Fewer Major Fields And Concessions Available And National Oil Companies Control Much Of What’s Out There

~ CIHUAORD ~ Corruption Is Hardly Unique Among Oil-Rich Dictators

~ CTRTPBGKOOTCAHTPAES ~ Companies That Refused To Pay Bribes Got Kicked Out Of The Country And Had Their Property And Equipment Stolen

~ PT-PT-50-1 ~ Physical Trade Paper Trade 50 To 1

~ ‘LH’+’IM’-TJTG-‘SA’ ~ “Letterhead Hires” And “Invisible Men” – The Job Title Given – “Senior Adviser”

~ ESCE-TOW-DHTPTA ~ Eight Separate Corporate Entities – Two Of Which – Don’t Have To Publish Their Accounts

~ TLBTOSPBSOCAOT ~ They Let Behind Thousands Of Sites Polluted By Spilled Oil, Chemicals, And Other Toxins

~ ETTKTTPWU ~ Even Though They Knew That The Practice Was Unsafe

~ MOTHDBBWBGAI ~ Most Of The Harm Done By Brine Was Below Ground And Invisible

~ IWMPTITP ~ It Was More Profitable To Ignore The Problem

~ TMCSTOACTI-TI-PDRHMLTWTO ~ The Major Companies Sold Their Onshore Assets Cheaply To Independents – The Independents – Probably Didn’t Realize How Much Liability They Were Taking On

~ TEBAARLNOCAAHO ~ The Energy Business Attracts A Relatively Large Number Of Con Artists And Hangers-On

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