~ OARTGWL ~ Owners Are Ruining The Games We Love

~ OAUCWBTSOTG-IATTTHFTPISF ~ Owners Are Uniquely Charged With Being The Stewards Of The Game – It’s A Task That They Have Failed To Perform In Spectacular Fashion

~ FHBSFTB ~ Fans Have Become Scenery For Television Broadcasts

~ OBTTDNTF ~ Owners Believe That They Don’t Need The Fans – They Have Also – In A Novel And Unprecedented Manner – Used The Ball Park As A Showcase For Their Politics

~ TOPFPF ~ The Often Publicly Funded Playing Field

~ ITWAWJLII-EIOTPFTSWEUPAUFL ~ It’s Their World And We Just Live In It – Even If Our Taxes Pay For Their Stadiums With Every Unfilled Pothole And Under-Funded Library

~ ITTUTS ~ It’s Time To Upset The Setup

~ IATOIPATAC-LFSBATDUTSABTTB ~ If A Team Owner Is Particularly Abusive To A Community – Local Fans Should Be Able To Divvy Up The Shares And Buy The Team Back

~ AAADNRHOTTDL ~ Accountability And Accessibility Do Not Rank High On Their To-Do List

~ IATAWTOBCFARPFATD ~ It’s Another Thing Altogether When The Owners Both Call For And Receive Public Funds And Taxpayer Dollars

~ OWPTCSFC ~ Owners Who Pillage Their Communities Should Face Consequences

~ WNTSTOWTRTFTCO-‘DG’-O ~ We Need To Start Thinking Of Ways To Remove Teams From The Clutches Of – “Death-Grip” – Owners

~ SSTTDOTDE ~ Sporting Shrines To The Dogma Of Trickle-Down Economics

~ LMTMTCG ~ Little More Than Monuments To Corporate Greed

~ $500MWHFAB-BWFTCHBSMWOJAAE ~ $500 Million Welfare Hotels For America’s Billionaires – Built With Funds That Could Have Been Spent More Wisely On Just About Anything Else

~ BEOCBTDATKOIPWJTETGBRAP ~ But Employment Opportunities Created By The Domes Are The Kinds Of Irregular Poverty Wage Jobs That Expand The Gap Between Rich And Poor

~ TMODOPFSALBIU ~ The Model Of Dependence On Publicly Funded Stadiums And Luxury Boxes Is Unsustainable

~ SOASOTMPWCPITUS-BAOTHW-CC-WUI-LBT-M-A-OSC ~ Sports Owners Are Some Of The Most Politically Well-Connected People In The United States – Buying Access On The Hill With Cold Cash – Wrapped Up In – Luxury Box Tickets – Memorabilia – And – Other Sports Cachet

~ TPIWOUTPHTTBTTPP-IWAGTFTBFTS-TINNTUTPAAW ~ The Problem Is When Owners Use The Platform Handed To Them By Taxpayers To Play Propagandist – If We Are Going To Foot The Bill For Their Stadiums – There Is No Need To Underwrite Their Political Adventures As Well

~ ISBTROCTRTPFAS-EDETT ~ It Should Be The Right Of Citizens To Refuse To Publicly Fund A Stadium – Especially During Economically Troubled Times

~ IYATFBLE-PWSFSETD ~ If You Abuse The Fan Base Long Enough – People Will Simply Find Something Else To Do


~ LAMOTEP-HFTI-AKOPFCET ~ Leading Active Members Of Today’s Economics Profession – Have Formed Themselves Into – A Kind Of Politburo For Correct Economic Thinking

~ AAGR-AOMGEFAGC-THPTOTWSOEIPI-ANJRBFD ~ As A General Rule – As One Might Generally Expect From A Gentleman’s Club – This Has Placed Them On The Wrong Side Of Every Important Policy Issue – And Not Just Recently But For Decades

~ TPDWNO-TDTPOETTH ~ They Predict Disaster Where None Occurs – They Deny The Possibility Of Events That Then Happen

~ TO-T-M-B-A-SR-WOPI ~ They Oppose – The – Most – Basic – Decent – And – Sensible Reforms – While Offering Placebos Instead

~ TAASWSU-LAR-AO ~ They Are Always Surprised When Something Untoward – Like A Recession – Actually Occurs

~ AWFTSTSPCBS-TDNRETI-TDNCTPOAFILOT-R-TSCTS ~ And When Finally They Sense That Some Position Cannot Be Sustained – They Do Not Re-Examine Their Ideas – They Do Not Consider The Possibility Of A Flaw In Logic Or Theory – Rather – They Simply Change The Subject

~ NOLF-ITC-FHBW-NOIDFPPALAM-ASLIAFTOII ~ No One Loses Face – In This Club – For Having Been Wrong – No One Is Dis-Invited From Presenting Papers At Later Annual Meetings – And Still Less Is Anyone From The Outside Invited In