~ TSLOTB ~ The Secret Lives Of The Brain

~ MOWWDATAFINUOCC ~ Most Of What We Do And Think And Feel Is Not Under Our Conscious Control

~ TVJONOTOP-TCY-T-I-TFTLWYWUITM-ITSBOWTIYB ~ The Vast Jungles Of Neurons Operate Their Own Programs – The Conscious You – The – I – That Flickers To Life When You Wake Up In The Morning – Is The Smallest Bit Of What’s Transpiring In Your Brain

~ YCILATSOATS-TCFTJWATMEU ~ Your Consciousness Is Like A Tiny Stowaway On A Transatlantic Steamship – Taking Credit For The Journey Without Acknowledging The Massive Engineering Underfoot

~ TBMTSARSA&TTSTWOAWAINT ~ The Brain Makes Time-Saving And Resource-Saving Assumptions And Tries To See The World Only As Well As It Needs To

~ YBCBSMIWTCYFB-TEIC-P ~ Your Brain Can Be Subtly Manipulated In Ways That Change Your Future Behavior – This Effect Is Called – Priming

~ IOTE-YAMLTBTASITIYHHIB-WONIIAT-PDFPWARETTSREOPS ~ Illusion-Of-Truth Effect – You Are More Likely To Believe That A Statement Is True If You Have Heard It Before – Whether Or Not It Is Actually True – Potential Danger For People Who Are Repeatedly Exposed To The Same Religious Edicts Or Political Slogans

~ IORBPRBTB-IIACBI ~ Instead Of Reality Being Passively Recorded By The Brain – It Is Actively Constructed By It

~ IACIBTDNHTBL-WTTBBTTEOTIPBTWSW-PIIEAA ~ Instincts Are Complex, Inborn Behaviors That Do Not Have To Be Learned – We Tend To Be Blind To The Existence Of These Instincts Precisely Because They Work So Well – Processing Information Effortlessly And Automatically

~ TBIFOSSTHODATCOCT ~ The Brain Is Full Of Small Subsystems That Have Overlapping Domains And Take Care Of Coinciding Tasks

~ AAOOD-CR-ABBAPWOS ~ An Advantage Of Overlapping Domains – Cognitive Reserve – Achieved By Blanketing A Problem With Overlapping Solutions

~ WOPOTBMAC-OPCQIASTEI ~ When One Part Of The Brain Makes A Choice – Other Parts Can Quickly Invent A Story To Explain It

~ MSP-DIOSASASNFACORT ~ Minds Seek Patterns – Dreams Illustrate Our Skills At Spinning A Single Narrative From A Collection Of Random Threads

~ IYTYCAOMOWSY-TA ~ If You Think You’re Consciously Aware Of Most Of What Surrounds You – Think Again

~ WICTNAN-TIPITYCNO ~ When It Comes To Nature And Nurture – The Important Point Is That You Choose Neither One

~ DTESPOTBCLTTLOSSA:TATNAOTHMOTMRBOTDCORASD ~ Damage To Even Small Parts Of The Brain Can Lead To The Loss Of Shockingly Specific Abilities: The Ability To Name Animals, Or To Hear Music, Or To Manage Risky Behavior, Or To Distinguish Colors, Or To Arbitrate Simple Decisions

~ TISMWC-NNHV&G-CPTLHOTSWOOB-ASA-YDISYSISUOYGPUAM-YSMIADD ~ The Invisibly Small Molecules We Call – Narcotics, Neurotransmitters, Hormones, Viruses, And Genes – Can Place Their Little Hands On The Steering Wheel Of Our Behavior – As Soon As – Your Drink Is Spiked, Your Sandwich Is Sneezed Upon, Or Your Genome Picks Up A Mutation – Your Ship Moves In A Different Direction

~ IINBANEATDTFPOAP-WICTTNVNQ-TAAAIB ~ It Is Neither Biology Alone Nor Environment Alone That Determines The Final Product Of A Personality – When It Comes To The Nature Versus Nurture Question – The Answer Almost Always Includes Both

~ IOBWSETBU-WWBSETUT ~ If Our Brains Were Simple Enough To Be Understood – We Wouldn’t Be Smart Enough To Understand Them

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