~ MYNSSTYCBTGTPFYM ~ Make Your Niche Specialized So That You Can Be The Go-To-Person For Your Market

~ TMC-MIAAD ~ Too Many Choices – May Induce Anxiety And Depression

~ BSAKTT(PFTFAI)SB ~ Best-Selling Authors Know That Testimonials (Particularly From The Famous And Influential) Sell Books

~ GTPCTWSD-A-ITOOAS ~ Getting The Potential Customer To Write Something Down – Anything – Increases The Odds Of A Sale

~ SYCTPYBITBOA/OLEL ~ Show Your Customer The Product You Believe Is The Best Option And/Or Least Expensive Last

~ GYCTSTFAFPWHTGTOOTMTTMHMITP ~ Getting Your Customers To See Things From A Future Perspective Will Help To Get Them Out Of The Mistakes That They May Have Made In The Past

~ GSSOPV-ETPTGSB ~ Giving Someone Something Of Perceived Value – Encourages That Person To Give Something Back

~ MPRORTTFOLATTOPIAMMPWTTDTTPFG ~ Most People Respond Or React To The Fear Of Loss And The Threat Of Pain In A Much More Profound Way Than They Do To The Potential For Gain

~ TBTTRTWHFALIS ~ The Brain Tends To Remember That Which Happens First And Last In Sequences

~ E-W-LT-R-A-TA-ITNTC ~ Everything – Watched – Listened To – Read – And – Thought About – Influences The Next Thing Considered

~ GSIOSWDOATIB-TMPTRTMIII ~ Give Specific Instructions Or Steps When Directing Or Attempting To Influence Behaviour — The More Precise The Request The More Irresistible It Is

~ PBIWTTBACWTPSAB ~ People Behave In Ways That They Believe Are Consistent With Their Past Statements And Behaviors

~ CBFCPCTA ~ Changing Behaviour First Can Permanently Change The Attitude

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