~ IPV ~ Itinerant Professional Vandals ~ Wendell Berry

~ TWYDWYPIPTWYSBDFTROYL ~ The Work You Do While You Procrastinate Is Probably The Work You Should Be Doing For The Rest Of Your Life ~ Jessica Hische

~ TKTRA-ATCB ~ To Know The Road Ahead – Ask Those Coming Back

~ YSD-ISD ~ You Say Diagnosis – I Say Diaguesses ~ Lady Dynamite

~ TNOSD ~ The Narcissism Of Small Differences ~ Sigmund Freud ~ Civilization And Its Discontents

~ YMLTAYIFTFYIA ~ You’re More Likely To Act Yourself Into Feeling Than Feel Yourself Into Action ~ Jerome Bruner

~ TWDTWMRTWDTW ~ Those Who Drink The Water Must Remember Those Who Dug The Well ~ John Maxwell ~ The 15 Invaluable Laws Of Growth

~ YCCYDO-BYCCYDO ~ You Cannot Change Your Destination Overnight – But You Can Change Your Direction Overnight~ Jim Rohn

~ TAWTDPYARP-WWTA-AELC-WSTC-TOCEMTTOWTAG ~ There Are Well-To-Do People, Yes, And Rich People – Who Will Teat Animals – And Even Little Children – With Such Terrible Cruelty – That One Cannot Even Mention The Things Of Which They Are Guilty ~ Margaret Marshall Saunders ~ Beautiful Joe ~ 1893

~ MOTROOLFPLDBTTCIULBWWB ~ Many Of The Routines Of Our Lives Follow Paths Laid Down By Technologies That Came Into Use Long Before We Were Born ~ Nicholas Carr ~ The Shallows

~ BHFTW ~ Bigness Has Failed The World

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