~ WOHBNBOTEFTB-BBTMUFG ~ We Often Hold Beliefs Not Because Of The Evidence For Those Beliefs – But Because They Make Us Feel Good

~ ROAIIOOTMCOEB ~ Relying On Anecdotal Information Is One Of The Main Causes Of Erroneous Beliefs

~ MINOOM-WAAAB-CPLRCLE ~ Money Is Not Our Only Motivator – We Are Also Affected By – Conformity, Power, Love, Revenge, Charity, Laziness, Etc.

~ WHANTTC-NITCWOEBIQAAFV-ITCOBIOIOCSAD-AT-TRWGTRCECBQL ~ We Have A Natural Tendency To Confirm – New Information That’s Consistent With Our Existing Beliefs Is Quickly Accepted At Face Value – Information That Contradicts Our Beliefs Is Often Ignored Or Critically Scrutinized And Discounted – At Times – The Reasons We Give To Rationalize Conflicting Evidence Can Be Quite Laughable

~ WEEIABF-WPPATETSOPOV-AEIODTIOETCOB-BACDISLTMDSOP ~ We Evaluate Evidence In A Biased Fashion – We Pay Particular Attention To Evidence That Supports Our Point Of View – And Either Ignore Or Discount The Importance Of Evidence That Contradicts Our Beliefs – By Avoiding Contradictory Data It Seems Like There’s More Data Supporting Our Preconceptions

~ OWKAOHO-TOSI-AWESWTHTWTD ~ Once We Know An Outcome Has Occurred – The Outcome Seems Inevitable – And We Easily See Why Things Happened The Way They Did

~ ATP-NECCTMWHOPE-WOEKI ~ As Time Passes – New Experiences Can Change The Memory We Have Of Past Experiences – Without Our Even Knowing It

~ ACAORITMCBCBTSOO-EWHAOSTAU ~ A Considerable Amount Of Research Indicates That Memories Can Be Created By The Suggestions Of Others – Especially When Hypnosis And Other Suggestive Techniques Are Used

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