~ WOO ~ Winning Others Over

~ ALBOESTCACBOTFOSI-RTA-IACAFFTCDI ~ A Large Body Of Evidence Suggests That Creating A Culture Built On The Foundation Of Selling Ideas – Rather Than Authority – Is A Competitive Advantage For Firms That Can Do It

~ SYITP-WTCO-O-I-R ~ Selling Your Ideas To People – Within The Context Of – Ongoing – Important – Relationships

~ TBI-TMGSTSP-WIE-FIY-AT-IYUASATAOW-IO ~ The Best Ideas – Those Most Genuinely Suited To Solving Problems – Will Inspire Enthusiasm – First In You – And Then – If You Are Skilled At The Art Of Woo – In Others

~ DYIIAPC ~ Develop Your Idea Into A Polished Concept

~ AA-HYR ~ Above all – Honor Your Relationships

~ TNORIOOTMRSPNIHS-WTTDTFOPWDTFU ~ The Norm Of Reciprocity Is One Of The Most Robust Social Psychological Norms In Human Society – We Tend To Do Things For Other People Who Do Things For Us

~ PSISATWTTAP ~ People’s Self-Interest Strongly Affects The Way They Think About Proposals

~ ASAAMPWTSTGFAIALPWTSTL ~ Audiences See Arguments As More Persuasive When They Stand To Gain From An Idea And Less Persuasive When They Stand To Lose

~ CRE-SPTTMTSQ ~ Change Requires Effort – So People Tend To Maintain The Status Quo

~ WSCYTTATYIRAP? ~ What Steps Can You Take To Assure That Your Idea Remains A Priority?

~ RSI ~ Reaffirm Shared Interests

~ ROR ~ Rely On Relationships

~ CAIA ~ Create An Important Audience

~ BIA ~ Build In Accountability

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