~ IOOW-WCBSOLFO ~ In Our Own Woundedness – We Can Become Sources Of Life For Others ~ Henri Nouwen
~ FIRITDWWHEITL ~ Faith Is Remembering In The Darkness What We Have Experienced In The Light ~ Richard Rohr
~ EYDEDOYLMP ~ Everything You Do Every Day Of Your Life Matters Profoundly ~ John O’Leary ~ On Fire
~ BIASHTR-SF-SETK-DFT-AOYWDHT Big Ideas Are So Hard To Recognize – So Fragile – So Easy To Kill – Don’t Forget That – All Of You Who Don’t Have Them ~ John Elliot Junior
~ NWSOATPOCC-OCBUFOC-PBCOFAEETEOAATVROOB Now We See Ourselves As The Products Of Cellular Cooperation – Of Cells Built Up From Other Cells – Partnerships Between Cells Once Foreign And Even Enemies To Each Other Are At The Very Root Of Our Being ~ Lynn Margulis ~ Early Life
~ WIOCEVBEANC ~ Work Is Only Consider Economically Viable Because Externalities Are Not Counted ~ Placebo Ponzi ~ Have I Got A Scheme For You
~ CB ~ Clickbait Bards
~ FUD ~ Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt
~ IDCWWANL-IICWIET ~ I Don’t Care Who Writes A Nation’s Laws – If I Can Write Its Economics Textbooks ~ Paul Samuelson ~ New York Times ~ 14-03-1995
~ LFOTWU! ~ Laissez-Fairies Of The World Unite! ~ William Safire ~ New York Times ~ 14-02-1974
~ OCMAVOLOAE-WDTIJ-TQFAC-SWLOCAHTTIA ~ Our Culture Made A Virtue Of Living Only As Extroverts – We Discouraged The Inner Journey – The Quest For A Center – So We Lost Our Center And Have To Find It Again ~ Anais Nin
~ SPAMCOE-TIAOA ~ Some People Are More Certain Of Everything – Than I Am Of Anything ~ Robert Rubin ~ In An Uncertain World
~ YOTAMR-IYTAAOTR ~ You Own Twice As Much Rug – If You’re Twice As Aware Of The Rug ~ Allen Ginsberg
~ IAOHFTAC ~ I Am Only Here For The Air Conditioning
~ SAFBF ~ Science Advances Funeral By Funeral ~ Max Planck
~ DWTTAS ~ Days Without Talking To A Suit
~ CYC ~ Count Your Clicks
~ DEBASGTS ~ Don’t Ever Buy A Solid Gold Toilet Seat
~ TNOJI-TOTTWPWSFJITLON-ITPOG ~ The Number One Joy Indicator – The One Thing That Will Predict Whether Someone Feels Joy In Their Life Or Not – Is The Practice Of Gratitude ~ Brene Brown ~ Daring Greatly
~ TKTTGILITCTPSOS ~ The Key To True Greatness In Life Is To Choose To Pursue Significance Over Success ~ John O’Leary ~ On Fire
~ WWCTAOFTBLOLUALS-TPWTWTITCHUKTWANA ~ When We Can Talk About Our Feelings, They Become Less Overwhelming, Less Upsetting, And Less Scary – The People We Trust With That Important Talk Can Help Us Know That We Are Not Alone ~ Fred Rogers
~ WDYTWHIYDA? ~ What Do You Think Will Happen If You Dream Again? ~ Tracey Cleantis ~ The Next Happy
~ FMRMSC ~ Free Market Rhetoric Masking Statist Content ~ Murray Rothbard ~ Making Economic Sense
~ FTM ~ Fingering The Mouse
~ TGCHGBIL-BIHCSACOM ~ This Global Civilisation Has Gone Beyond Its Limits – Because It Has Created Such A Cult Of Money ~ Jorge Bergogilo ~ 26-07-2013

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