~ OAFTTAOBABRFDPAEGTTMHT-‘AFPA’ ~ Organizations Are Finding That The Advantages Of Building A Big Reputation For Developing People Are Even Greater Than They May Have Thought – “A First Pick Advantage”

~ TSBETWFI-WDPACRFSRBKAMM-AWFTAW ~ The Same Basic Elements That Work For Individuals – Well-Designed Practice Activities, Coaching, Repetition, Feedback, Self-Regulation, Building Knowledge, And Mental Models – All Work For Teams As Well

~ ETWGIP-BCTIASAIO ~ Every Team Wants Great Individual Performers – But Combining Them Is A Skill All Its Own

~ ‘GUPWADTMTTW-AOTABOTPWBE-AWWET’ ~ “Give Us People Who Are Dedicated To Making The Team Work – As Opposed To A Bunch Of Talented People With Big Egos – And We’ll Win Every Time”

~ TITMFEOAWT ~ Trust Is The Most Fundamental Element Of A Winning Team

~ TBINIBS ~ Trust By Its Nature Is Built Slowly

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