~ IAWOFTPTTCOE-CSNADITOWTS ~ In A World Of Forces That Push Toward The Commoditization Of Everything – Creating Something New And Different Is The Only Way To Survive

~ KM-IM ~ Know More – Innovate More

~ TGIIAWROFAHALOCIC-TSMYIIPBMAKOCB ~ The Greatest Innovators In A Wide Range Of Fields All Have At Least One Characteristic In Common – They Spent Many Years In Intensive Preparation Before Making Any Kind Of Creative Breakthrough

~ GIARTBALACC-TAODKTTPDDP ~ Great Innovations Are Roses That Bloom After Long And Careful Cultivation – The Acquisition Of Domain Knowledge That Takes Place During Deliberate Practice

~ TTMKOTDORWIPMBAHICA-NF-ITR-I-AESTPITOD ~ That Too Much Knowledge Of The Domain Or Familiarity With Its Problems Might Be A Hindrance In Creative Achievement – Not Found – In The Research – Instead – All Evidence Seems To Point In The Opposite Direction

~ IDRTP-OTC-IRHOTPACMRTTWMTDAIE ~ Innovation Doesn’t Reject The Past – On The Contrary – It Relies Heavily On The Past And Comes Most Readily To Those Who’ve Mastered The Domain As It Exists

~ AWATLOGCPASAFFBTC?-TAIS-TAT ~ And What About Those Legends Of Great Creative Products Appearing Suddenly And Fully Formed Before Their Creators? – The Answer Is Simple – They Aren’t True

~ SNISTSMNI-NGACOI ~ Since New Ideas Seem To Spur More New Ideas – Networks Generate A Cycle Of Innovation

~ OTWMIWBFTEWKOIWBMV ~ Organizations That Want More Innovation Would Benefit From Telling Everyone What Kind Of Innovation Would Be Most Valuable

~ CIMMATUTWTTT-TMSC-AWAKOEP-IMLTBOWTDTDWR ~ Creativity Is Much More Available To Us Than We Tend To Think – The Most Significant Constraint – As With All Kinds Of Exceptional Performance – Is Mostly Likely To Be Our Willingness To Do The Difficult Work Required

~ NOBEOHOHO ~ No One Becomes Extraordinary On His Or Her Own

~ ASFITLOGPITVSTRACTITD-CSHHTFPAD-BTNTSALOS-TSEIC ~ A Striking Feature In The Lives Of Great Performers Is The Valuable Support They Received At Critical Times In Their Development – Certainly Some Have Had To Fight Poverty And Discouragement – But That’s Not The Same As Lack Of Support – The Supporting Environment Is Critical

~ CDPETPTMSTWODWA-ATDOSASTCFDTCNLBA-TACWFALT ~ Continued Deliberate Practice Enables Top Performers To Maintain Skills That Would Otherwise Decline With Age – And To Develop Other Skills And Strategies To Compensate For Declines That Can No Longer Be Avoided – That Approach Can Work For A Long Time

~ OBAPATANNWIOA-BPDSWA ~ Our Brains Are Perfectly Able To Add New Neurons Well Into Old Age – Brain Plasticity Doesn’t Stop With Age

~ TCFRBMR4EMDITHCAAIMGT ~ The Consistent Finding Reported By Many Researchers Examining Many Domains Is That High Creative Achievement And Intrinsic Motivation Go Together

~ CPAFOTT(STP)-ANOT(WWSTPDFM?) ~ Creative People Are Focused On The Task (Solve This Problem) – And Not On Themselves (What Will Solving This Problem Do For Me?)

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