~ TPPM-TDWLWTS-IWWTP-TUTSOITAPDEN-MOTIASBT-OTNIAWGS ~ Top Performers Perceive More – The Difference Wasn’t Literally What They Saw – It Was What They Perceived – They Understand The Significance Of Indicators That Average Performers Don’t Even Notice – More Often These Indicators Are Small But Telling – Often These Nonobvious Indicators Are Well-Guarded Secrets

~ TLFA-KWLAFT-TPFIATPB-UPPTDIOAGBAI ~ They Look Further Ahead – Knowing What Lies Ahead For Them – They Prepare For It And Thus Perform Better – Using Practice Principles To Do It Often And Get Better At It

~ TKMFSL-MSDFAALCIACAE-DFWSIIOAA ~ They Know More From Seeing Less – Making Sound Decisions Fast And At Low Cost Is A Competitive Advantage Everywhere – Deciding Fast With Sparse Information Is Often An Advantage

~ TMFDTAP-DSSOB-ATCAACROTAP ~ They Make Finer Discriminations Than Average Performers – Distinguish Several Different Shades Of Black – All These Crucial Abilities Are Clearly Results Of Training And Practice

~ TKM-DK-‘DDE’ ~ They Know More – Deep Knowledge – “Deep Domain Expertise”

~ RM-EPIMFESMOIITF-TPUTFAAHLTAPD-ATHASSFRIAI ~ Remembering More – Excellent Performers In Most Fields Exhibit Superior Memory Of Information In Their Fields – Top Performers Understand Their Field At A Higher Level Than Average Performers Do – And Thus Have A Superior Structure For Remembering Information About It

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